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Chapter 13


Sean POV

(July 6th)

I woke up in the bed with Toya. She was still sleeping so I got up and grabbed some Advil for my horrible headache. I went downstairs to get a cup of water. I got into the kitchen to see Tee.

"We need to talk." I told her. She nodded. I wrote a note to Toya telling her that me Tee and the baby went to the park across the street. I changed the baby and dressed her up. Once that was finished I grabbed her bottle and baby bag. We drove to the park and put the sun roof back up. I took out the baby and walked over to a bench.

"Look I know your mad a-" Tee tried to say.

"Just tell me what happened last night."




Me and Sean was on the dancefloor dancing. She turned me on by the way she was dancing on me. I turned her around and kissed her. She looked shocked so I took her to an empty VIP member room. I stripped her and me naked as I continued to kiss her. She moaned my name as I played with her nipples. I stopped kissing her and kissed her chest. I bit her nipples as she shrieked. I continued to suck her breast. I rubbed my hand down her inner thighs. She moaned softly as I kissed down to her area. I kissed her inner thighs leaving love bites and hickies before shoving two fingers into her and roughly eating her out. She yelled and moaned loudly. I continued to work as she tried to get away. Once she came twice I grabbed my strap out of my bag. I put on the 12in strap and slowly entered her. She moaned Toya's name but that didn't stop me. I went a little faster. I hit it from front and back. Soon I stopped because she was exhausted. I drove to Toya's house after I put me and Sean's clothes on. I knocked on the door. Her maid opened the door. I began to walk Sean to her room.

"Heyy can I stay the night?" I asked Toya as I walked into their room. She smiled and nodded while kissing Sean's lips. I grabbed my cover and went to sleep on the couch.

FlashBack Over

(Sean POV Still)

I sat their gathering my thoughts. I couldn't believe I cheated on my future wifey with my bestie.

"Sean!!!" I snapped out of my thoughts and faced Tee.

"Huh?" I answered.

"Look I know you mad or confused or both but I just want you to know that I am truly sorry for last night. I saw that you were high and drunk and I shouldn't have took advantage of that. Even though you were turning me on by moving you butt on my throbbing clit...I'm still really sorry." Tee apologies.

"It's ok. But we can still be friends. Ok? Just don't let this happen again and no I'm not mad cuz we both was out of it." Tee smiled and nodded.

"Ight....I know the answer but can we just continue with this on the low?" I looked at her.

"No we can't. I'm already in deep water. I love Toya I'm not trying to ruin what we have." She nodded in agreement. I walked around with the baby before we went back to the house.

"Heyy babe" I said to Toya as she cooked. She kissed me and waved back.

"I'm leaving for the gym so yall eat and spend sometime with the baby." Toya said.

"Ight" Me and Tee said at the same time. She left and I decided to go shopping. I took a shower and got dressed while Tee played with Mel'Rosee and stared at me. I brushed it off and put my hair in a bun. Once I finished I grabbed my purse and Mel's things. Grabbing my keys and phone I headed towards the door. Tee walked towards my Porsche 918 Spyder. I shook my head to Tee and motioned towards the Cadillac Escalade. I locked the house doors and put Mel'Rosee in the back of the Cadillac. Once I had everything I got in and took off.

Toya POV

I went to the gym to meet my new personal trainer/coach. I was finally able to walk around without help. I've had intense therapy at the house every since I got out of the hospital. the doctor said I could drive and do more now that my stomach and ankle is healing well. I pulled up into the parking lot of my excluded gym and walked in. I saw a lightskin girl with brown natural hair, tattoos on her arm, and a medium sized butt. I smiled at her and walked towards her.

"Hi I'm Infinity. Your Toya right?" She said.

"Yes ma'am nice to meet you." I responded.

"Likewise. Ok so today we are going to work on your butt, abdomen, arms and your ankle. Your butt is going to be bigger and toner when we are finished. We are also going to get your leg, ankle and foot working better so you can move around more and be able to get it healed fully." She said before we started to work.

*After Work Out*

"Whew. Good work today Boss!"

Infinity said.

"You too." I responded while sitting down drinking water.

"You wanna grab a bite?"

"Yea I'll follow you out."


We ended up at Checkers. I ordered me some boneless chicken bites with fries and water. Infinity ordered a chicken sandwich with fries and water.

"Sooo tell me more about yourself." I said to Infinity after our food came.

"Well I'm 22 I'll be 23 on July 11th. I live here in LA. I'm single. I'm a full lesbian stem. And yea that's pretty much it. Now may I have the honor of learning more about my boss?" She said. I smirked and nodded.

"Wellllll I'm a model. I'm 17 I'll be 18 on July 9th.(A/N For you all who don't know it is July 1rst!!) I have a one month old daughter and a girlfriend." She smiled.

"Do you have a picture of the baby?" I showed her pics of Mel and me, Mel, and Sean. Soon we finished eating and she took me back to the gym.

"Thanks again Boss!" She called out as I locked up the gym.

"No problem and call me Toya or Boss it's up to you." She nodded and I walked to my Dodge Charger. I got in and waved goodbye before I drove off.

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