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Chapter 24


Toya POV

I arrived at the house to see that Sean wasn't there yet. I smirked and parked in the garage. I got in the house and put my shoes and clothes in the closet. I put on some booty shorts and a crop top tee shirt. I put my hair in a messy bun. I grabbed my phone and texted Sean.

Heyy babe

Hey boo

I'm staying at the hospital with London tonight. I'll see you tomorrow night. Ok?

Ight I love you

I love me too

Huh?- Read at 10:54pm


I laughed and grabbed all of her clothes and shoes. I placed them outside by the pool before going to get my sauces. I got all of the sauces and poured it all over her shit. All of her stuff was ruined. I set the stuff on fire. I watched it burn half way before I put the fire out and kicked it in the pool. I walked back in the house and lit a blunt. I sat in a chair in the far corner so couldn't nobody see me even in the light.

1hr later

I saw Sean walk in with Infinity. They were kissing on each other. Sean stripped them down and went in on her pussy. She moaned out her name. When they was done they cuddled on the couch. I turned my recorder on and listened to them.

"I love you Sean. When are you dumping Toya?" Infinity asked.

"Tomorrow." Sean said.

"Yayyy!! I'm glad we took care of London. She would've spoiled the surprise."

"I know right I hope that bitch is beyond dead. I knew her and Toya was fucking around. I'm glad Kash helped dispose the weapons."

"Where did she put them?"

"Maple drive landfill"

"Soon Toya will be out of the picture too."

"I'll be back let me go get fresh." Sean got up going upstairs. I cut the recorder off and waited till I heard the shower. I saw Infinity on her phone. I texted my homies at the police department. I got up and walked up to her with my glock in my hand.

"I dare you to speak bitch." I said. She looked at me with fear in her eyes. I sat beside her and tied her down to the couch with her legs spread open. I heard Sean yell so I knew she was on her way down naked.

"Why are my clothes destroyed?!?" She yelled coming downstairs. She walked in the living room and looked at me. I grabbed her and tied her to the other couch.

"Don't speak bitch. Now I see you for who you really are. I came home to make amends with you to find my bff on the floor bleeding out because of you two. Then after finding out, you called me and I heard y'all bitches fucking. Now since y'all wanna come out I'll admit it. I never wanted to marry you. I've always wanted somebody else. Oh and you can forget about seeing Mel again. I burned and stained all of yo shit. Imma make sure you suffer bitch." I said. I pistol whooped her before doing the same to Infinity. Since they were naked I got my tools.

No One's POV

"What are you g-going t-to do w-with u-us?" Infinity said shaking with fear. Toya looked at her and smiled. She knew Toya but neither of them had witnessed her acting this way. This was new for all of them. Toya grabbed her nipple clamps and clamped each of their nipples. Sean let out a small scream while Infinity whined and moaned. Toya was happy that she had got her clamps connected to her remote. She made the clamps squeeze shut. She grabbed the clamps for their clits and made sure that they were squeezing their clits tightly. She grabbed her whips and whipped them across their whole body. Sean and Infinity cried out for help as Toya pulled on their body parts. She even stuck vibrating dildos into them. She liked hearing their pleads and screams. Toya thought about all of the pain that caused her to hate life as she tortured the now vulnerable women. She eventually stopped torturing them and put all of her stuff up.

Toya POV

As soon as I got back downstairs the cops had arrived. They made the girls put on the clothes they had on before arresting them. One of the officers walked towards me with a puzzled look on his face.

"Why was they tied up? How come they having trouble walking? Why are their bodies full of whips?" He said. I smiled and responded.

"Don't think you can hurt me and not get what's coming in return." He looked at me with a plain face but I could tell he was scared as hell by looking in his eyes. He walked away and quickly got in the police car. I laughed to my self while locking up the house and jumping in my car.


"Hey bae!" I said walking into London's room. She eyed me down as I climbed into the bed with her.

"Hey...why you so happy?" She responded with curiosity in her voice.

"I just got them bitches!!" I told her the whole story and in the end she was crying laughing.

"What about Steph?"

"I got her. She bound to come try to apologize but I got something for that." As soon as I said that Steph knocked on the door. I answered it and before I could talk she pushed me. I grabbed her throats and slammed her into the ground. She was knocked out cold. The police rushed in and took her to a room.

"Yo you good?" My homie Jace asked.

"Yea I'm good. I got one more bitch to handle." I said. He nodded and gave me dap before leaving the room. I gotta track Keem down and get her ass. As I was falling asleep with my thoughts, I got a text message.

Heyy boo. My address is 196 Holly Wood Springs


Yea it's me my bad

Ight I'll be there

See ya soon

See ya


I put my phone on the charger and laid my head on the pillow. Since London was already sleep, I decided to go ahead to sleep.

10 am

I woke up to London crying.

"What's wrong boo?" I asked.

"I have to stay here until I can walk and move my arm again." She said crying even harder.

"It's ok bae. I'll be here whenever you need me. I have to go to work and to a friends house but I'll be back soon. I'll get you in a room fit for a queen so you'll feel better."

"Thanks Toy."

"Your welcome bae." I kissed her forehead and went to take a shower. I got dressed in my black shorts, beige see through crop top with my black sports bra, and my beige timbs. I was looking snatched asf! I put on my gold chain, black belly ring, and my earrings in all holes. I grabbed my stuff before walking out of the bathroom. I saw that London was sleep so I grabbed my purse and headed out. I pulled up to the address to see this big ass mansion .

I stopped at the gate and hit the buzzer.

"Hello?" Rihanna's sweet voice wrong through.

"It's Toya!" I said. She buzzed me in and I drove up to the front door. I knocked on the door. Soon she opened up. She was wearing see through shorts, no underwear, see through croptop, no bra, and her puma slides. I looked at her and smiled. She pulled me into the house and shut the door. We walked until we got into her room. I couldn't help but watch her ass jiggle as she walked.

"Wooooow!!! Girl this house and room is amazing." She smiled and thanked me. We sat on her bed.

"So what you wanna do? We could go skinning dipping in my pool or jacuzzi."

"Yea let's do it." She grabbed some towels and we got in her elevator. We walked into the pool room to see this massive pool and jacuzzi. I took my clothes off and got in the jacuzzi. She was already in there waiting on me. I swam over to her and sat beside her.

"Wassup? How you been?" She asked.

"A lots been going on." I told her what happened and she looked at me in shock.

"Omg I'm so sorry Toya. You shouldn't be treated like that at all. How you feeling?"

"I'm mad and sad asf. I actually loved her." She moved closer to me and put her hand on my thigh.

"I can make you feel better." She whispered in my ear. I shivered at the feel of her minty breath.

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