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Chapter 17


Toya POV

I woke up at 7 am this morning. I turn 18 today!!! Your probably thinking how in the hell is she 18 bout to graduate college?!? Well I graduated high school at the age of 14, I was valedictorian. So yea I'm pretty smart. I was so energetic today. As soon as I attempted to get up Sean pushed me back on the bed waving her pointer finger at me. I giggled and laid back down. She kissed my lips before leaving the room. I checked my Insta feed and liked some pictures until she came back. When she came back in she a tray full of chocolate covered strawberries, waffles, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and eggs. I stared in awe as she sat the food on me. I said my prayers and dug in.

"Mmmm this is soooo good babe." I said. Sean smiled and laughed.

"Thx baby."

"Eat this with me." I said. We fed each other some strawberries. After we finished eating Sean told me to get dressed. I took a shower and got dressed. I grabbed my all white Jordan Jumpmans just in case my feet start hurting. I walked to my full length mirror and applied mascara and some silky type lipstick. I put on my gold Rolex and put my gold studs into my ear piercings. I added in my belly piercing. I looked at myself again before sitting on the bed. I took my phone out and took a picture. Then I posted it on Instagram and Twitter. I read the comments while waiting on Sean to come up here and get me.

"Are you ready babe?" Sean yelled.

"Yes babe." I said. She came up the stairs. She checked me out before kissing me.

"Do a 360 sexy. " I turned around and twerked a little. She shook her head and bit her lip.

"We got to go baby. I don't wanna cripple you on you birth day." She whispered in my ear. I moaned and nodded.

"L-let's go." I said. To be honest I am horny as fuck. Y'all got to remember that I haven't had sex in almost 7 weeks. I wanted so bad to strip her and fuck her till I'm crippled all over. But you know the world ain't ready for that. She smirked and grabbed my hands.

"I'm going to blind fold you babe ok?" I nodded. She put a blindfold over my eyes and then guided me down the stairs. Soon we came to a complete stop. I arched my brow as I felt her let go of me. I heard her walking away from me.

"Sean what the fuck am I supposed to do?" I semi-yelled. She didn't respond instead I felt something being placed in my arms. She took my blindfold off.

"Look down baby. " I looked down and saw the prettiest dog ever in my arms.

"Aww who's dog is this? She's so pretty!!" I exclaimed. Sean giggled and kissed me.

"It's yours." She mumbled against my lips. I yelled and jumped around. I wanted a dog for my whole life but when I asked Sean for one she said not right now.

"Thank you so much babe!!!" I said kissing her.

"Your welcome my Queen 👸🏽 ." I blushed and giggled. She picked me and the dog up and sat us on the porch. I looked confusingly at this Lamborghini in our yard.

I love the car with the 2 different colors and all. But I know damn well Sean better not have bought her ass another car when she already got 3 of them. Shit I only got 2 cars. I looked at the car again before looking back at my dog.

"Hey Chíca" I said. She looked up at me and barked.

"You like the name Chíca huh?" She wagged her tail and barked again.

I played with the dog until Sean came back. I stood up as she approached me with a box in her hand. I shook my head at the smirk on her face. I was about to say something but she cut me off.

"Before you ask about the Lamborghini (wink) in the yard open this gift. " I sighed. She knows me so well. I opened the box to see a pair of keys and a $1,000 Visa card. I looked at Sean and back at the keys. I grabbed them and pressed the unlock button. The Lambo beeped and the doors unlocked. I yelled and ran to the drivers seat. I got in and admired the inside.

I yelled again and got out. I ran to Sean and kissed her. I got back in the car. Sean got in the passenger side and looked at me. I looked at the keychain and noticed that it was a key that looked like it belonged to a lock.

"Why is it a key up here that belongs to a lock?" I asked confused. She smiled and typed something in the gps. I shrugged and started the car. She got Chìca and sat her in this cute doggy seat. I smiled and waited on her to put her seatbelt on before driving off. Soon we pulled up to a 2 story mansion.

I parked the car and got out. To be honest this house was beyond amazing. I was still confused as to why she brought me here.

"Come on follow me. " Sean said. I got out of the car grabbing Chìca. We walked by the pool on the way to the front doors. I stared in awe. This was a dream house foreal foreal though. We walked to the front door.

"Open it. " Sean said. I got the keys and tried the mystery key out. To my surprise the key opened the door. I walked in and looked around. It looked way much better than the outside for sure.

I walked into the living room and just stared in amazement.

"So who's house is this? And why do I have a key?" I asked Sean as she handed me Chìca.

"It's yours babe." She said sitting down. I looked at her as she looked back at me.

"Man stop fucking playing with me. Who's house is it Taylor?" She looked at me and sighed. She knew I was foreal when I said her real name.

"Babe I swear this is your house. Now come on so I can give you a tour. " I shrieked and hugged her. We walked through out the whole house and imma be honest with y'all this house is fucking beyond amazing.

I loved the fact that all of the guest bedrooms and bathrooms are the same. And don't let me get started on that Master Bedroom. Whew! That room is beyond dope. I'm glad it's a Safe Room and Game Room (Basement). By the way that game room is beyond dope. We went back out to the car and headed home.

"Why you buy me a house, car, and dog?" I said as we ate in the living room of OUR house not MY house.

"Because I was thinking about you having a space where you can chill if you mad or have parties at. It's your house and everything I bought you is in your name because I used some of your birthday money to buy everything. I bought the dog because I no you have always wanted one. And I bought the car because you always had a special thing for fast cars. That's why all your cars are fast." She said passing me my strawberry banana smoothie. I nodded.

"Thank you so much babe. This is the best birthday ever."

"What did you do on your other birthdays?"

"Well I spent time with Keem and when I got home I got 'hardcore birthday sex' as Damion would say. But I call it rape. That made me hate my birthday." Sean looked at me and kissed me. I automatically got soaking wet. I pulled away from the kiss and drank my smoothie.

"Sooooo what's on the plan for today. It's only 9am." I asked.

"You'll see." She responded.

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