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Chapter 5


I woke up in Sean's arms. I'm happy to see her still here. I got up from my bed and did my hygiene. Afterwards I went down stairs to the kitchen. I got out the ingredients to make omletes, bacon, and pancakes. I cooked all of the food and fixed me and Sean a plate. I sat in the living room and started to eat. Sean came downstairs minutes later.

"Hey." She said. She looked like she was troubled, something was on her mind.

"Hi." I said handing her her food.

"I got to go. I'll call you when I can." I nodded and she left. I was kinda sad but oh well, fuck it. I laid around and watched TV. I couldn't find nothing on so I got up. I walked into my bathroom and found the pills I hid under the sink. I fumbled with the orange pill bottle. Do I really want to do this? Do I want to keep this baby or kill it? It's not their fault that they're going to be born in the mist of bull shit. I sighed and put it back, I can't do that right now. I laid on my bed and tried to go to bed.

I was at the mall window shopping. I went into a couple of baby stores to find a crib and some cute little outfits. I think I'm keeping it. I don't know yet because I don't want a rapist's child at all but then again children are blessings. I was coming out of Children's Palace when Sean called me.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey. What are you doing?"

"Window shopping. You?"

"Just getting off of work. Can you meet me at the Park we need to talk about some stuff."

"Uh yea. I'll be there in 5 minutes. See ya." I hung up and walked to my car. I got in and drove off.

I wonder what she wants to talk about. I picked up some crab legs at the Hot and Juicy Crawfish for Sean. I got into my car and drove to the Park.

I got out of the car with her food and walked into the park. I saw Kash sitting at a table with a girl and the girl's son? I'll deal with her ass later. I walked to the back of the duck pond to see Sean drinking a caramel frappé and looking at the ducks. I smiled and walked over there to her. She had on a Gucci outfit with some Tims while I had on a pink lace dress with black flats.

"Hey babe." She said as I sat down.

"Uh hi." I said ready for her to get straight to the point.

"For the past 3 months we've known each other I've grown to love you, a lot, and I jus want us to..."

"To what?" I said cocking my eyebrow.

"I want us to be together. I want us to be official. I want a family with you. I want to be in your- fuck that, OUR baby's life. I love you Toya I really do and I would never ever hurt you. I promise. So Toya will you be my girlfriend?" She said smiling and taking my hands in hers.

"I would love to babe." I said as she swung me around and we started to kiss. Soon a crowd formed around us saying 'awww'.

"I love you Toya."

"I love you too Sean."

Me and Sean was laying on the bed watching Saturday Night Live on the TV. We were dying laughing. Once the show went off Sean went downstairs to pop more popcorn while I found a movie. I decided to turn to Madea's Big Happy Family by Tyler Perry. When the movie was about to come on Sean came in and jumped on my bed.

"Bae." She said

"Huh?" I said into the movie.

"Let's play a little game."

"What kind of game Sean?"

"Can I please you right now?"

"Why you wanna fuck all the time? Are you cheating on me? Fuck you!" I said as I walked to the bathroom. I locked the door and started to cry. Sean knocked on the door but I didn't move. I waited awhile before I got up and laid in the bed. Sean wrapped her arms around me.

"Babe I'm sorry. I'm not cheating I just wanted to please my woman. You've been tired lately." She said kissing my neck.

"I'm sorry babe. I thought you didn't like my body anymore." She turned my face towards hers.

"I'll always love your body and you Toya. I'm not like that bitch who left you for a girl with a child. She wouldn't even stay with you. I'm willing yo stay with you and yo shit because I love you and that ain't gonna change. Okay?" She said looking at me with her hazel eyes.

"I'm sorry my hormones and shit is driving me nuts." I laughed as she smiled and kissed my lips.

"Are you going through with it?" I frowned.

"With what?"

"Did you so it Toya? Are you going to kill the baby?"

"Am I going to kill the baby? What kind of shi- Oh shit. You found the pills?"

"Yeah. I was looking for a toothbrush."

"I can explain. I-I don't know what I want to do."

"I support you no matter what. You aren't alone, I'm here now. You can trust me with your burdens bae. I'm not going to judge you and cast you out. It's your body."

"Thanks, I needed that. I just don't know right now."

"If you don't mind me asking, how did you get pregnant?"

"I was raped for awhile but let's not talk about that."

"Alright we won't. Sorry for even bringing it up. No need to relive memories."

"I love you Sean. You're just what I need in my life."

"I love you too bae." We both fell to sleep in each other arms.

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