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Falling For Sin (book 1)

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The Best Accident

I yawned rolling over as the sun beamed down on my face from the window. Why did I always pick the left side of the bed? I opened one eye to peak over at Maya, she was still sleeping. She always slept in longer than me. I stretched as I sat up getting ready to do my morning routine. Pee, brush teeth, then find food. I slipped out of bed rubbing my eyes as I made my way to the bathroom, a feeling of Dejan vu coming over me, last night flashing through my mind. The house was quiet, as it always was when I stayed over. Maya’s whole family liked to sleep in.

The bathroom door was closed when I approached it, but I didn’t think much of it. I put my hand on the handle yanking it open, to see the most beautiful sight of my life. Sin was standing at the sink, ass naked and shaving his face. From the angle I was standing at I was able to see everything, and I mean everything. From his broad shoulders to the well defined eight pack resting on his belly, I knew he was packing heat under that shirt. There was a drip of water rolling down the middle of his body, I followed that drop all the way down to see- holy shit! He was hung like a bull, biggest I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ve watched a lot of porn. His dick hung long between his legs, at least eight inches of steel meat. It curved slightly showing the veins straining against it. From here I could tell he was hard, morning wood maybe.

The first thought that crossed my mind was, would it be able to fit in me? Would it be able to fit in anyone? I could feel the pool of heat gathering between my legs the longer I stared at it.

He cleared his throat, making me realize I’ve been staring open mouthed at his dick for the last few secondsl. I slammed the door closed, sped walking down the hall trying to get the image out of my head. Try as I might though I’m sure that wasn’t leaving my head all day, maybe all week. Hell, maybe even a month.

“Where’s the fire?” Maya raised an eyebrow at me as she sat up in bed.

“Huh?” It seems my brain was no longer working. Well it was working, it was just only processing one thing. Dick dick dick dick.

“Where are you coming from?”

“Oh, nowhere I went to the bathroom, but someone was in it.” I shrugged. Someone was definitely in it.

“Probably Sin, he’s the only one in our family that wakes up early.” She couldn’t have told me this yesterday? Not that I regret what I just seen but, I’ll never be able to look him in the eyes again.

“Yeah, maybe.” I sat down on her bed trying to get my thoughts together. Relax Blaire it was just a penis, no reason to start fangirling over him again. But god why did he have to be so blessed?

“So, what do you want to do today?” She asked, getting up from the bed going over to her closet.

I thought about the things I needed to do, I was in need of new clothes. “Let’s go to the mall.”

She squealed in delight. “I was hoping you say that!” I rolled my eyes looking for my bag to get my clothes out. I decided it was safer to get dressed in the bedroom than the bathroom. Since I was planning to bum the whole day I only packed sweatpants and a black crop top. “Really sweatpants?” She stared disapprovingly at my attire, I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful.” I flipped my hair over my shoulder.

She scoffed at me. “If only you had something to hate on.” I flipped her the bird.

Once we were both fully dressed, we headed downstairs to get some breakfast. Maya's parents were still sleeping, and I was hoping to the gods that Sin wasn’t down there.

“Good morning little sis.” So much for my prayers being answered. Sin greeted Maya the moment we turned the corner. I avoided eye contact making my way to a chair. He was standing at the stove making pancakes. He’s hot and can cook? He’s the whole package with a big package.

“You’re only six years older than me, calm down.” She rolled her eyes taking a seat next to me.

“You girls hungry?” He placed two plates in front of us. I was hungry, for both him and the plate. I finally looked up as he had his back to us. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, and I watched as his back muscles flexed when he flipped a pancake. I must’ve been staring too hard cause next thing I know I felt an elbow in my side.

“Ow, what the fuck?" I glared at Maya. She glared back at me. Since when was it a crime to check a guy out?

Sin headed towards us again with two big stacks of pancakes. He slid three on Mayas plate and three on mine. I mumbled a quick thanks before digging in.

“You got any plans today?” Maya made small talk with him.

He grabbed a plate of pancakes for himself, sitting across from me. “Meeting up with some of my old high school buddies.” He was acting like nothing ever happened. Like I didn’t see him naked two hours ago. Maybe it was no big deal to him, maybe he was used to girls seeing him naked. I wouldn’t be surprised.

I finished off my pancakes as they continued to talk about very uninteresting things. I got up from my seat going to the sink to wash off my plate. The syrup was being stubborn and not wanting to come off. Faintly I heard the sound of chairs moving but I was too focused on the task at hand. I was sponging the plate down when I felt a body press up against me from behind. A hard-solid male body. My breath hitched. “Mind washing mine too?" His minty breath fanned across the side of my face as he whispered in my ear.

I tried to steady my breathing before answering. “Just place it in the sink.” My voice came out small and timid like. He reached around me to put his plate in the sink, pressing more into my back. I could feel those delicious abs resting against me. Also, the belt buckle from his pants was pressing into my ass, at least I think that’s his belt. Was he trying to give me a heart attack?

“Are you almost done Blaire? I’m ready to go.” Mayas voice sounded far away, I’m guessing she moved to the living room. No wonder she made no comment about how close Sin was to me.

“Yeah just a second.” I finished off the dish, drying my hand off on the nearby towel.

“Bye Sin we’re leaving!” Maya called out walking out the door. There was no response.

I groaned as Maya dragged me into Victoria secret. “Why are we going in here? They’re so expensive.” I complained.

“You got to spend money to look sexy honey.” She replied.

“I can look sexy in some nice JC Penny stuff too.” She stopped to give me the most disgusted look of her life. “Or I can shop here.” I corrected, she smiled in approval. We headed to the matching bra and panties set. A dark red lacy set instantly caught my attention. Not to brag or anything but I always looked hot in red, I knew I had to have it.

Six pairs of underwear and seven bras later she was finally ready to leave. “A couple of kids form school are coming over tomorrow to play spin the bottle, you want to join?” Maya knew I only liked hanging out with certain people. Those certain people being her and Claire. So she always invited me instead of assuming I would just come.

“Sure, I’m not doing anything tomorrow.” I shrugged. I had no plans the whole weekend actually.

“Great, come by at 9. The other guests will be arriving at 10.” She informed me pulling up in front of my house. I nodded getting out of the car heading to her trunk. I grabbed my bags walking back to the passenger window.

“You’ll have to pick me up since I left my car at your house.” I just remembered.

“Well then be ready by 8.” I waved her off, making my way to the front door.

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