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Chapter 18


Sean POV

Toya looked at me and smiled. She's going to be blown away by everything else that I have planned for her. I finished up my food and got up.

"Baby...damn!" I said. Toya looked confusingly at me as I looked around the kitchen.

"What babe?" She asked.

"Can you please go pick up some ice cream? I really want some. I thought I had some in the fridge." She nodded and started laughing.

"Yes baby." She kissed me before getting in her lambo and driving off. I hurriedly went upstairs and got to work.

Toya POV

I pulled up into Walmart's parking lot. On the way in I was stopped by a familiar voice talking to me.

"Happy bday baby. Maybe you could get bday sex if you weren't so naughty." I turned around slowly and saw my ex ex girlfriend. I know it sounds crazy but let's just say we dated more than twice. I looked at her in shock. I can't believe she here I could of sworn I saw her die on that hospital bed.

London POV

Wassup y'all I'm London. I'm 5'8, mixed with white and black, and I'm 20yrs old. I walked to Toya and kissed her cheek.

"Your not happy to see me?" I asked a little hurt. She shook her head.

"I don't know if you dead or what but whatever it is you got to go. I'm engaged and I have a child. I'm happy finally London. " She spoke. I walked closer to her and spoke.

"Toya I am fucking alive. When they went to pull the cord I came out of the coma. I've been to therapy baby I'm good now. I miss you Toya I just want to apologize for everything. I understand that you don't want me but can we at least have the friendship we had before all of that shit. "

"We got to talk so come on. We going to my house. " I waited until she bought what she needed before getting in my car and following her to her house. When we pulled up I admired her big ass house and cars. She opened the door and we walked into her living room.

"You have a nice house. " I said sitting down.

"Thx... I'll be back. " I nodded. She came back with a beautiful little baby.

"She's so gorgeous. "

"This is Mel'Rosee. My baby girl. She's almost 2 months old."

"Awww" I cooed at the baby.

"Ight so talk. Explain to me how your not fucking dead. "


~Flash Back~

London's POV

My relationship with Toya was going perfect and even though I haven't told her about my drug addiction, it's still amazing. I got up off of my couch and headed to get my next fix.

"Hey Lo-Lo" Random people called out as I entered my trap house. I'm the biggest drug lord in Mississippi. Toya doesn't know about it. I plan to tell her tonight though. I walked into my office and sat down.

"Bring ya ass in here Stephanie. " I called out on the intercom. She walked in with a bare chest and thongs. My girls dress how ever they please daily. She sat down on my desk facing me with her legs wide open.

"Yes mamí." She moaned. I shook my head. This girl is beyond crazy.

"You no I don't fuck with ya like that so move the fuck on. Anyway you working in the back. Don't let them fuck up my shit Steph!!"

"I swear I won't daddy." She said walking out. I shook my head and sighed. I called Toya and talked to her before I walked in the back. Once I got back there my man Dre had my shit lined up for me. I sniffed up the cocaine and smoked a blunt mixed with different drugs. I dapped him up and went to Toya's house. On the way there I got a call.

Phone Convo

Me: hello

Aye boss somebody out looking for you. They said they will meet you at your girls house.

Me: Did they leave a name?

Yea they left the name Scar

Me: ight Bill round up all of the boys imma need help cleaning the bodies off the floor

You need help with killing em?

Me: Nahh I got this

Phone Convo Over

I pulled up and got in the house. She ran up to me and kissed me. I kissed back. We sat down and I started talking.

"Baby I need you to listen to me. I am under attack with some niggas because I'm a drug lord. I need you to hide in the safe room and keep it locked. Take all of the money and shit with. I promise everything is going to be alright. Hurry! I love you!!" I yelled as she ran to the safe room. I went to the weapon stash and got every gun I could hold. I licked it back up and made my way down the hall. I hid in the guest room and waited on them to come. They came in shooting and yelling my name. I shot some of em in the chest as I ran dogging bullets. I continued shooting till everyone was dead. I looked outside and saw the coast was clear before I went to go get Toya. When I got her she screamed and told me to get in the car. I got in and realized I was shot in my chest. My breathing became uneasy as we drove. I then slipped into unconsciousness.

Toya POV

I rushed her to the hospital. They told me she died then came back alive and now she's in a coma from having a severe seizure. It all happened so fast in one days time. I stayed by her side as long as they let me.


London has been in a coma for six months. I'm trying to be here for her but they saying she's dead and they cremating her body. Her mom walked in and hugged me as I cried.

"We have to take her off of the ventilator. They said its killing her even more. I'm sorry but she's already dead. I don't want her to struggle when she can just Rest In Peace up in heaven." Her mom said. Those words stuck with me as I looked at her and kissed her lips before walking out of the room. I knew they were going to take her off of the ventilation and I couldn't deal with that. I had to move on with life and leave her behind. And even though this is so hard for me, I know she's in heaven smiling down at me.

London POV

I gasped for air as I felt something like a tube coming out of my throat. The doctors told me what happened and I went to therapy. After I got clean and left the game I went to search for Toya. After a year or two I still couldn't find her. I continued life without her. But I was never the same as I was when I had her.

~Flashback Over~

"A friend told me where you were and I had to come see you. " She looked at me with tears streaming down her face.

"I can't believe it. I thought my first love was gone forever. " She said hugging me. "We can still be friends London. You know I got nothing but love for you. When I thought you died I was depressed for months. Well that's until I met my bff Kash at college. Them 2 years that we were separated changed my life for good and bad."

"I love you too and I was depressed when I couldn't talk to you. Maybe we can talk more about it at a sleepover at my penthouse? My treat." She giggled.

"I see you haven't changed a bit. I would love too. I'll call you and set up a date. You should meet my future wife." We exchanged numbers and she yelled for someone named Sean to come down. She came down looking sexy asf but she look like a player. She kissed Toya and looked at me.

"Sean this is my ex girlfriend, bff, my everything and my first love, London. London this is my future wife, gummy bear, second hand, and rainbow, Sean. " We shook hands and dapped up. We all made small talk and played with Mel'Rosee.

"Yo can I speak with you outside London?" I nodded and we walked outside by the cars.

"Yo wassup?" I said.

"You good peoples and I fucks with you already. And I no Toya loves you so I was thinking if you could come to her surprise birthday party at 71 Hookah Avenue? It's at 8pm but be there tonight at 7pm so you can help me out. And it's an white, black and gold party." She said whispering the last part.

"Yea nigga I gotcha. By the way I live a block away so if you wanna hit me up we could get together. " She nodded. She handed me an invitation. I put it in my purse.

"For sure homie." We walked in the house to a smiling Toya.

"Y'all friends?" She asked.

"Yea we friends. " Sean said smiling at me. I smiled back.

"Well I gotta go I have somewhere to be at 7pm so I gotta go shopping. Hit me up bro and I'll call you later To To. " Sean nodded and Toya giggled. I hugged them goodbye and left to get ready for this party.

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