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Chapter 25


Rihanna POV (doing something new)

I woke up feeling amazing. Toya was laying on my shoulder. We had an amazing time last night. We had a cooking and baking show down. It was so funny. Turns out we both can cook. Afterwards we watched movies in my room all night. We didn't do nothing nasty! We just chilled. I got up placing Toya on my pillow before going to take a shower. I got dressed in my DOPE black and white croptop, torn dark blue skinny jeans, and my white black and gold jumpmans. I put my gold earrings in all of my piercings. I walked into my room to see Toya already dressed. She had on a floral print croptop, black torn jeans and her KD Aunt Pearl 7's. She had gold and black earrings in all of her piercings. I smiled at her as she looked up from her phone and looked at me.

"Good morning." She said

"Morning! You feel better?" I asked. She nodded and walked over to me.

"I have to go see my friend London. Can you come with me? Maybe we can spend some time together afterwards?" I nodded.

"Sure bae." She smiled. We got into my Ferrari and drove off. Once we got to the hospital we went up to London's room. Toya told me the plan and to wait outside before coming in.

Toya POV

I walked into the room and greeted Lo.

"I have a surprise for you." I said.

"For me?" Lo asked. I nodded and motioned for Ri to come in.

"Omfggggg how are you here!!!" She yelled hugging Ri.

"Well I met you sexy friend over here and we have been talking ever since her birthday party." Ri said. I blushed. We talked and chilled with London for awhile before leaving.

"Where we going?" I asked.

"I'm taking you out." Ri said.

We arrived at this restaurant named Míco. It was beyond beautiful. We walked in and was immediately seated in the VIP section. Since we were alone they only brought up a few bottles of different alcohols and champagne. Soon the She waitress came.

"Good afternoon! What can I get you two?" The waitress asked. I looked at the menu and decided on my meal.

"I want a strawberry lemonade icee with a straw. We want rolls and salad, Also I would like mozzarella cheese sticks with cube steak as our appetizers. For my main course I want steak with a Mexican spin and mash potatoes with brown gravy." Rihanna said.

"I would like a piña colada icee with a straw and extra alcohol. I want buffalo wings added to the appetizers and for my main course I want a T bone steak with macaroni, mash potatoes, brown gravy, and French fries seasoned and fresh." I said stating my order. The waitresses wrote down everything and left.

"Soooo tell me about yourself." Ri said. I nodded and began talking.

"Well I'm 18 with a mind and attitude of a 23 year old.

Sky blue is my favorite color. I'm a huge fan of you and your work. I love fashion. I have a bachelors degree for fashion and to be a business owner. Your turn."

"First of all wow. Your smart asf!! Second of all I'm pleased to have a sexy ass fan like you. I'm 21, I love fashion, I'm a famous singer, I own an island, I'm single asf, nobody knows that I'm a lesbian but you of course, and I love to eat!" I blushed. This girl is too cute.

"I love to eat tooo!!! And thank you!"

"Your more than welcome."

"We will have to leave in a hour or so because the nanny and my baby is on their way home from my beach house in Miami." I texted the nanny back and focused my attention back on Rihanna. She looked at me before responding.

"You gave birth to a child? It really doesn't look like it."

"Yes I did. Her name is Mel'Rosee. She just turned 2 months old today." Rihanna gushed over the pictures I showed her pictures of me and Mel. Our food came shortly after and we began eating. We packed up our leftovers and left.


We pulled up to my house. I got out and grabbed my stuff before unlocking my doors and walking in while kicking my shoes off at the door. Rihanna came behind me and took her shoes off as well.

"Wow you have a nice house. Is the whole penthouse yours?" Ri asked.

"Not yet but soon it will be. I'll be right back. I'm going to change." I said. She nodded and sat on the couch. I went upstairs into my room and changed into my Nike spandex shorts, Nike sports bra, and my Nike elite socks. I put my hair in a messy bun and walked back downstairs. I went into the kitchen and grabbed me 2 strawberry lemonade wine coolers. I went back into the living room and sat beside her. She looked at me before smirking.

"Do you always dress like this?"

"Yep this is my chilling at home clothes. Want a wine cooler?"

"Yea." I passed her one and opened mine. I took a sip and felt myself relaxing. My phone vibrated.

Can Mel stay with me tonight in the guest house? I want to spend some more time with my god baby aka my granddaughter.

Sure you can Ma Mable. Just text me if you need anything and I'll walk over there.

I will. Thanks

I cut my phone back off and put it down.

"You mind if I stay a night or 2?" Ri asked me.

"You can stay. My nanny is going to hold on to Mel in the guesthouse. I'm going to see them in a few. You can come if you want."

"Ight I want to see the baby." I drunk the cooler before sliding on my slides. Ri followed me in suit and put on another pair of my slides. We got into the master elevator and went down into the guest house. I got my key and opened the door. I saw ma Mable playing with Mel.

"Hey my babies!!" I screamed running over to Mel and Ma Mable.

"Hey I missed you much!" I said to Mel. I kissed all over her face before picking her up and hugging her. She looked up to me and smiled. I kissed her again before showing her to Ri.

"Awww she's so beautiful 😍" Ri cooed towards the baby. I smiled as she held Mel. They looked perfect together.


After spending time I with them, me and Ri came back to the house. As of right now we are cuddled up on the couch. To be honest this feels amazing. I loved the way her arms felt around my waist and the way she treated me even though we were just on friendly bases. I looked at her to see her sleeping. I smiled to my self and kissed her cheek before falling to sleep.

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