The Lotus Key: Book 2

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I believed he was pulling me into a world of darkness, but I’ve realized he was showing me the light—a light illuminating the most unimaginable evil. The Lotus Key is the second book in The Lotus Series about drug cartels, human trafficking, arms dealing, and of course, human temptations. It seems Adeline Heed and Gabriel Hart's lives are intertwined with new, dare-defying adventures, raw emotions, and pure lust. Addy's headstrong, and defying nature pushes Hart, testing his limits and drive to control everything and everyone around him, forcing them both to face gut-wrenching decisions that could change their lives forever, but it means giving up the one thing they can't live without.

Erotica / Thriller
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Chapter One: The Fire Within

Author’s Note Aug 1 2019:

First off, I would like to thank all of my readers, devoted followers, and lovers of the Dark Romance/Thriller genre. It was because of your kinds words and enthusiasm towards The Lotus Series that I was propelled into publishing.

The day has finally come! The Lotus Keeper (Book 1) and The Lotus Key (Book 2) are available on Amazon as an ebook.

Book 1:

Book 2:

Because of Copyright laws, the Inkitt version has been taken down, but you can still read the polished version on Amazon for 2.99 or free if you have Kindle Unlimited. As of right now, a free excerpt will be available on Amazon; I apologize for any inconvenience.

Thanks again everyone :)

--Leeann Mays

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