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Chapter 16


(Still July 8th)

Toya POV

Once Sean and Mel left I went upstairs and got dressed. I believed Sean didn't cheat on me on purpose. I know she would never do that. I dressed in a black sweat resistance shirt, blue leggings, and my black blue and white Jordan Air's. I grabbed my purse and phone off the bed. I locked up and got in my Dodge Charger. I drove off to the gym. Once I got in the gym I was met with Infinity.

"Heyy Infinity" I said hugging her.

"Hey girl." She said.

"Let's do some booty workouts today." She nodded and we started the workout.


Girl I had enough of that! She was going full in with them work outs today. But I gotta admit..my ass looking on point. I finished up my workout and went to the locker rooms. I got my fresh clothes out and got my wash cloth and towel. I got naked and got in the shower once it was hot enough.

Infinity POV

Once we finished our workout I stepped outside and called my mom. After that I got my stuff and got naked. As I walked into the bathroom I saw Toya taking a shower. I stared at her body in awe. Yea I stared at her. I ain't gonna lie but... shawty fine asf. She got a nigga wet just by looking at her. I looked away and got in the hot steamy shower beside her. I drifted away as the hot water took me away to sexual paradise.

Toya POV

I heard noises so I looked to my left to see Infinity in the shower. She looked high asf. I stared at her body for a sec before I got out and dried off. I got dressed then walked to the tv room to wait on her. Soon she came walking through the door looking stunning.

"So you wanna go to the movies? My treat." She asked me. I smiled.

"Fine by me." She grabbed her stuff and I grabbed mine. We got in our cars and headed to the movie theater.

After she paid for us to get in I literally ran in the snack line dragging her behind me.

"What can I get?" I asked turning to face her.

"Any thing you want." She said shrugging. I smiled.

"Hello what would like to order?" The nice cashier said.

"Can we get 2 large popcorns, 2 large sodas, 6 boxes of sour patches, and 4 boxes of chocolate covered raisins. Is that all you want babes?" I blushed.

"Add 2 fruit snacks." The cashier rung up the stuff.

"Your total is $27.54. And you get 2 large nacho combos for being a loyal customer." Infinity paid the cashier and collected our food in a big carry bag. We got into the movie room and began eating.


I was on my way home. I enjoyed myself tonight. Infinity is really a cool nice person. Her personality is on fleek for real, for real tho. Any who we saw About Christmas, 50 Shades of Gray and Secret Life of Pets. We had so much shit, I still got most of my snacks and food. I got home and went in the house locking all the doors behind me. I went upstairs and peeked in Mel's room. She was knocked out. I smiled and kissed her forehead. I cracked the door and walked into my room. I took a shower and put on my panty and bra set. I got in bed beside Sean and started to drift off. Before I could close my eyes Sean called my name.

"Yes Sean?" I said slightly irritated.

"Why you coming in at 8pm?" She asked. I rolled my eyes and faced her.

"I was out with Infinity. That's it now leave it only so I can rest." I said turning over.

"That's who it better been." She said mumbling. But I heard that shit loud and clear.

"Fuck you mean?" I said sitting up. She sat up and looked at me.

"Look baby I ain't tryin to fight but I thought you was out with yo step dad n that shit had me scared asf. "

"Babe I would never cheat on you with his low down fuck boy ass. I swea." She nodded. We kissed and had a little make out session before falling asleep. I woke up at 11 pm to Mel crying. I got up to see what was wrong. As soon as I got in the room I smelt her shitty diaper. I changed her and washed my hands. I picked her up and fed her, then I burped her. I brought her in the room with us since her crib was still in here. I sat in the rocking chair and played with her before rocking her to sleep. Soon she was knocked out. I laid her in her crib and wrapped her up. Since I was cold I turned the heat up a little bit. I walked down stairs and went into the fridge. I grabbed some orange juice and fixed me a cup. Once I drunk it, I washed my cup. I made my way back upstairs after straightening up a little bit. I crawled into the bed and was about to go to sleep when Sean called me.

"Baby?" She said in a sleepy voice. I turned on my side and faced her.

"Yes?" I said looking at her. She rolled over to face me and kissed my nose.

"Happy Birthday." She said before giving me a full kiss on the lips. I blushed and kissed back.

"Thank you baby. I didn't even notice the time." I looked at the clock to see 12 am.

"I'm going to tell you about today so don't worry I got this. " I nodded and kissed Sean.

"I know you do baby. " I rolled back over and laid on my stomach. Sean massaged my back as I moaned lightly.

"Baby why you so tense?" She asked.

"A lot of shit going on with the agency and of course my workouts everyday. " I explained. She nodded and continued until I drifted off in a deep sleep.

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