Falling For Sin (book 1)

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Spin The Bottle

I groaned as Maya continued honking her horn outside. Who shows up at the exact time they say they are? I figured she’d be a few minutes late like always, but she surprised me by pulling up at exactly 8:00. “I’m coming! I’m coming!” I yelled out, even though I knew she couldn’t hear me. I hoped around my room trying to put my shoes on. Once that task was done, I stood in front of my full-length mirror checking myself out. My long black hair was in soft curls and the little makeup I applied enhanced my features greatly. The little black dress I was wearing didn’t leave much for the imagination, but I didn’t care, it hugged my figure nicely. All in all, I looked pretty damn good. There was another honk much longer than the other one, telling me she was done being patient.

“Didn’t I tell your ass to be ready by 8? Do you see that time? It says 8:30!” I rolled my eyes as she dramatically jabbed her finger at the clock radio. “You look hot.” She suddenly commented looking me over. I swear the girl was bi-polar.

“Thanks I tried, you could only do so much to this face.” I pulled the seat-belt across my chest as she started the car up.

“Honey, you don’t have to try. If you were anything less than a ten, we wouldn’t be friends.” She told me with a serious look on her face.

I stuck my tongue out at her. “You’d love me even if I was a three.” She laughed.

“So what made you want to host a game of spin the bottle?” I asked.

“Ethan, I’ve been subtly giving him hints that I like him but he’s not getting them. That’s where this game comes in, if he lands on me we’ll get to make-out and I can show him.” I laughed.

“You’re telling me this is just a scheme to get Ethan to kiss you? You do know there’s also a chance he can land on someone else right?”

“That’s why I didn’t invite any other females besides you and Claire, I know you guys won’t make out with him. I’ve thought this all out already.”

I shook my head at her. “You evil genius.”

We pulled up in front of her house and suddenly I got butterflies. If I’m honest with myself I was trying to look extra hot tonight just in case I bumped into Sin. I followed Maya up the steps and waited patiently as she unlocked the door. “Go set up the living room, I’ll get some drinks out and find an empty bottle.” Maya instructed as soon as we walked through the door.

I nodded turning to head into the living room, only to bump into a very hard chest. I took a step back intending to apologize, until I saw the look on his face. His eyes slowly slid down my body checking me out, paying extra attention to my exposed tanned legs and cleavage. I shivered involuntary making his eyes snap back to mine. My body felt hot all over from the way he was looking at me. He didn’t even try to hide the lust in his dark eyes. We stood there for several seconds with him just staring, and me trying to keep my panties dry. “You look nice.” He nodded at me, then continued on his way. That’s it? ‘I look nice?’ if I looked so nice why didn’t he throw me on the couch and have his way with me?

I sighed as I moved on to push the couches back. Luckily for me they were pretty light, although I was struggling with the larger one. “Need some help?” I looked over my shoulder to see Sin leaning against the doorway, watching me with a beer in his hand. How long has he been there?

“Just a little.” I pushed the couch backwards, it only moved an inch or two. “You can jump in at any time, no pressure.”

He chuckled, walking over to grab the other end. He placed his beer on the side table, reaching for the couch. “On three, make sure you use those noodle arms.” I rolled my eyes. “One, Two, Three.” I used all the strength I could muster up, pushing the couch back. I grinned in satisfaction as it rested against the wall and out of the way.


He grabbed his beer once again, walking pass me. “No problem Blaire.” I shivered hearing my name roll off his tongue. What was wrong with me?


The guest started arriving thirty minutes later. I sat on the floor in the circle watching as they came in. I wasn’t surprised to see she invited her long-time crush Ethan.

“Hey Blaire.” He gave me a friendly wave as he sat to the side of me. Ethan was one of the hottest guys that went to our school. Sadly though he only had eyes for Maya, though that never bothered me, I think they’d be a bomb ass couple.

“Hi.” I gave him a friendly smile.

“No Claire.” Maya groaned as they both came into the living room.

“Come on Maya! It’ll make things more interesting.” Claire begged her, pulling on her arm.

“What would make things interesting?” I cut in.

Maya rolled her eyes as she faced me. “Claire wants me to invite Sin to play, even though I’m positive he will say no.”

“Play what?” Speak of the devil. He stood in the doorway with a beer in his hand. I’ve downed a bottle of beer myself, for some liquor encouragement to play this game.

“Wouldn’t you like to play spin the bottle with us?” Claire batted her eyelashes at him, twirling a piece of her hair around her finger. The universal signature that she was flirting. Jacob scoffed from the floor. Another participant in our game. There was six of us all together. Ethan, Jacob, Maya, Claire, Max, and myself.

I could be wrong, but I swear Sin looked over at me before answering. “Why not? I’m not doing anything else.” He downed the rest of his beer coming to sit in the circle, directly across from me. He placed his bottle in the center of the floor. Claire came and sat next to me, Maya sat next to Sin, across from Ethan. Jacob reached out and spun the bottle. To his delight it landed on Claire. Claire rolled her eyes as she crawled over to him, giving him a simple peck on the lips, much to his displeasure.

“Wack.” Ethan commented next to me, I giggled. That’s how much of the game went for a while until it landed on Ethan and Maya. They had a full blown make out session in the middle of the room. I was nervous since the bottle hadn’t stopped on me yet, and Sin had yet to spin it.

“How about we let Sin go.” Claire suggested, sliding the bottle over to him. He caught it before centering it back in the middle, giving it a spin. The butterflies were back once again as we all watched the bottle. I could literally feel sweat go down my back as the bottle started slowing. Oh my gosh. Time stopped as the bottle stopped on me. “Lucky bitch.” Claire whispered in my ear. Claire gave me a hard shove forcing me to move.

I gulped as I crawled across the circle to him. I looked up seeing the same heated stare he gave me in the hallway. I was an inch away when he reached out grabbing my chin. His fingers felt smooth yet rough at the same time. I closed my eyes as he brought my face closer to his until our lips touched. Before I could stop it, a small sigh left my mouth. Sin took that as an invitation to slide his tongue in. I moaned slightly as he explored my mouth with his tongue. The kiss was nice and sweet, nothing rough about it as we tasted each other. I could feel my toes curling the longer we kissed.

Someone cleared their throat reminding me where I was. I pulled back quickly, going back to my spot. Avoiding eye contact with him.

“Well that was hot.” Claire giggled next to me, I felt my cheeks heat up. Max grabbed the bottle next giving it a spin. I zoned out for the rest of the game thinking back to that kiss. Claire was right, it was hot. I could still taste him in my mouth.

“How about we play something else? This is getting lame.” Claire suggested.

Maya sighed. “What did you have in mind?”

She clapped her hands together. “Ten minutes in heaven!”

“Don’t you mean seven?” Ethan corrected.

“Seven is hardly enough time to have fun.” She rolled her eyes at him. “it’s simple we’ll keep spinning the bottle like before and whoever it lands on goes into the basement downstairs for ten minutes.”

“Everyone cool with that?” Maya asked the circle.

“Fine by me.” Jacob answered, everyone else agreed.

“Since you haven’t gone yet Blaire you’ll spin first.” I reached out for the bottle giving it a gentle spin. It landed on Ethan. I sighed getting up from the circle, waiting for him to follow me downstairs. The basement was dark enough that I didn’t see a reason for us to go in the closet, not like we were going to do anything.

“Listen Blaire you’re hot and all but I kind of have a thing for Maya and-” I laughed, stopping him from his little rant.

“Relax Ethan, I know you like Maya. We’ll just chill down here until our time is up.” He looked relieved, making me smile. He was so pussy whipped. Once our time was up, we went back upstairs to our spots. Claire spun the bottle next and it landed on Max. Once it came around to Sin’s turn I was once again nervous. There’s no way he’d get me twice, right? Apparently he would, the bottle landed on me once again causing me to blush.

He stood up holding his hand out to me. I thought I was going to die right then and there. Jacob gave a wolf whistle earning a hard kick form Maya. I was nervous as I followed him down the basement steps, but he didn’t stop there. He pulled me all the way to the closet. I didn’t say a word as he pulled me in, closing the door behind us. It was so dark that I couldn’t make him out, but I could hear him breathing.

“What are we supposed to do for ten minutes? This is dumb.” I groaned. There was nothing to do but stand in here and listen to each other breathe. As hot as that kiss was upstairs, I'm sure he only participated because it was part of the game.

"I have an idea." I jumped as I felt his hands connect with my hips. I could feel the heat from them right through my dress. My breath caught in my throat as one of his hands started making their way down the side of my leg. He stopped when he reached skin, as if wanting me to stop him. When I didnt protest, he moved his hand upward, taking the dress with him. His hands slid around the back of my hips, grabbing a handful of my ass cheeks. I shivered as he brought one of his hands around to the front of my body, traveling low between my legs. He let his knuckle graze between my legs, right against my dampening core, making me clench them closed.

“Is this ok?” He breathed down into my ear. When did he get so close? I could now feel the body heat coming off him.

“Y-yes.” I stuttered.

“Then open your legs, Blaire.” I did as I was told, and he continued exploring. He stopped once he made it to the top of my panties. Sliding his hand over he pressed it lightly against my lower stomach, I could feel the tip of his finger nails graze the top of my mound as he slowly slipped his hand in. I held my breath. Slowly he moved his hand downwards. I shivered once again when I felt his hand slide completely over my mound, engulfing it with the heat from his hand. Was this really happening? Does Sin really have his hand in my underwear right now?

"I'm going to touch you now, Blaire." Now? What does he mean now? He's been touching me this whole time. His middle finger slid between the folds of my pussy. I moaned as he rubbed his finger up and down slowly, massaging my sensitive core. I reached out gripping the front of his shirt, to keep myself from falling over. There was no where to sit in this closet, and I doubt my legs would be holding me up for much longer.

Suddenly he slipped his middle finger inside, right into my wet center. “Oh fuck.” I moaned as he started moving in and out of me slowly, keeping a steady rhythm. He grabbed my chin tilting my head up to him. I didn’t expect him to plant his lips against mine in a kiss. None the less though, I instantly kissed him back. This kiss was much different than the one we shared upstairs. For one his finger wasn’t inside me then and second, I wasn’t this horny.

He added another finger in, making me gasp. He took that opportunity to slide his tongue in my mouth. I let him explore for as long as I could before the pleasure took over me again. I threw my head back moaning as he finger fucked me. He flicked his finger inside hitting my g-spot. “Fuck yes, right there.” I moaned pushing down on his fingers, trying to get him deeper. I could feel myself getting close. His other hand left my hip to grab hold of mine. I wasn’t really focusing on what he was doing until I felt my hand rest on something hard and covered in fabric. My eyes widened when I realized what I was touching. He was rock hard.

He leaned down next to my ear again. “You look so sexy in this little dress, feel how hard you make me Blaire." I tried focusing on his words, but my orgasm was coming and nothing else mattered. Almost like he knew, he slipped another finger in, quickening his pace. That's when the dam broke. “Ooh.” I moaned as I rode out my orgasm on his fingers.

When I finally came back down to reality, he slipped his fingers out of me, leaving the closet without another word. I was hot and breathing hard trying to collect myself. I fixed my underwear making sure my dress was straight before following him upstairs. When I got back to the group everyone was simply chatting, but Sin was nowhere in sight. Where did he go? You can’t just give someone a mind-blowing orgasm then disappear.

“Hey Blaire, who do you think is hotter Jacob or Max?” Maya laughed. They had stopped playing seven minutes in heaven for some reason and was now playing who’s hotter. It’s like they didn’t even care only one of us came back.

I decided to put Sin to the back of mind and enjoy the rest of the night with my friends. “Why Jacob of course.” I smirked.

Max gave me a hurt look. “Blaire, how could you?” I laughed smacking him upside the head. Then suddenly I remembered something. Holy hell I touched his cock.

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