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Chapter 29


Toya POV

I walked towards the front desk to see what was going on.

"Mel'Rosee Shanae Askew" I said.

"Room 275." She responded handing me and Ri a visitors pass. After searching for the room we finally found it.

"Thank god your here!" Ma Mable said meeting us in the hallway. I hugged her.

"Is she ok?" I asked. I was scared as fuck.

"Here's the doctor now." I saw a doctor walking this way. We all got into the room. My baby had cords and machines connected to her coming from every angle. I gasped and covered my hands over my mouth. Before the doctors could talk Kash burst through the door.

"Toya I'm sorry for all the wrong I did and shit. Yea I tracked ya ass down. And yes imma get ya ass for not aborting this fucking baby in the first place. I fucking love you and you gone fuck with this bitch AND keep the baby?!? Oh fuck naw you ain't gone keep hurting me. That baby of yours is going to be beyond dead if you don't bring your ass with me. I could simply hurt you here but too many people are around." Kash said. I sighed. Ri tried to pull me back but I pushed her away and went to get in Kash's car. I knew I would have to do this one way or another. She drove us to her house. We got out and went in. I was met by my mama.

"What the actual FUCK Kash?!?" I exclaimed. I was beyond pissed.

"Look I just wanted to apologize and see you again. I'm sorry for the pain I caused and I'd like a life with you and my granddaughter. Ok? Can you please forgive me? I know I was a bad mom back then but I'm better now and Damion is very far away from here. He is long gone and is out of my life." She said.

"You coming in here talking shit basically because you expect me to forgive just like that and forget what y'all did to me. You could have stayed off the drugs with my help but nah you want to go fuck around in the strip club. I knew you was stripping and ho-ing around town. It wasn't a surprise when you started bringing men home almost every night. I would have to close my ears because I thought they were hurting you. Then you made me watch you get penetrated by two men at once? That was the worst thing I've ever seen in my life. Let's not forget that I lost my virginity at the age of fucking ten. That was hell for me. I didn't even have a period yet and I had to be on birth control. So don't come to me with that bull shit. You even fucked me after I begged you to stop. That is why I moved because of YOU and HIM. So please dismiss yourself from my life." I said with hatred in my voice.

"But Toya I tried to stop the drugs. I needed them. I could NOT be happy without them. Don't you want me to be happy? I didn't want to hurt you but we needed the money and I needed my life. At the time I was a young adult doing whatever the fuck I could to get rid of my fears and shit. Again I will say I'm sorry because I want you to know that it was NOT my attention to hurt my baby. After your dad died it made it hard to stay in that house with the main person who looks just like him. It hurt me to see you in pain and cry for me but I was in another world. I ignored it because the only thing I wanted was sex and my next fix. I never hated you. Ok? I loved you and I still do."

"If you loved me then you would get out of my fucking life! FOR GOOD! Take me back Kash." Kash shook her head and pushed me into the back room.

"I didn't even get my treat yet." She said hand cuffing me to the bed. She cuffed my legs to the end of the bed. She took out a whip and whooped my jewel and all over my body. I screamed out in pain. She whooped my body again. Then she grabbed this long and huge ass dildo. I starting shaking my head and crying. I felt her roughly push it up my ass hole. I cried and screamed as she rammed it all the way in. After 12mins of that she inserted it in my vagina. I yelled in pain and cried. She took it out and whooped my vagina with the whip. She grabbed a bucket of hot water and poured it on my bloody vagina. I yelled and screamed. She took the cuffs off of me and picked me up. She threw me on the floor and told me to come on. I got dressed the best I could and kind of sorta walked to the car. On my way there I saw my mama looking at me with a smirk. I could tell she was high as hell. Kash most likely set us up or she was never clean. I shook my head and sat in the car as gently as I could. I was in so much pain all I wanted to do was cry. We finally pulled up to the hospital.

"I'm not done with you yet." Kash said as I opened the door. She pushed me out and pulled off. I groaned and crawled to the front door. As I attempted to get in a felt a stinging sensation in my leg before I passed out.


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