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Chapter 11

2 Months Later

Toya POV

Let me catch y'all up on what's been going on. I'm nine months pregnant. The baby's being stubborn so she's not out yet. Sean and I still go together and she got her a new homie. You know the waitress Tee? Yea that's her. Tee works for Sean's company now. Everything has been so good lately. The baby room is done and set, everything is in place.

I am currently cooking me some burrito bowls. Sean left a few minutes ago to go hang out with Tee. Hanging out with Tee made Sean more of a stud, which is good with me cause she knows how to beat a pussy up! I went upstairs with my food and laid in bed before I started eating. My phone started ringing, causing me to sigh.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey boo." Keem said. I rolled my eyes.

"What's up?"

"Nothing. I miss you bestie."

"I miss you too Keem."

"When can I see you again?"

"I don't know. When I have the baby?"

"Come on Toya I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. What I said wasn't true."

"No it was because you know I don't feel that way about you and you still talking shit just cause you can't have me!"

"Look ma I'm sorry."

"Fuck!" I hissed. I looked down to see a puddle of liquid everywhere. My water just broke, fantastic.

"You okay?"

"My water just broke." I hung up on her and called Sean.

"Hello?" She answered. I was breathing hard and rubbing my stomach. I have experienced Braxton Hicks but these were way worse.

"Baby I'm in a lot of pain! My water broke." I groaned.

"I'm coming." I got up and tried to walk down the stairs but I ended up falling down them. I started crying. Now my stomach and ankle is hurting. Sean and Keem burst through the door. They carried me to the car and grabbed the baby's things.

Sean POV

We have been waiting for Toya to get out of surgery for two hours. The doctor still hasn't talked to us and I was getting impatient. If my mom and Keem weren't up here with me, I'd lost my mind by now.

"Family of La'Toya!" The doctor called. I stood and walked to him.

"How is she? The baby okay?" I questioned.

"She's okay. She had to get a C-Section. And she will need help moving around because of her fractured ankle. She fractured her ankle when she fell so she'll have a cast on for a month or month in a half. You may go see her now." I nodded and went into her room.

"Hey y'all." She said smiling weakly. Something was wrong, something was on her mind.

"Hey." We all said back.

"Where's my baby at?" She panicked.

"She's in the nursery. Toy you broke you ankle?" Keem asked looking at her cast confusingly. She sighed and nodded looking at the cast.

"I'm so sorry for this. I didn't mean to fall I just tripped." Toya cried. I climbed in the bed and held her.

"It's not your fault baby girl." My mom said to her. Her and my mom are really close. My mom treat her like she's her own. She met her last month at a house warming party we went to for my cousin's new house. Soon the nurse came in with the baby followed by the doctor.

"She's okay. We ran all of the tests and they came back negative, which is great. She is 6 lbs 5 ounces. What do you want to name her?" The doctor said.

"Mel'Rosee (Mel - Rose) Shanae Askew." Toya responded holding Mel'Rosee.

2 Weeks Later

Toya POV

I breast fed Mel as Sean walked into the room. We moved the crib by our bed because I can hardly walk.

"You hungry?" Sean asked me.

"Yes." I said burping Mel. I laid her down after she burped twice. She was fast asleep. I cut on the TV and watched B.A.P.S on BET. Soon Sean came back with 3 enchiladas and a big cup of lemonade.

"Here you go babe." She said handing me all of the stuff. I kissed her and waved goodbye as she left for work. It was going to be just me, Mel, the guards, the housekeeper, and the nanny today. I grabbed one of the enchiladas and began eating it. I poured me some lemonade in a smaller cup and started drinking. After my enchiladas and some drink, I had to use the bathroom. I grabbed my crutches and hopped to the bathroom. After I washed hands I managed to get back into the bed. As soon as I did little Mel'Rosee woke up. I picked her up and played with her until it was time to feed her again. Once I fed her I burped her and she fell to sleep. I laid her on the bed beside me. Soon I drifted off to sleep.

Sean POV

Once I gave Toya her food. I kissed her and the baby goodbye. I was heading to work in my Benz. Once I got to work I went up to my office and started filling out the forms for a new computer model. I turned in my papers to my assistant and went to go to one of my meetings today. I walked into the meeting to see Sonya there. Sonya has a crush on me and is crazy as fuck like that girl Becca. Anyway I started the meeting.

"So what am I here for?" I asked.

"To try out a new model that cost less for us to make." Bill, my director, said.

"Also we want to know about making a iPhone 8." My assistant, Alicia, added.

"We could always use your smartness to help us out." Sonya interjected while winking at me. I rolled my eyes at her.

"Anyways we also need your help on a promotion to get people hype for The MacBook Pro, which is the name of the new computer you signed the papers for." Tee said.

"First, Bill the new model is excellent so continue with the building process. Alicia, I think that is a great idea so let's make it work. Sonya, I don't even know why your here but meet me in my office after the meeting. And lastly Tee, meet me after I'm done with Sonya in about 2 minutes." I demanded. They all nodded. I walked to my office and waited for Sonya. As soon as she got in I shut my door.

"Hey babe." Sonya said smiling.

"Look I called you in here because I need you to stop trying to be my girl okay? I have a girl and a daughter that I love and care a lot for. So please stop. If I ask you again I'm firing yo ass on the spot. Now do you understand?" She nodded her head and walked out quickly. Soon Tee came in.

"Dang bro why you look down?"

"Because of Sonya she just don't get how much I love Toya. So I'm going to fire her ass if she fuck up again. I can't lose my babies behind her." Tee nodded.

"Trust me I understand." We talked about the promotion plans and then went our separate ways. After my other few meetings I left and went home to my baby girls.

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