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Chapter 14


Toya POV


Today I was going to the doctor for my 6 week check up. I woke Sean up and made my way into the bathroom. I took my bath and got dressed. I then got Mel dressed. Sean had just came out of the bathroom. She pecked my lips and put on her shoes. I grabbed the keys to the Escalade

and walked outside. I put Mel into her car seat. She turned one month on the 1rst. As soon as Sean got in the car I drove off towards the clinic. Once I reached the clinic I took Mel out and walked in. I went to the desk and filled out papers.

"The doctor will be with you soon." The recipient said. I nodded and claimed my seat beside Mel. She was in between me and Sean. If you haven't noticed me and Sean hasn't been talking all that much lately. Last week she was fine but then she slowly started drifting away. We bearly speak to each other. She's been on the edge and very tensed. But I'm hoping all of that changed today.

"La'Toya Askew?" The nurse called. I grabbed Mel and went to the back with Sean trailing behind. Once the doctor came in she checked Mel and then she checked me.

"Ok so you can have sex now. Your body, mainly your stomach, is healed now. Your ankle is now in place thanks to therapy." Dr. Smith said. I smiled.

"Thank you so much Dr. Smith!" I said.

"Your welcome Toya." We left and went home. Once we got in the house I put Mel's baby bag up and took her to her room. Once we got there I changed her diaper. I carried her back out into the living room and sat her in her play pin. I turned on BET and watched some reruns.

Sean POV

I've been distant from Toya since I heard about what happened with Tee. I was gonna talk to her soon. It wasn't about the Tee situation. I was just getting together a surprise for her. Her birthday was Saturday and today was Thursday. I walked out of our bed room and downstairs into the living room. I seen Toya watching TV and Mel laying on her stomach watching bubble guppies on her little portable TV.

"Babe...?" I said to Toya. She looked up at me and sighed.

"What?" She said. She looked slightly uncomfortable.

"Can I talk to you?" She nodded. "Well I'm sorry I've been jumpy, on the edge, all of that. I've been busy with work and I'm just tired and irritable. I didn't mean to distance myself from you. It just kinda happened and I should NOT have let it happen. I just want you to know that I love you a lot. I truly appreciate you." She smiled and kissed my lips.

"Thx bae. I'm sorry too. I was being mean and irritating on purpose." I nodded. We kissed again. Mel started crying so Toya breast feed her while I laid on the couch. She laid between my legs with Mel on her stomach after she burped her. Soon we all went to sleep.

*Night Time (8pm)*

I awoke to my phone ringing. I looked up to see Toya and Mel still sleeping. I answered the phone.

"Speak " I said.

"Well hello to you to Shannon Taylor Hill." My mom said.

"Oh heyy ma. Wassup?"

"Nothing much. I was calling to check on you, your girlfriend, and my grandbaby."

"We doing Ight. Hol up" I moved myself from under Toya and walked out into the patio. "You coming down tomorrow for you know what right?"

"Yea we'll be there. I gotta spot at the Hilton hotel. So we'll probably land at 10 am. I'll meet you at a restaurant or something."

"Ight we can meet up at 71 Above at 12pm tomorrow."

"What the hell is a 71 Above?!?" I laughed.

"Chill ma it's just a fancy lounge. They got good food."

"Nahh ion no bout that one.."

"Please try it. I'll pay." She sighed in defeat.

"Ight I'll come."

"Thx see ya lata."

"La-la, Sean and behave yo self fa I betcha ass."

"I will." I hung up the phone and went back into the living room. They were still sleep. I picked Mel up and took her into our room. I laid her in the crib. Then I put the baby monitor beside her. Once I turned it on I went downstairs to get Toya. I picked her up and took her to our bed. Once I got her tucked in I grabbed my keys to my 2017 Camaro. I locked up the house before I left out.

I drove off to Tee's house. Once I got there I grabbed my phone, purse, and keys. I locked my car doors and knocked on the door. Tee came to the door dressed in a Nike sports bra and boy shorts with "Papí💦💦" written on her butt. I looked up at her face and smirked.

"You knew I was coming?" I asked. She smiled showing her perfect teeth.

"I had a hunch." I laughed. I walked into her house and sat on the couch. She sat beside me.

"I thought you were Mrs. Imma Stud?" I asked.

"Nahh you made me more off a Stem."

"Oh well I came over here to talk about what you said. I know we are NOT fucking on the low. I'm trying to get my relationship up with Toya not you. Understood?"

"Yes Papí" She said. I shook my head. She leaned in and kissed me. She caught me off guard but I still didn't kiss her back instead I gently pushed her back. She moaned and started straddled me.

"S-stop Tee." I said pulling her off of me. She nodded and grabbed a handful of my ass as I walked towards the door. I glared at her and walked out the house.

"Good night I love you Best Frand." She said laughing.

"Good night I love you too. See ya tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm. Ight? And stop playing so much. Got me all horny and shit." I mumbled the last part but I guess she heard it because she nodded and laughed harder. I shook my head and got into my car. On the way home my phone rung. I put it on Blu tooth then answered.

"Sup?" I said.

"Where you at Sean it's 11 at night?!?!??" Toya semi yelled.

"Chill bae I was bored so I went to Tee house to talk some business and now I'm on my way to McDonalds. You want something?"

"Don't scare me like that! And yea I wanna McChicken and fries." I giggled.

"Ok Ms. Toya. Is you mad or nah?"

"Hell yea imma be furious if you don't bring my damn food!" I laughed.

"Ight baby I'm coming. Love you."

"Love you more. Mel said she loves you."

"Awe tell my pumpkin I Wuv Her Moreeeeee!!!" Toya giggled and we ended the call. I pulled up to McDonalds.

"Hello may I take your order?" The woman said.

"Yea can I get a McChicken, 2 medium sized fries, 10 piece chicken nuggets, and 2 Hi-C orange drinks."

"Ok your total is $10.49. Second window please." I drove off to the second window.

"Hay sexy..." This lightskin girl with long Brazilian weave and a nice set of breast said.

"Hi." I smiled.

"Here's your food. It'll be $10.49."

I handed her $11. She took it and told me to hold up. Once she came back she gave me my change and my receipt. She smirked at me.

"See ya again sexy." I nodded and smiled.

"See ya." I took off towards the house. Once I got in the house I went up to our room. I pulled out Toya's food and handed it to her. She laid back on the bed and ate. I climbed into the bed and finished off my food. Once I was done I went to kiss Toya and Mel.

"Good night I love y'all." And with that I went to sleep.

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