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Chapter 8

After the appointment we want to the mall.

"Let's go into Baby Express." I said to Keem and Sean.

"I'll catch up with you later I gotta go get something." Sean said.

"Okay baby." I kissed her goodbye while me and Keem went into the store.

We were just arriving at the house. I got out of the car and went in my room to lay down on the bed.

"Babe!" Sean yelled.

"I'm in the room!" I yelled back.

"What you doing in here?" She asked as she laid beside me.

"I'm going to sleep."

"Let me join you." I nodded and lift the covers.

"Bae why you always sleep naked you know I'm horny." I laughed and kissed her.

"Awww want me to make you feel better?" Before she responded I stripped her and went to work on her pussycat.

"Mmm." I moaned.

"Good morning my nubian queen." Sean mumbled while licking my crotch.

"Stop bae...I'm sleepy." I whined. She laughed and pulled me up into her arms.

"I love you."

"I love you too." I said falling to sleep.

Sean POV

Once Toya went back to sleep, I got up and did my daily hygiene.

I walked in to the kitchen and started to cook. I cooked sausage, bacon, eggs, grits, pancakes, and waffles. I fixed me, Keem, and Toya a plate with a side of strawberries and whipped cream. I put all of Toya and my food on a tray with some juice. I put Keem's plate on the table and called her down then I took the tray upstairs.

"Wake up babe I made breakfast." I said. I put the tray down and crawled in bed beside her.

"Thank you." Toya said kissing all over my face.

"Stop bae." I giggled. I placed our trays on us and started to eat.

"This taste good babe."

"Not as good as you." I said as I laughed and she blushed. "Hurry up so you can get dressed. I'm leaving in a hour."

"OK papí." She responded.

"Girrrrllll don't start! You know you pregnant and can't handle this." I laughed.

"Sean you ain't all that."

"Oh really?"

Toya POV

My panties were soaked! I ain't gonna lie, shawty knows how to put it down.

"I'm going to get dressed now." I said and slipped into the bathroom. I closed the door and stripped naked. I cut the water and stepped into the shower.

I got out of the shower and dried off. Suddenly I felt a small pain in my stomach.

"Sean!" I called. She ran in the bathroom to find me sitting on the toilet.


"My stomach hurts." I whined.

She placed her hand on my stomach before rubbing it and smiling.

"What's wrong?"

"Feel your stomach." I touched my stomach.

"Hey little mama. You're causing me some pain right now." This was my first time feeling her kick and I feel like crying tears of joy. There were moments where I thought she was dead or something because I couldn't feel her kicks and movements unless she was near my back.

"Your all I could ask for Toya. You and our baby is my world and I will never replace y'all." I leaned over and kissed her passionately.

"I love you Toya."

"I love you more Sean." I fall harder for this girl every day. I'm really going to marry her one day.

"I love yall too." Keem said walking in.

"We know, come feel this." I placed her hand on my stomach as the baby started to kick again.

"Awww hi aunties baby!" She said smiling.

"Okay now let me finish getting dressed." Keem nodded and walked out. Sean stayed and helped me.

"Thanks bae. I'm gonna go lay down." I told Sean. I'm so tired here lately. Everything I do seems to tire me out quick and easily. I'm ready for my baby girl to come on out now, i need my energy back.

"Okay. " I crawled into the bed and closed my eyes.

Sean POV

Once Toya woke up I took her to the waterfront.

"Babe it's beautiful here!" Toya said.

"Yea it is...do you wanna go out tonight?" I asked her.

"Yeah." I smiled and kissed her cheek.

I dressed in black slacks and a pink button up shirt. I walked into the kitchen while putting on my newly polished shoes. I grabbed my keys and walked to the staircase. As Toya came down I reached out my hand to guided her to the car. Once I got her into the car, I got in and started it.

"Babe you are stunning." I told Toya.

"You are too." She blushed.

I took off towards our destination.

Toya's POV

Once we arrived I smiled.

"I can't believe you brought me to La Grandé!" I semi yelled.

"Because I love you and I want you to be happy." Sean said kissing my lips. I kissed her back and pointed to my stomach.

"I'm prego so we can't fuck."

"Mhmm that's what you think." She got out of the car and opened my door. I got out and kissed her cheek as we walked into the restaurant.

"Reservation for The Supreme." Sean told the man. He smirked at me and led us to an elevator. I looked at Sean with a confused look as the man pressed number 18 on the key pad. All she did was smirk at me. Once the elevator opened he led us up a flight of stairs. When we got unto the roof I saw a building with tinted windows. On the outside I saw a table with our food covered up. The man led us to the table.

"Enjoy." He winked as he removed our covers on our food. He handed Sean a set of key and left. I raised my brow up as I looked at Sean.

"Just enjoy Miss Prego." I smirked and started to eat my Chicken Alfredo.

Tonight was going to be a long night...

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