Into The Rabbit Hole And All It’s Sinful Delights

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Not your average coming of age story! Super hot and sexy! A fresh take on an erotically charged story!! Abbie Black is a simple girl with simple dreams. She graduates high school and gets accepted into her dream college. She makes new friends and changes the way she looks, and feels about herself. Just enjoying life while chasing her dreams. Sophomore year starts, and at first everything's going great like the year before. She has a new roommate, and starts dating a guy from her class. But nothing good last long in Abbie's life, and when her dream is on the verge of being taken away she has no idea where to turn. Go home, or call her Uncle she barely knows and ask for help. Will Abbie sink or swim when she finds out exactly what she agreed to? How bad could it be really? It's her uncles night club, and surely nothing bad was going on. Right?..... Follow Abbie as she travels Into The Rabbit Hole, and finds a Sinful Delight she never knew existed.

Erotica / Romance
Callie Sumner
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Chapter 1 NYU. My Dream Come To Life

•~•~•Welcome My Kinky Friends!•~•~•

I hope y’all like will enjoy Abbie’s journey into the more Sinful of Delights! Sorry, just have to get something out of the way first!

Sinful Delight Series:

Book 1:
A) Into The Rabbit Hole & All It’s Sinful Delight (Rewritten Version)
((At least that’s where I would start 😉 and then skip back to the next one.)
B) Into The Rabbit Hole &All It’s Sinful Delight

Book 2: Sinful Delight & The Masters Might

Book 3: Sinful Delight & The Masters That Share

Prequel (or technically Book 5, but would be better if read before book 4):
Sinful Delight & The Original Master

Book 4: Sinful Delight & The Masters Innocent

Into The Rabbit Hole And All It’s Sinful Delights

By Callie Sumner™ 2019

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Chapter 1 NYU. My Dream Come To Life

All my life I've never felt like I was anything special. Just a normal girl from a small rural town where everyone knows you by your first name.

Just an average girl with simple dreams and ambitions. Nothing a little hard work and determination couldn't achieve.

Graduate high school, get accepted to NYU, become a doctor. Nothing crazy. Just practical.

My mother would jokingly tell me she could tell the exact minute her life turned upside down. The exact second her choice, the wrong choice, changed her life no matter if she was ready or not.

She would always make me promise that when it came time for me to make that choice, I would think of her and how she wished she could have done things differently.

Always think, don't leap. Practical.

I lived my life by that motto. Being the only child to a mom that was still a baby herself when she had me, taught me how to be smart and plan ahead.

I worked my butt off during school, making sure to stay first in class. Class President, Debate team, and DECCA kept me busy and helped me keep my eyes on the goal of a full ride scholarship to my dream university at the end.

I had friends and everyone at my high school knew my name, but I didn't let any of them distract me like a normal teenager. Nothing would stop me from leaving this town after graduation headed for the bright lights of New York City and the Pre-Med program at NYU.

It was just my mom in the stands to watch me walk across that stage and give my valedictorian speech during graduation.

It had always been the two of us for as long as I could remember. My father left before I was born and my mother refused to speak about her parents. Just an Uncle Joe that I'd meet twice.

I spent the summer before freshman year working and reading the textbooks for my upcoming classes. All the basics with a few biology classes thrown in.

My acceptance letter and scholarship papers had arrived after graduation. I had everything filled out with my dorm information. The things I was taking for into four boxes and two suitcases in the back of my old Maxima waiting to go.

One week before class started I kissed my mom goodbye and headed out of my tiny town for the first time in my life.

Once I made it to New York I gazed around in wonder. The number of people and buildings packed into such a small space was like nothing I'd ever seen before. You always imagine what New York is like but nothing prepares you for seeing it in person.

The NYU campus was picturesque. The tree-lines, paths and brownstone buildings were straight from my dreams. Parking was difficult, but luckily I didn't have to park far from my dorm. When I made it to the third floor room I would be sharing with someone for the next year, I was sweating from more than just my workout.

I've only ever lived with my mom. I didn't know how to live with a complete stranger. My nerdy personality could be a bit standoffish to some people. Shaking off my nerves, I opened the door while holding my purse and duffle bag in my other hand.

One side of the room was empty while the other side was decked out in a funky chic look. The bed, pillow, and lamp all had the same color pattern while the wall already had several shelves filled with books.

A blond girl around my age sat in the middle of the bed flipping through a magazine while I stepped through the door. The girl squealed and gave me an excited clap before jumping from the bed and coming to me.

"You must be my new roomie! I'm so excited! My names Joss Stone. I'm a sophomore in the Pre-Law department. I hope you don't mind. This is the same room I had last year, so I just kept my stuff where it was."

Joss, the excited ball of energy in front of me, was gorgeous. Blond hair, blue eyes, and a tight cheerleader body. Her ass and tits were as perky as her personality. Dressed in a halter top and mini skirt with fuck me heels. Perfect hair and makeup finished the look, and I was instantly jealous.

"Nice to meet you, Joss. I'm Abbie Black. I'm a freshman in the Pre-Med department. It's only fair you get to choose which side of the room you want. It was yours first to begin with, it's fine with me." I sat my duffel bag and purse down before giving Joss my undivided attention.

I smoothed the front of my favorite button down shirt, trying to make a good impression. During my eighteen hour drive, my outfit had got a few wrinkles from the journey. My glasses hide my brown eyes and my hair was in a bun on top of my head where it would stay out of my face while I was driving. All in all, I looked a hot mess and I knew it.

Either Joss didn't notice or didn't care. She launched herself at me wrapping her arms tight around my neck.

"I can already tell this year is going to be so much fun!"

I didn't share Joss's sentiments at first, but as the year slowly started to pass I caught myself doing just that. Having fun.

From the first day, Joss took me under her wing. She became my best friend. We were always hanging out together when we didn't have class. She taught me how to fix my hair and finally look decent when I put on makeup myself.

She took me shopping for clothes and shoes. Dressing me for my body type. Showing all my curves instead of the button-up shirts and bland colors I preferred. She coached me on how to be a confident woman, instead of the antisocial geek from Deep Valley, Virginia I'd always been.

Joss introduced me to her circle of friends. We went out to bars on the weekends and clubs I'd never seen before. They took me to my first show on Broadway and the famous Time Square. The number of frat parties we went to could have been a tourist attraction on their own.

I was having the time of my life. At the end of the first semester, I still had a 4.0 GPA and an active social life. Something I'd never allowed myself to have before. Another problem with growing up in such a small town, the littlest thing could turn into the most outlandish rumor.

When my first spring break came around, Joss took me to The Hamptons for the week. The houses were bigger than I'd ever seen with the beach parties lasting till the sun rose again.

Two days before we were scheduled to come back, I meet a jock named Skip. He told me him and a group of friends were from Harvard staying at one of his teammate's parents house for the week. He was a junior on the rowing team who wanted to go Pre-Med too.

I was amazed he was from a small town almost like mine but from Vermont. We had so much in common with each other it was freaky. We had a few drinks while we sat around the fire all night talking to each other, not caring about the party going on around us. We snuck off and boarded someone's yacht not far from the party.

That night I gave Skip, the stranger I'd just met, my virginity. We connected on a level of complete understanding. I didn't tell Joss afterward, no one but us knew.

By the time the second semester ended, I was a completely different person than the one who walked through that door at the beginning of the year. I couldn't wait to go home and show my mom how happy I finally was. Joss packed her final box and set it by the door. Joss was moving into an apartment with some of her Pre-Law buddies at the start of the next semester, so I was getting a new roommate.

We helped load each other's stuff into our cars before hugging each other goodbye. Promising to call each other during the summer, and meeting up for a drink as soon as we both got back.

I told Joss I couldn't wait before giving her one more hug then getting in my car to leave. My freshman year blew by in a breeze and I couldn't have been prouder. I couldn't wait to come back in the fall and do it all over again.

******Authours Note****** did you like the first chapter? Sorry it’s like an information dump, but I didn’t think the flow of the story worked if I broke it down in to two.

Let me know what y’all think, and don’t forget to vote and share the book with your friends


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