Broken Glass [Royal Series #1]

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A dirty twist on a vampire soulmate love story. Prince Vesuvius was in line for Vampire King. Once the blood moon rose, he would have to drink the blood of his beloved in front of the entire royal court and then would have to spend the entire night making love to her for the first time as King and Queen. It was a little heavy, but it was an ancient tradition the Royals refused to break. It was a sign of dominance as the new king, to break the skin of his beloved right there in front of everyone. It should have been easy for Vesuvius to make love to his beloved in front of the court seeing as they could never keep their hands off each other. But it wasn't, because Olive had no idea about the creature that lurked in the shadows or what she would be thrown into because she was his soulmate. Warning: Explicit dominant sex ahead. Not for feminists.

Erotica / Fantasy
Alaska Rose
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Chapter 1

Warning: this is an erotica. there is a lot of sex, especially in the first few chapters. read at your own risk. 18+

The sound of water filling the bathtub filled the bathroom. Music softly played in the background as Olive moved around, lighting a few candles. She dropped the lighter into the drawer and then untied her silk robe, letting it fall to the floor.
She hummed lightly to herself, turning off the water and slipping into the clawfoot tub. Olive sank into the hot water, feeling her muscles relax. It was her favorite thing to do when she couldn't sleep, take a long hot bath.
"Olly," A light knock followed by the creak of the door had Olive sitting up in her tub. "There you are." Vesuvius bent down and kissed his wife on the lips tenderly, and then pulled back up. Olive smiled at him.
"Here I am."
"What're you doing in here? I thought you'd be in bed when I got home." He said, smirking. "I was hard the whole way home thinking about it." Olive giggled, seeing the very clear bulge that had formed in his pants. He was still clad in his police uniform.
"Well," Olive started, reaching for his belt, undoing it slowly. "You can join me in here if you want." Vesuvius chuckled darkly, undoing the button and zipper on his slacks and pulling them off along with his socks and briefs. His large cock dangled from his pelvis, hanging low but hard as a rock.
Vesuvius stepped in across from her, bringing Olive close to him. She sat on his thighs, her knees propped up underneath his arms.
Vesuvius buried his face into the crook of her neck, relishing in her scent. In mere days, he would be able to sink his teeth into her veins, drinking her blood for the first time. He was a vampire, a vampire prince to be exact. His father had died and so he was to take over the vampire kingdom. He would have to bite her in front of the entire Royal Court, claiming her as his queen. Proceeding the bite, they would make love until the sun rose to consummate their life together as King and Queen of the vampire race. He would then gain his full immortality and his powers. It was everything a vampire was fated to be: intense, intimate, and vulgar.
Vesuvius was tense, Olive could feel it. She just didn't know why. He had been racking his mind with ways to tell her about who he was, what he was. But how do you tell someone you love more than anything, that you are a monster? Vesuvius had tried to live a normal life, but when his older brother died, the throne went to Vesuvius. Fortunately for Ves, he had met Olive while training to be an officer. She was his beloved, his soulmate.
"What're you thinking about?" She ran her hands up his muscled shoulders. Vesuvius took a long look at the love of his life. She was the most beautiful thing on this planet.
Olive was always insecure, being considered a bigger girl. But Vesuvius loved her curves, her hips, her little jumps trying to get her skinny jeans on. It was all just more to love . . . and make love to. It made him hard just thinking about sinking himself inside her. That's all he could do to keep his mind off of what was to come: fuck until he couldn't fuck anymore.
"I was thinking about.... how bad I want to be inside you." He practically growled out into her ear. Olive faux-gaped at him, but he knew how he sparked arousal deep within her.
Ves' perfect mushroom tip broke the surface of the soapy water, showing just how bad he wanted Olive.
"You're interrupting my bath time, Ves." She let out a breathy laugh and pulled back, her eyes focused on the head of his cock that would soon be plunging inside of her.
"Are you saying you don't want me to do this?" Vesuvius grabbed her large breast and dipped his head, kissing her red nipple. Goosebumps littered Olive's skin and she gasped as he flicked it with his tongue. His hand dropped as his mouth enclosed around the hardened flesh, sliding into the water between her ass cheeks.
"Ves!" Olive breathed out his name as his fingers slid around her pubic bush. He sucked on her breasts, alternating between each one, ravishing them. Olive closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly, her hands gripping his thick locks.
Vesuvius kissed up her chest, her neck, and then nibbled on her ear lobe. "Tell me you want me to fuck you, Olly." Olive's cheeks reddened. He loved how innocent she was, even after all of this time. "Tell me what you want or I'll get out and let you have your bath time." Ves teased, but it was enough for her to squirm.
"Fuck me, please." She begged, moving her hips against his fingers. There was no way she would let him out of this bath without giving her what she wanted.
"As you wish, kitten." He chuckled, beckoning her to lift her hips a little so he could get situated below her. Vesuvius brought Olive down, the tip of his dick swallowed by her warmth. Olive's lips formed an 'O' shape as her tight hole stretched from his thick length.
Ves' right arm was wrapped around her waist, the other crossed over her back with his head holding the back of her head.
"Uh . ." Olive slipped out a few incoherent syllables as Ves inched his rod inside her. Once their pelvises were fully touching, he took a moment for Olive to adjust. Their eyes met and Ves leaned in, bringing her mouth to his. As soon as their lips touched, his tongue slid into her mouth, dancing with hers.
Vesuvius thrusted upwards, hitting her in her g-spot on instant."Oh!" Olive groaned loudly into his mouth as he bounced her on his lap, water splashing all around them. His cock slid against her cunt walls, pulsing inside her.
Olive's hands intertwined with Ves' hair, their foreheads touching as their bodies moved together in sync. Olive pulled herself up and down his large member, rocking against his hips.
Ves sucked on the soft spot in the crook of Olive's neck which would be a large hickey by morning.
"I love the way you feel around me." Ves groaned, moving his hips against her. Olive grinded back, creating a hot friction which sent an erotic buzz through her body.
The two moved together in short, slow thrusts. There was no hurry between them as they enjoyed the heat of their sexes moving together in harmony. Water splashed against the edges of the tub, spilling over but they didn't care.
They looked into each other's eyes as both of their mouths gaped open in pleasure. No matter how many times they had sex, which was a lot, it was always like the first time: intimate, sexy, full of love.
Ves pulled Olive into him, their bodies flushed tightly together. They humped away until they rose to their united orgasm. Olive's legs spasmed against Vesuvius' hips, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. Ves pulsed inside her, filling her with his semen. He rocked inside her a little longer, enjoying the feeling of her pussy sucking his cock of every last bit of cum.
Ves gently pulled out and both of them laid against the opposite sides of the tub. Ves rubbed Olive's feet as she tiredly stared at his sweaty upper body. She was astonished she could get a man like him, but she was too selfish to ever give him up. Nothing could ever get in between their love, she thought.
Their eyes caught and Olive's cheeks turned pink as she was caught staring. "You can stare, Olly. I'm yours." Ves stated, his hands running up her calves. He stared right back at her, relishing in the love filling the bathroom.
Olive sighed lovingly and ran her fingertips along the top of the water, popping bubbles. Her eyes fell down to the large ring on her finger, a new band fastened to it. "I can't believe we're married." She murmured, shaking her head and looking back at her husband with a goofy grin.
Vesuvius hummed and sat up, pushing himself between her legs as much as he could, his hands trailing up her sides. "I know . . . all of this," Ves ran his thumbs over nipples, his hands trying to touch every inch of her body. "Is mine." He stated possessively, bringing her up from her lying position so she was back in his lap.
"Mmm," Olive placed a kiss on his neck as her hand found his cock. It was no surprise that it was already hard again. "And this is all mine."
Both of them melted back into one another, starting their second round of the night.

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