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'I look back at her as I watch her hips sway sensually, fuck, I'd never met a woman quite like her before but I intend to keep her in my grasp.' You never would believe that there could be someone out there, who is exactly like you. Your perfect fit if you will. Archer never believed there was someone out there for him. Who would love a man paid for being a killing machine? Hence his playboy ways, but fortunately for Archer his luck is about to change when he bids on a woman named Anita at a fundraising event for a frivolous dinner date. Archer is unable to let the hard-headed woman go and refuses to back down without a fight when others arrive on the scene. Please strap yourself in for the most chaotic, obsessive and raunchy love story, ever.

Erotica / Drama
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As I stand here fixing my blood spattered suit, surrounded by rotting floors, mouldy walls, broken furniture and a god awful smell, I smile. Not a friendly smile but one derived from pure evil.

I gaze around the clapped out apartment looking for items needing to be retrieved for my boss.

This was one shit safe house if you ask me. For a known Mafia king pin, this should’ve been impenetrable but of course, when you run scared you tend to forget minor details.

3 men sat upright against the wall, a nice clean shot right between each of their eyes.

2 men lay flat on the grimy floor, another two clean shots.

5 men, that was all this man had to ‘protect’ him. Pathetic really, I kicked past the two laying on the ground as I go to inspect the main target for this mission.

Alonso Bettino. Absolute filth, scum of the earth if you will. I know, I know I’m not much better but the information given to me about him was rough.

This man is still not dead, but that was the plan. If I can, I like to look these people in the eye one more time before they die. It’s fascinating to watch the range of emotions flow through them as they watch a recap of their life. Some don’t have much of one and others have a lot.

“How we feeling Mr. Bettino?” I smile sadistically. I crouch down in front of bullet ridden man, watching his breathing become laboured and I count the minutes this man has left.

He grunted and spluttered at me in Italian, trying to spit at me. I pull out my knife and make a quick slash across his throat. I was ordered to dish out a slow death, this is a slow as it gets on my schedule.

I wipe my knife on his pants and slid it back in it’s sheath. I clear my throat as I get up, after dodging needles, bottles and soiled clothes I make my way down to the foyer. Not much of a foyer if I’m being honest, no reception, flickering lights, mouldy walls and missing floorboards, it’s world class.

I reached the blacked out Mercedes and slipped in the back, removing my gloves and taking a wipe to my face to clear off the blood splatter.

Once cleaned I head back out to the boot of the car and place all my weapons back in, I’m not necessarily licensed for what I do, so still got to be careful around law enforcement.

I recheck my surroundings before sliding into the driver’s seat. Heading back to base, the driveway to base is about 2km long, lined with tall trees, shrubbery and guards.

I make it to the gates, I flick the guard my I.D and he waves me in. I drum my fingers along the leather steering wheel, eager to report a mission completed to the boss.

I park just outside the doors, quickly checking my appearance. Wiping off blood drops I so carelessly missed.

A maid comes out to greet me and take my bags, she shuffles over quietly picking up my bags and walking away with her head down. A lot of the maids and servants are treated well here, unless its me they’re scared of.

I only know of one person in this place who isn’t scared of anybody that works or lives here. That’s the boss’ wife, Karina. Never met the woman but I’ve heard some things, not great things but things none the less.

“Archer baby didn’t think you’d be back so soon...” The grotty woman purred, that grotty woman would be Angela. The house slut, well one of many.

I’ve not fucked a single woman in this place and I ain’t gonna start now.

“Fuck off Angela.” I grunt, pushing past her. I don’t wait for a response but I hear her scoff and her heels click towards to the door.

I head upstairs and make my way to the boss’ office. I knock once and await conformation to enter. One of the guards opens the door and shuts it behind me.

I take a seat in the high back chairs in front of his desk. I drum my fingers along the arm rests and fixing my cuffs.

“Archer, is it done?” My boss’ comes in through an adjoining door tucking his dress shirt into his slacks.

I internally roll my eyes, this guy has got time to fuck whoever is behind that door but ain’t got time to kill a few men?

I nod and drop the bag of retrieved items on the floor with a thud. He looks from me to the bag and nods his head, letting me know my work is done and I can resume normal duty.

I head out and back out the house towards my car, before getting in I stand on the marble steps and look out over the front yard, observing my surroundings.

Slipping on my sunglasses and jogging down the steps to my car, heading home to await my next mission.

The life of a hitman for the Russian Mafia I suppose.

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