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Chapter 9

Once we finished eating our food she led me to the building by the elevator. I walked in to see rose petals all over the floor and a huge massage bed raised in a sit up position. She picked me up and laid me on one of the beds. While 2 waiters came out carrying trays of my favorite snacks and drinks. She grabbed the remote and turned on the TV showing me my favorite movie, What's Done In The Dark by Tyler Perry. I smiled at her as tears streamed down my face. I'm so damn emo right now.

"Thank you so much babe!" I said.

"Anything for my queen." She chuckled. I laid back as I ate my snacks and watched my movie while cuddling with her. Soon the massagers came in and started to massage my body. I laughed at the movie as I slowly drift off to sleep.

I woke up in my bed with my head on Sean's chest. I sat up and watched her sleep. After a minute of watching her I decided to wake her up. I crawled under the covers and pulled down her boy shorts. I slowly licked her pussy as I added a finger into her hole. She moved around and moaned. I kept going faster and faster. She woke up and moaned my name. She tried to move out of my grip but I held her in place. Once she came twice. I licked her up and went to shower.

I put on my white joggers and a black shirt.

"Toya!" Keem yelled as I ran towards her.

"Oh my God! I've missed you so much!" I yelled.

"I missed you too!" She yelled. We hugged and walked downstairs.

"Have you found an apartment near by?" I asked Keem.

"Yea actually I did. Its a block away from here!"

"That's wassup." I fixed me a sandwich while Keem told me about her job and house. She worked for a big brand tech company named Microsoft.

"I move in today so I'm going to need yo help to transfer my shit. I got people moving in my furniture right now."

"I gotcha." I got up and went to check on Sean.

Sean POV

Once Toya and Keem went downstairs, I got in the shower. I put on my black crop top, high waisted shorts and my Tims with gold accessories. I was just about to walk downstairs when my phone rung.

"Hello?" I said not looking at the caller ID.

"Hey babe I miss you and I want you, all of you."

"What do you want Becca? I'm tired of yo ass. I've moved on to someone who treats me better."

"Oh you mean that fat pregnant bitch? How could you leave me for a whore? Why would you fuck with her ass when she is the one who fucked with Kash!"

"Bitch I know that. And don't disrespect her at least she didn't try to kill me. I should have killed yo ass when I had the chance. Now what in the fuck do you want?"

"I want what's mine, by the way Kash isn't who you think she is and your little 'I'm innocent' act ain't gonna work on us. We will see who turns their back after the truth comes out."

"Bitch you wouldn't dare!" I growled.

"Give me one last rough passionate sex and all is forgotten."

"I don't know man. I'll call you later."

"You got till 12am to show up at my spot."

I hung up the phone and sighed. I don't need her bringing up my past and telling any lies to Toya. Then again I don't want to cheat.

"Babe who was that?" Toya asked as she walked in the room.

"An old friend of mine. She wanted to meet up tonight. I told her I'd think about it." I told Toya. It wasn't a lie. Me and Becca were close friends until I found out she wanted me to herself. I cut her off right then and there. But we did mess around...a lot.

"You should go!" She exclaimed.

"Really? You sure?" I questioned.

"Yeah. Keem and I were going out any way."

"Okay. I might stay over night though." She nodded.

"Ok that's good cause we can have a sleep over." I smiled. I kissed her on the lips and packed an overnight bag.

"You leaving now?" She asked.

"Nah I'll leave at 6." We went into the kitchen and finished eating.

Toya POV

I talked to Keem and she agreed to hang out with me. It was now 5:30 and we were in her house laying across the bed.

"Yo you wanna go to the club?" Keem asked playing with my butt. I was in a sports bra and thongs while she was butt naked. We won't doing nothing nasty or anything.

"Yea boo. When?" I said.

"At 7." I nodded.

7:00 PM

I got up from the bed and hopped in the shower. I was taking a bath when Keem jumped in with me. She leaned in and kissed me while her fingers played with my clit.

"St-stop Keem." I moaned.

"Why?" She said pinning me against the wall. She slid her strap in with force. I yelled and moaned as she went faster.

"Say you love me." She said.

"Mooooovee!" I pushed her off of me and moved towards the guest bathroom. She knocked on the door.

"Go away Keem!"

"I'm sorry bestie I'm so sorry I didn't mean it I was just playing around with you to see how you'd act. I'm sooo SOOOO sorry!" She cried. I opened the door and hugged her.

"Promise you will never do it again?" I stuck out my pinky. She linked hers with mine.

"I promise boo." I took my shower and got dressed. Once we were ready we left for the party. I just wanted to have fun tonight.

Sean POV

Well here goes nothing. I was pulling up to Bec's house. I grabbed my bag and locked my door before walking inside the house.

"Thought you wouldn't make it." Bec said. She was wearing a red see through lingerie with black stilettos. She looked as good as she did 5 years ago.

"Who's that?" I said pointing to 2 studs.

"This is Tee and Sam. They will fuck you while you eat my newly shave pussycat." She laid back on the bed and patted her pussy. I said a prayer and cursed at my self.

"You know what I can't do this. I told my babe I was coming to chill with an old friend not FUCK an old friend. Bec I'm sorry but I really can't afford to fuck you."

"So you over me?!" She grabbed a pocket knife and slowly walked towards me.

"What do you want me to do? I can't ruin a good thing for you!"

"I'll tell her about our child and your little fuckboy of a friend that wants you just as much as I do. Tell her to watch her back because y'all past coming to hunt y'all." She laughed evilly.

"What child?" I asked.

"There isn't a child but I'll ruin your life with all that shit you been hiding. Like you being the biggest drug lord of the city?" I glared at her and walked off to my car. I drove to Keem house to see Keem bedroom door wide open. I peeked in to see Keem and Toya fucking in the shower. I quickly walked out and went home. I laid in bed and cried all night long.

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