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Chapter 4

I am sitting in the waiting room filling out papers. I'm nervous and scared.

"Ms. La'Toya Askew?" The nurse called. I handed her my papers while she walked me into my room. She checked and recorded my vitals before leaving. I sat in the room waiting on my doctor. I really don't wanna be pregnant.

"Hello I am Ms. Yonia Hill. You can call me Yonia. Now what's going on with you?" Ms. Yonia said.

"Well I keep throwing up."

"When did you have your last period?"

"Uh 4 months ago but thats normal for me, I have irregular periods." She nodded.

"Let me take some blood and turn a few tests." I nodded. She left and a few minutes later a nurse came in and took my blood.

"The results will be out in approximately 30 minutes." I nodded and she walked out leaving me with my thoughts.

"Well I don't know if you will be happy but you are 3 months pregnant and will be 4 months next week." She said.

"Thanks doc." I mumbled. She gave me some pregnancy tips and then I was able to leave. I got in the car and looked at the time. It was 4:55 so I went to the mall to get something to wear tonight on my date. Shopping is a way for me to cope with my emotions cause right now I just want to yell and cry.

I got there and went into the Body Central store. I picked out three shirts, three pairs of skinny jeans, and four pairs of shorts. I then went to Rue 21. I got a sexy black and gold skin tight dress and a red dress with accessories and shoes.

I finally went to the food court. I got a Big Mac and a large fry with a High C Orange. I finished with my food and went home. When I got home it was 6:30. I went upstairs and put my clothes up. I picked out my new black and gold dress then I took shower and did my hygiene. Once I was dressed I put my wavy hair down my back. I put on my eyelashes and some lip gloss. I heard someone knock on the door, I took one last turn in the mirror then rushed to the door. I opened the door to see Sean dressed in a red and black Tru Religion outfit with gray black and red Jordans.

"Hey, you look great." She said taking a seat on my couch.

"Thanks so do you. Give me a minute." I said going upstairs to the bathroom. I prepared myself for what she might say when I told her I'm pregnant. I have to tell her so she can leave now.

I was glad that she came over instead of meeting me, I don't feel like driving. I used the bathroom and washed my hands. I walked down the stairs and we left. 35 minutes later, we arrived at an empty beach.

"Where are we?" I said getting out of the car. We walked along a candle lit rose petal path.

"You will see soon enough." She said as we walked a little further. We got to a big blanket with all kinds of food on it.

"This is nice." I said as we sat down. The moon was glowing and the waves were splashing against the shore. We talked the whole time and tried out different foods.

"Sean?" I said playing with my fingers.

"Yeah?" She said eating grapes.

"Well I really like you, you're amazing but-"

"I really really really like you too." She said. She makes it so hard to tell her this.

"Well I just found out I'm 3 months pregnant and I have a lot going on mentally right now. I don't need a relat-"

"I wanna be with you and I've always wanted kids. I would and will die for you Toya. I know I've only known you for almost a month. But I love you and I wanna spend my life with you." She said kissing me. I kissed back with more lust. It was something about her that pulled me to her. She was a magnet and I want her, need her, no matter the risk.

"Thanks for this awesome time Sean." I said as we walked to my door step.

"Anytime beautiful." She said. We walked up to my porch. She leaned in and kissed me again. We continued until a car pulled up in my yard next to our cars. I don't know who the fuck this is but my pussy is pissed, I was tryna fuck. We stopped and looked to see my ex step out of the car.

"What the fuck you want?" I said taking my heels and earrings off and throwing them in the house. Sean just stood there.

"Fuck going on and who's this?" Sean said.

"I am Toya's girlfriend. Who the fuck do you think you are?" Kash said.

"First you are not my girl Kash, second why are you here?"

"I'm here because I want you babe. I need you. That bitch ain't gonna take care of you especially if she knows that your PREGNANT." Kash said with a smirk on her face. I swear I hate this bitch.

"Firstly, I don't fuckin care if she is pregnant or not. I already knew that she was pregnant. Secondly, She don't want yo dusty ass no more. She's my girl. I'm the new chick she with till she die so get the fuck on with your life bitch." Sean said. I smiled like I had just won the lottery. I loved that she called me her girl.

"Man fuck off. And leave me the fuck alone with your thirsty ass." I told Kash as she got into her car and me and Sean went into the house. We cuddled and watched movies till we fell asleep.

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