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Chapter 21


Toya POV

We pulled up to a big pretty building. It kinda looked like a club and restaurant. We got out and was escorted to the top floor. Everyone was blocking so I couldn't see or make out what they were saying. All of a sudden every thing got quite.

"Happy Birthday Toya!!!" Everybody in the room shouted as they allowed me to exit the elevator.

"Sean what is going on?" I asked. I could feel the tears trying to make their way to the surface.

"Babe this is all for you. I wanted you to remember your 18th birthday. And even though you already grown in your eyes, this party actually backs up that your officially grown babe." I smiled and felt tears on my cheeks.

"Thank you so much I haven't had a birthday like this for a long time." I smiled and kissed her again. We all went and partied. It was so fun and the drinks weren't too bad, none of them had a lot of alcohol in them. I twerked on Sean as my favorite song, Twerk Somethang, came on. I was all into the playlist that was playing tonight. Soon I got tired so I took a seat. I saw Kash cuddled up with a handsome man which was good for her, Infinity was all over this mexican chick from my job, and London was dancing Stephanie. I'm not jealous about London. I'm glad she caught the hint and moved on. Shit it's easy once you actually realize and evaluate the situation. Sean walked up to me with slushee like drinks in her hands. I grabbed one and sipped on it.

"Do you like your party? It's ok if you don't like it. We can leave whenever you please you know." She said. She always rambles when she's nervous. I laughed and shook my head.

"I love it babe. I'll let you know when I'm ready to go. By the way who made these drinks? They are beyond good."

"Come see." She led me to the bar. I screamed when I saw Bill and Buddy. They were like my male gay bffs. They were my fashion sensors.

"Omfg!!!! I miss you guys so much!!" I hugged both of them.

"I miss you too. I think Buddy was low key trying to separate us." Bill said whispering the last part. I giggled.

"I heard that. I would never separate us from each other. I'm not a bad guy." Buddy said.

"In bed you are." Bill said. Buddy nudged him. I burst out laughing.

"Y'all are too funny." We talked a little bit more. Keem came and got me as I was ordering another drink.

"Come on Toya." She said over the music. I followed her into the crowd. We stopped at the very front. I looked up to see Sean on stage. She grabbed everyone's attention before talking.

"Today is Toya's 18th birthday and I couldn't be happier. I'm so proud of the woman you became baby. I love you with all of my heart. I have a singer here who would be honored to sing you happy birthday." She walked off stage and the lights dimmed. I saw someone come out on stage but I couldn't see them.

"Happyyy Biirrthdaaaaayyy tooooo youuuuuuu!!!!" I almost fell out as I heard Rihanna's sexy as voice. She walked into the stage and continued singing while looking at me in the eyes. I was yelling like a fan girl. I can't believe THE Rihanna is here!!!! As she singed happy birthday, the cooks rolled in a big red velvet cake. It was so sexy and

classy like me of course 💁🏽.

I smiled and waited until everyone singed happy birthday.

"Blow out your candles bae. Make a wish!" I closed my eyes and wished for something that I knew was going to come true in the long run. I blew out the candles and clapped along with everyone else. The cooks brought out a colorful stand with random cupcakes on it. I smiled, I no she didn't.

"Bae please tell me that you-" I started.

"Yes I did go on Cupcake Wars for this." She said pointing to the display. I smiled and kissed her.

"Man I love you so fucking much."

"I love you too." After they passed out cupcakes and cake, everyone went back to partying. To be honest those cupcakes and the cake was amazing. I ate all three different types of cupcakes and a slice of cake. I danced a little bit before sitting down. I watched as everyone was enjoying theirselves. I looked to my right to see London and Steph in the corner of the room. They looked like they were arguing. I saw Steph storm away and London walk beside me at the bar. She ordered a vodka before turning to me.

"You enjoying yourself?" She asked.

"Yea....you ok, I saw the situation with Steph." I said. She sighed.

"She talking shit about me cheating with bitches I don't even know of. And then gonna get mad cause I told her that she won't using my damn money to buy shit. I'm sorry for arguing at your party."

"It's fine. I understand why you said that but you still need to talk to her tonight after the party." She nodded. We hugged for a brief moment before I was called on stage. I got on stage with Rihanna.

"Happy birthday ma. Y'all give it up for Toya!!!" She said. I smiled and thanked them.

"Thanks for everything y'all. I love y'all and clean up yo shit before you leave. Thx." Rihanna laughed and whispered for me to meet her in her dressing room. I walked in the room to see her in her undies NO bra. I stared at her sexy body as I shut the door.

"Sooooo wassup?" I asked sitting down on the couch.

"Am I bothering you? I'll put a shirt on." I shook my head no. "Ok well I brought you in here to tell you that you are a cool person and I want to get to know you" I smiled. I can't believe The RIHANNA wants to get to know me!!?

"Sounds good!" I said. We exchanged numbers and I went back out.

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