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Chapter 20


Keem POV

It was 1:36pm and I had just dropped Infinity off home.

"You wanna go chill at my house for a bit?" I asked Toya. Sean had texted me and told me to stall for another hour.

"I guess so. I'm ready to lay down for a little bit." She said. I nodded and drove to my house. I unlocked the door and kicked off of my shoes. I walked to the freezer and got out me and Toya's favorite ice cream. I walked in the living room to see her laying on the couch watching tv.

"Look at what I got!" I said. She looked at me and her eyes lit up.

"Strawberry...." She started.

"Cream cheese..."

"Cheesecake ICE CREAM!!!" We both yelled. I fell into the couch laughing. I passed her a spoon and we started eating.

"Ooo B.A.P.S is on!" She said clicking on the movie. BAPS was our favorite movie. I smiled and sat back onto the couch.

Sean POV

I texted Keem and told her to spend another hour with Toya. I had just finished up with the decorations in the penthouse (A/N: the house Toya bought when she first moved to LA). I drove over to 71 above and went to the top floor.

"Wassup ma?" I said walking out of the elevator. She smiled and hugged me.

"Hey baby." She said.

"Is Buddy here yet?"

"Yea he's over there." She pointed to the left side of the building. I walked up to him dapped him up.

"Wassup lil nigga? I got all of my boys lined up in order. Everything and everyone is getting in place." He said.

"That's wassup man. Is Bill coming tonight?" I asked. He shook his head yes.

"Yea he'll be here at 8."

"That's wassup. Can you stay here and help out my mama and the decorators?" He nodded.

"I gotcha bro." We dapped up and I went over to my mama.

"Ma, Buddy is going to stay here and help you finish up the decorating. It's going on 3 and I gotta pick Toya up. "

"Ight baby. See you later. " I kissed her cheek and left.

Toya POV

Me and Keem had just finished watching BAPS when her phone ranged. She walked out of the room. I laid down on the couch and was about to get back up until my phone ranged.

Phone Convo

Hey girl. Happy birthday!

Soooooo you miss me yet


You miss this pussy yet?

No thx I'm fine with my wife's pussy. Who's this?

Mhmm you no you miss it. I'm missing yours hella hard.

Who the fuck is this bitch!?


Please go fuck yourself bro. You too fuckin pussy whipped its a shame nigga. Fuck off my line.

End of Convo

I was pissed. But I wasn't gon let her ruin my day. Keem walked back in and sat down. She looked sad.

"What's wrong boo?" I asked.

"You have to leave soon." I poked my lip out.

"Aww no fair."

"I know right? Who was you on the phone with?"

"Kash called to tell me happy birthday. That bitch pussy whipped to the MAX!"

"Foreal tho." She looked at her phone and back at me. "Well Sean said she's outside. See ya later love you. "

"Love you too." We hugged

and I went outside to get in the car.

"Hey babe." Sean said. She opened my car door and allowed me to get in. I smiled.

"Heyy babes!" She got in the car and started driving.

"I'm dropping you off to the house. I'm going to Tae's house. I'll be home in 2 hours. Oh and infinity and London and her girlfriend is waiting on you."

"Oh ok babe." We pulled up to the house and I kissed Sean goodbye before she drove off. I walked into the house only to feel someone put something over my eyes.

"I'll lead you the way." I heard Infinity say before we started walking. We soon stopped walking. I heard a door shut and water going. She took the blindfold off of me.

"Get naked." She said walking out of the bathroom. I sighed and sat on the toilet. I took of of my shoes and socks. I unbuckled my pants and took them off along with my panties. As I was taking of my shirt and sports bra, London came in. Once she saw me she licked her lips.

"Looks like you haven't changed a bit. But I'm just in here to get some supplies and to wash you back. So get yo big ass in that tub." I laughed and got into the tub. I felt my muscles relax. I let London wash my back before she left. After about 15 mins I got out. I wrapped my self in my soft big red towel. I dried my hair and walked out. Infinity met me in the hall and led me upstairs to my bedroom. I walked in to see roses everywhere and different size gift boxes on the bed and floor. They had made a makeup and hair station on the far left of the room. I smiled and walked in. I was greeted by a girl that I think I met before.

"This is Stephanie my girlfriend. Stephanie this is my ex girlfriend and bff and ROD Toya." London said.

"Wassup? I remember you. You work or worked for LoLo right? The one that wore thongs everyday?" I said. Low key I was kind of jealous but fuck it I'm almost married.

"Yea yea yea all of them things are me!" Stephanie said. I smiled. Infinity took my hand and led me to the bed. I opened all of the boxes and put everything in order. I got an whole outfit, accessories and all. I walked to the bathroom and changed into my dress. I wore a long lace black dress. I walked out and sat at the hair and makeup station. She put on the usual makeup and put on my accessories. After I finished London put on my shoes.

They all left out and came back in outfits that matched the color of mines. I didn't dare ask what was going on I just went with the flow. We all looked sexy as fuck! We took a couple of group pics before doing our separate photos. I grabbed London's arm and took a couple of pics with her.

"Alright people get in formation." Infinity said. I stood there confused. They all walked in front of me and told me to wait until I was called to go downstairs. I waited until London called me down. I slowly walked down the stairs to see a Sean smiling hard as fuck. I smiled back and walked over to her. I kissed her lips and hugged her.

"You look so good babe." I said.

"So do you babe." She smirked and grabbed my hand.

"It's 8:00....that means our ride is here." She led me outside into a beautiful limo.

She gave the limo driver a head nod as everyone got in. We soon drove off to our destination.

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