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Chapter 27


Toya POV

"Yea I'll like to do that. I'll start with when I was young. My dad died from lupus when I was 4 years old. After his death my mom turned into a drug addict. Soon we were starting to go broke so she started stripping and ho-ing around. She brought different guys home every night. Sometimes she'll bring women home too and have threesomes and orgys. One night when I was 7, she made me watch her have a threesome. To me at that age it looked horrible and scary because it was with 2 men. At the age of 10 I was basically fending for myself. She was always out partying and 'working'. She constantly brought home the same guy after leaving for a week or two. Then out of no where she told me that they were married and he was moving in. One night I was sleeping and he made his way into the room with my mama. They turned on the lights and basically said that if he didn't fuck me we were going to die. So I let him have my virginity. He took that as an ok to fuck me whenever. I finally stopped getting raped when I left almost a year ago. That is how Mel was born. She's basically a rape baby. Anyway after I came here my now ex broke up with me because I was pregnant and she vowed revenge on me for not getting an abortion. I tortured Sean and Infinity for hurting me and London. Now I'm tracking Keem down to get her. Keem is my ex best friend. London's ex girlfriend is taken care of too by me. And yea that's about it at least I think. People are always after me. Because of different fuckers from my past but whatever." I said looking at Rihanna. She was crying. I hugged her and rubbed her back. "What's wrong?"

"I know where your coming from and that shit hurts. My dad died when I was 3 from prostate cancer and my mom died from a terrible mix of a lot of illegal and legal drugs when I was 7. At least that's what I heard. Nobody talked about their deaths. I was taken in by my dads father and his son. They would tag team and rape me taking away all of my innocents. They kept me locked in a basement for years. I finally escaped when I was 16. Ever since then they've been chasing me. My ex is still hunting me down because I was like his sex slave. I had to do whatever was asked or he'd abuse me and rape me. I'm glad I'm free now but sometimes I just wish my parents or one of my parents were alive. What I went through was hell and I'm lucky to be alive and to have my ribs back in place." She said looking at me the whole time. I hugged her again this time I made sure that we kissed.

"I'm so glad to know a strong healthy woman like you, Rihanna. I'm sorry for what you went through and I'll stick by your side for as long as you need me. Even if we breakup I'll still be here for you."

"So does that mean...?"

"Yes I'll be your girlfriend!" She smiled and kissed me.

"Oh shit it's already 6. We gotta get ready bae." I blushed and nodded. I walked to all of my clothes and picked out something to wear. I picked out ripped skinny jeans, black croptop, camo bomber jacket, camo jordans, and my gold accessories with the gold chain Ri bought me. I got into the shower and did my hygiene before getting dressed. I walked out of the bathroom to see Rihanna wearing a similar outfit. She had on a camo croptop, black bomber jacket, regular skinny jeans, camo jordans, and her gold accessories along with her gold chain I gave her.

"Did you look at my clothes and match me?" I asked her walking towards her grabbing her big butt.

"Maybe." She said smirking. She kisssed my lips and led me to the mirror. We took pictures together kissing and posing. She posted all of them up there except for the one when we were kissing. Tom, the driver, came and led us to the limo. We arrived in front of the red carpet with our hands interlocked. We walked down the carpet and went into the dressing room. The cameras were still flashing as she shut the door. She went to get her hair done in a flowing style. I just admired her looks. She was always photo ready. She motioned for me to come here. I walked to her and she gripped my ass making me moan as we kissed.

"Is it to soon to say I already love you?" She asked.

"No not at all." I said smiling my ass off.

"I love you!"

"I love you too babe!" I kissed her again.

"You get to be backstage bae. All of our favorite foods are back there along with drinks. I have to go on in 5 mins." She kissed me one more time before they led me to the backstage area. I saw my babe come out singing Love On The Brain. I smiled to myself. I love her music. I sung along to myself as she singed.

"Excuse me?" Someone said. I looked up at them. It was a tall buff man.

"Yes?" I said.

"I'm Dan Ri's security guard. I just wanted to tell you that you had an amazing voice. You should really take a career as a singer."

"Thanks but I'm a model so I don't know about that." Before he could respond I heard Rihanna's manager call my name. I walked to the side entrance of the stage and met her.

"Yes?" I asked. She motioned for me to listen.

"Caaaaalllllllliiiiiiiiii!!!! Wassup?" Rihanna yelled. The crowd went crazy.

"It's something I need y'all to know. It's this person that I really love and I want to make a promise to them tonight. Can I?" The crowd yelled yes.

"Toya come out here babe." As I walked out the crowd screamed and yelled my name.

"Toya I love you and I want to promise you that imma be faithful to you and be there for you whenever you need me. I'm glad that your my babe." She got he knee and put a promise ring on my finger. I smiled and gushed at the big rock on my hand.

When she got up she picked me up and kissed me. She carried me off stage and into the dressing room. She put me down on her lap as we sat on the couch.

"Bae?" She called.

"Yes babe?" I asked.

"I fucking love your ass. I'm always going to be here for you regardless of what happens. "

"I love you too babe and thank you."

"Your welcome. Now *kiss* let's *kiss* go *kiss* home *kiss*" She said in between kisses. I smiled and nodded. We held hands walking out of the door. She might just get some tonight.

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