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Chapter 22


Toya POV

I walked out of the dressing room and met Sean.

"You ready to go?" I nodded and we made our way into the limo.

"Wassup with you and Rihanna?" Sean asked.

"What you mean?" I asked.

"Why you go to her dressing room?"

"She wants to go hang out sometime. Is that a problem?"

"No bae I was just curious." I nodded and kissed her.

"Good." We pulled up to the penthouse. Sean lifted me out of the limo and carried me into the house. She laid me on the bed. She got undressed before she undressed me. I moaned as she left hickies on my neck. We kissed each other for domination. She won and took control of my body. She kissed down my breast and stomach. I felt her kiss my thighs before playfully biting my pearl. Before I could make a sound she attacked my pearl.

"Ohh fuck Seaaannnn!!!"

"Yesssssssss Fuck Me DADDY!!!!" Was all you heard throughout the night.


11:08 am

I woke up to see Sean missing. I did my daily routine and checked my phone.


Sean: Heyy babe something came up. I'll see you around 5 this afternoon. Love you 😘

Me: ok😕 love you too


I sighed and went to call Infinity.


Hey girl. You busy?

Sorry I'm kinda busy getting my groove on

Lmao ok I'll talk to you later. Bye



I hung up the phone and sighed again. I might as well see what's up with London today.

London POV

I've been up since 6 this morning and it's been hell.

"Why you always cheating on me?!? I caught you redhanded." Steph yelled. I shook my head.

"I'm cheating by liking my cousins pic on ig?"

"You know that ain't yo cuz." I sighed and got up.

"I'm not doing this shit today. If you don't trust me then you might as well forget about us having a relationship." And with that I walked out of the door and got in my car. I'm not dealing with this shit today. As I pulled out I got a text from Toya.



Hey boo. Wyd?

Watching tv

You busy today?

Nope everyone gon but me☹️😣

Aww how about I come over?

Yaayyy ok


I laughed and drove to her house. Once I got in the house I was attacked by Toya. She jumped on me and started hugging the life out of me.

"I miss you lolo!!!" She yelled.

"You just saw me last night." I said as we walked into the kitchen getting out snacks. We got everything and put it in the theater room.

"Yea I no. What movie you wanna watch?"

"Lets watch Central Intelligence!!" She put the movie in as we laid back on the couch wrapped up together.


After the movie was over Toya turned to look at me.

"I'm really glad you came back. I thought you were gone forever. I mean rumors said you was still alive but I didn't believe it, especially not after the way I last saw you." She said.

"I'm glad I came back too. I've been going crazy without you in my life. Now I'm so happy that you are." I said smiling from ear to ear.

"I love you best friend."

"I love you too best friend." I pulled her into a hug. For the rest of the day we spent time together and I dodged talking to Steph 😊.

Sean POV

It was 7 this morning when I woke up. I got dressed and texted Toya before leaving the house. I drove off and pulled up into the too familiar driveway. I took out my key and went in locking the door behind me. I walked up the stairs and walked into her room. I shut the room door and stripped out of my clothes. I put my strap on and laid in the bed behind her. I felt her to see that she was completely naked. I touched her pearl and spread her legs open. I put my head between her legs and began eating her pussy out.

"Ohhhh fuuuuuccccckkkk SEEEEEAAAAAANNNN!!!YESSS DADDDYYYYY!!!" Infinity yelled. I continued eating as her delicious cum came down my throat. I slurped her up before slamming my strap all the way in her. She yelled and screamed out in pleasure.

3hrs Later.....

I woke up to Infinity kissing all over me. I moaned and kissed her lips. We did 3 rounds and I think she want more.

"Good morning beautiful." I said to her. She blushed and kissed me.

"Morning sexy." She said back. I turned her around and grabbed her naked ass. She moaned. I put her on her hands and knees. I grabbed her hips and made her twerk on my face as I ate her out from the back. Yea that's right I eat shaved booty!!!! Anyway she was moaning and yelling the fuck out of my name.

"Seannnnnn I'm I'm-" before she finished she came on my tongue. I cleaned her up and sat her ass on my pussy. She started slowly and then she kept moving our pussy together. I moaned as she yelled. Soon we were both soaked so she sat on my face as she cleaned me up. I sucked her pearl as she did mine until we came again. After we finished we both took showers and got dressed in our undergarments. I laid down in the bed with her and just chilled.

"Sean?" She asked.

"Hmm?" I said.

"When will we be a complete couple? When you leaving Toya? I did all of this for you so now you gotta do your part." I nodded.

"Give me time babe. I promise I'm going to do it soon. Don't forget that I was supposed to marry her. Plus Mel is like a child to me. I still wanna stay in her life."

"I know babe. I am just so ready to be yours." I kissed her and got dressed.

"You will be mines soon." I said before exiting the door and driving home. I was planning on dumping Toya in about a year or 2. I got home to see Toya sleeping with her head on London's chest. I was beyond furious.

"Toya!!" I yelled. Her and London woke up looking at me like wtf.

"What the fuck do you want?" Toya said pissed.

"Why y'all sleeping like that in my house?!" Toya looked at me and got off of the couch.

"THIS is MY bff. I can sleep with her HOWEVER I please. THIS IS MY MOTHERFUCKING HOUSE!!! I bought this shit! DONT YOU EVER STEP TO ME ABOUT SHIT I DO IN MY FUCKING HOUSE!!!" She yelled at me. I could te that she was beyond pissed. She went to jump at me but London held her back.

"Toya calm the fuck down. Sean get the fuck out of her before she whoop yo ass. Come back in an hour or something." London said. I sighed and walked out of the house.

1hr Later

I came back to the house to see Toya resting.

"I'm staying the night with her." London said. I nodded and went into the guest room. I started thinking back to Infinity. Me and her had been fucking around ever since we met a little over a month ago. I truly love her. She's perfect and she's everything I want in a woman but I'm not trying to break Toya's hurt especially right now. I shook my head and rolled over falling into a deep sleep.

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