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Chapter 15


Sean's POV

(July 8th)

I got up around 10 this morning. I had to finish my business plans and meet with the people for a "project" planned to kick off tomorrow. Anyway I hopped in the shower and took a bath. Once I finished I got dressed in my denim jean booty shorts with rips in the bottom of them, a red crop top, my black leather jacket, and some Air Force Ones. Once I was dressed I went downstairs. Toya was up cooking and Mel was watching her portable TV in the play pin. I know you probably thinking, how can a 1 month year old watch tv? Well she does we put her in the play pin and turn on the TV. She stares at it until she's ready to get out. I washed my hands and picked Mel up.

"Hello Mel'Rosee!!!" I said kissing her cheeks repeatedly. She laughed and smiled. I carried her with me to the table and sat down.

"Good morning babe." Toya said to me.

"Mornin bae." She served the food and sat beside me.

"Watchu doing today?" I shrugged.

"I got meetings and shit today bae. What you need something?" I ask outta curiosity.

"I wanted to go out with a friend."

"Bae I don't have a problem with you going out. You can go. I will take care of Mel."

"Thank you so much babe." I nodded and we finished eating talking about everything. Once I finished eating I kissed Toya.

"Bae can I talk to you?" I asked Toya. She nodded and motioned for me to speak.

"Look I got something to tell you it's been on my mind lately and I just have to tell you. I went to the party I hosted a few days ago and some shit went down that I don't recall because I was high and drunk. I passed out before it happened. But Tee told me that we had sex and I swear to God I didn't mean for that shit to happen all I remember is dancing with Tee. I swear that was supposed to be it. I'm just realizing that shit myself. She told me about it 2 days ago. And the stuff I told you yesterday was true bae. Im deeply mad in love with you. I promise I never meant to hurt you. I moaned your name the whole night just thinking about you. I'm truly truly sorry. It will never happen again babe." I said crying my eyes out. I couldn't loose my Queen, not when I needed and wanted her the most. She looked at me with a sincere look.

"It's ok stop crying. I believe you and I trust that your telling the truth babe. Ok? I love you ight?" I nodded and kissed her deeply. I pecked her lips again.

"Thank you." She nodded and smiled. She got up and made some breast milk bottles for Mel.

"I'm about to leave babe. I love you." I said.

"Ok babe. I love you too." She finished making the bottles for Mel and put them in the baby bag. I picked up Mel and got her dressed in her pink Jordan shirt, pink Jordan sweat pants, and her pink and white Jordan 12s. I made sure she was straight before I grabbed her bag. I kissed Toya and walked to the Chevy. Once I put Mel in the backseat I got in and drove to 71 Above. I got there and took Mel and her things out. I saw my mom's car so I knew she was here.

"Good morning ladies. Reservation?" The man at the front asked.

"Yes under Williams. I reserved the private room on the top floor for today and tomorrow." I said. He nodded.

"Right this way madam." He led me to an elevator. He pressed the 50th button. Soon we reached the top floor. The view was amazing. I thanked him and walked over to my mom.

"Hey ma." I said. She looked up and attacked me with a big hug.

"Heyy baby I've missed you. Aww hi lil Mel." My mom said taking Mel out of her car seat. I laughed and shook my head.

"I miss you too ma." She smiled and kissed my cheek.

"So what is the plan for tomorrow?" My mom asked as we sat down.

"I think we should have gold, white, and black decorations and décor. Everybody should wear black, white, or gold to the party. Imma have bodyguards every where. And NOBODY can get in without an invitation. Cause it's a lot of crazy shit going on out here." I explained.

"Ight I'll get in contact with the people for the décor and decorations."

"Ok I'll invite people and get the body guards. They'll be stationed at my house and here." She nodded. We ordered food and drinks for the party. I ordered a red velvet 6 tier cake with butter cream. Once I finished I left to go talk to Buddy. He was my main nigga at the trap house. I pulled up at Starbucks and waited for him.

"Wassup nigga? Heyy lil Mel." He said getting in the car.

"Wassup nigga? I need you to get up bout 50 guys. I need 10-15 to guard the house tomorrow and the rest to guard the place where the party is going to be." I said getting straight to the point. He nodded.

"I'll get 75 of em. I gotcha man. I'll be there as well so you already know. But on another note we need to talk about ol dude Bill."

"Wassup with Bill? Y'all cool."

"Man I don't know. I mean I love him and all but he been acting different. We haven't fucked in a month."

"Damn bruh. Y'all usually fuck 25/8."

"I know man it's crazy. Maybe you can help me propose??" I nodded smiling.

"Definitely bruhhh!" I dapped him up.

"I'll get with ya later about the details. I'm bout to go get the guards together for tomorrow."

"Ight see ya tomorrow." He waved goodbye and left. I know y'all wondering about Bill. Well Bill and Buddy are extremely gay. Their the perfect gay couple tho. Shoot I'm not judging I'm gay too. I drove to the house and got Mel changed. I fed her and burped her before we both went to sleep.

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