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Chapter 28


Toya POV

Last night was beyond perfect but I know today is going to be better. Even though we didn't fuck last night we still slept naked. I woke up with Rihanna's arm around my bare back. I attempted to move but she groaned and grabbed my butt. I laughed.

"I gotta go cook Ri." I said.

"You can stay here and eat instead. The cooks will cook. Plus my food isn't in the kitchen." She said. I felt her smiling. I turned around and kissed her. She got on top of me and made our vaginas move against each others. I moaned loudly. She gave me hickies down my neck and breast.

"Ri....." I moaned. I was already soaked. She kept going down until she reached my jewel. She kissed my thighs before looking up at me. I nodded my head and embraced my self for some sloppy head. She slurped up my kitty like she was drink an icee. I felt my soul leave my body as she continued biting, growling against, slurping, and sucking the fuck out of me. She stuck 2 of her long ass fingers into me making them curl inside of me. I screamed out in pleasure. As soon as she curled them again she started sucking and biting. I came at least 10x before she even moved her fingers. My climaxes were back to back as she continued fucking the life out of me. 1hr later and we still going at it. I have to stop her. My body can't take any more.

"Ri I can't take no more!!" I said as I came and squirted all in her mouth. She licked me up before wiping me down and cleaning us up. She carried me into the living room and covered me up in a blanket. I kissed her lips as she went back upstairs to clean up the bed. I know I made a big ass mess when I came all of them times. Soon I fell into a deep sleep.


I woke up to people fussing. I looked up to see Rihanna and this girl fussing. I couldn't really see her face. I got up with the cover still around me, to see who she was. What the fuck?!?!!?

Rihanna POV

After Toya went to sleep and I finished cleaning the room, I went downstairs to the game room to play GTA V. Not even a hour later I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door and answered it.

"Who are you?" I said opening the door. This stud walked in and stood face to face with me.

"I'm Keem and where the fuck is Toya?" Keem said.

"Why the fuck you want my girl for?"

"I'm her lover and I'm here to collect my bitch. " She said. She must've been dumb as hell because ain't nobody taking Toya from me.

"The fuck you are don't me blow a fucking ca-"

"Keem?!?" Toya yelled. She was standing right behind us shooting daggers at Keem.

"Hey babe. " Keem said.

"Fuck out of here. You hurt me and we were never together."

"Look I didn't hurt you bitch. London had what was coming for her!" Toya eyes turned red and she looked as if she was out of it. She attacked Keem by slamming her on the floor. She repeatedly punched her in her face. When I finally pulled her away Keem's face was beyond fucked up. She got on her phone and called somebody. Soon I heard a police car. They dragged Keem out of the house. This man hugged Toya and checked on her before dapping her up and leaving. After they left Toya mopped up the blood on the floor and washed the mop. She had been wrapped in a blanket this whole time so when she realized it she went upstairs to change. She was gone for awhile so I decided to go check on her. When I got upstairs she was on the middle of the floor crying. I rushed to her and rocked as she let all of her tears out.

"I f-feel like i-it's my fault. I s-should h-have been there for L-Lo. I failed her. It's my fault!" She said balling her eyes out. I rocked her back and forth until she calmed down.

"Look at me babe. It's not your fault. You protected her by catching them girls who hurt her. It's ok to cry but don't blame yourself for shit you didn't do. I bet by the time we get back London will be fine and ready to be released. Ok? Wipe your tears your to beautiful to cry." She smiled at me and blushed. "You ok?" She nodded and got in the bed. I got in beside her.

"I just want you." I nodded and allowed her to lay between my legs with her head on my breast. Soon we were both asleep. We were awoken by Toya's phone ringing.

Toya POV

I grabbed my phone and saw that it was the nanny calling.

Hey Ma Mable

Toya I need you to come here as soon as you can!!

Calm down ma. What's wrong?

It's Mel...

What about her?!?

She started breathing heavily and crying like she was in pain. I drove her to the hospital. As we were getting seen she started foaming from the mouth and shaking really badly. I'm in the waiting room they won't let me see her since she's in surgery. I need you here now Toya.

I'm on my way ma. Call me when you find out more info.


I hung up the phone and put my shoes on.

"We gotta go now." Ri hopped up and put her stuff on. She called a couple of people and we ended up on the jet. 2hrs later we were at the hospital. I told Ri what was going on when we was on the jet. I couldn't help but cry. That was my baby that's in pain. Lord please let her make it, I prayed as we walked into the hospital.

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