My Wife's Desires

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Nick has his dick at the entrance of my asshole while Tyler is already deep into my pussy. Nick counts to three and then pushes inside. All my muscles tense and he can’t move. It’s hard to get used to the feeling of having a dick in the ass. Instinct keeps wanting me to push it away but I keep against Tyler’s chest, his fingers gliding up and down my arms and soon the tension fades and Nick groans as he slips in further. I let out a moan-filled breath of air, taking a moment to relish in the fact that both of their dicks are inside me. It makes my pussy water and Tyler moves slowly so they can find a compatible rhythm.

“I already want to cum.”

“Let’s get her first.” Tyler clenches my hair to bring my lips to his and our tongues twirl. I can hardly handle all the incredible sensations at once. I don’t know how to operate and my mouth gives up and I just pant against his open lips as he groans against my face, “Cum, gorgeous, with both of us inside you.”

I feel it build little by little with each passing minute. My body tenses up and Nick slaps my ass, “You’re gripping me. You like this, don’t you, baby? I’m going to cum with you.” He moves faster, his tip going in and out right at my anus producing so much pleasure I can’t breathe and I throw my head back, voiceless as I cum. Nick curses, clenching my ass cheeks, “She’s cumming. Yes, baby.”

Tyler fastens his pace as much as he can. Every pleasure is building me up until I hit a brick wall and the avalanche of the orgasm drips down every nerve. I’m still, only Tyler can move and he takes full advantage, gripping my ass to keep my orgasm going until I’m punching his chest, unable to tell him to stop. It’s brutal and powerful and everything I could ever want.

Nick cums from the pressure and stays glued to me until he pops out and drops to the bed, panting. I collapse too on top of Tyler’s chest, panting, the whole world void of feeling and I’m in disbelief that I could orgasm so intensely.

How can I ever go back to normal sex after that?

“You need a minute or are you good?” Tyler rubs my back, gaining my attention.


He chuckles and the vibrations rumble against my chest. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not done yet.”

“Okay. Okay, give me a minute.” I slip off of him, curling toward Nick, and clench his bicep as I close my eyes. I’m so euphoric there are tears in my eyes. I feel like I’ve been blessed by God. I could die right now and I’ll be content.

Tyler snuggles up behind me, running his fingers up and down my ribs and hip, patiently waiting with his erection pressing into my backside.

“That was intense.” Nick huffs and finally looks at me, “You handled yourself pretty damn well.” He smirks, grabbing my hand and kissing the back of it. “Was it everything you wanted?”

“Hell yes.”

He laughs lightly, “I’m going to shower. You want to join me?”

Tyler answers, “She still has a job to do.”

His brows knit, perhaps hating the fact that Tyler is still here. But he doesn’t remark as he sits up, “I gotta shower.” He shuts the bathroom door behind him.

Tyler presses his wet erection against my ass cheeks, “I know you can keep going.” I twist, looking at his face. He kisses my shoulder, his eyes glinting in the semi-darkness.

“Just not my ass.”

He smiles and lifts up my leg, “I’m fine with that. Your pussy could satisfy me for hours.”

I return to my side, facing the bathroom door and hug a pillow as Tyler dips his cock in, groaning as he does so. I take a breath as he instantly hits my g-spot and my whole body flinches.

“There it is. I’ve been looking for it.” He hits it hard, deep, putting my leg awkwardly over his hip so I’m spread open. His hand comes around and rubs three fingers upon my now brutally sensitive nub. I push his hand away but he slaps it. “Don’t stop it.”

Another hand grips the back of my neck, dominating and I arch my back, loving the brutality of his thrusts. I’m so close to cumming but he snaps up to his knees suddenly, breaking the ride. He grabs a hold of my ankle, placing it upon his shoulder, while the other is between his legs and he fucks me crazily, the slapping of our skin and my weak, barely audible moans fill the air, drowning out the shower.

“God you fuck just like my husband.”

“Who’s the lucky one now?” He bends over me, straining my leg muscles to a nearly painful position as he pistons in and out.

I’m cumming and my breath catches but Tyler stops, leaning back on his knees, and I send a glare at his grinning face. “Wait for me.”

“I can cum multiple times. I don’t have to wait.”

His fingers rotate on my clit. “Oh, you are a selfish bitch, aren’t you? Keep that attitude, I won’t let you cum for an hour.”

I buck and twist, panting, “No. I’m sorry.”

“That’s it, gorgeous. Don’t forget who’s fucking you. I’m not your sweet ass husband. I like making you suffer.” He pumps in again, deeper and I push back against him. He lets my leg drop and we are in the missionary position. He grabs my wrists and pins them above my head as he leans over me. “You like it rough, don’t you?”

I can’t speak as I arch off the bed, his cock pressing all the way back into my womb.

“I’m not moving till you say it.”

I move my hips eagerly and he growls, pumping hard, and I smile with my eyes closed, winning our momentary power struggle. I’m unprepared for the bite on my nipple and I squeal in pain. His eyes humorously watch me. “Tell me.”

“I like it.” I murmur.

He pounds brutally, huffing and staring at my breasts as they rock up and down in a frenzy matching his fast pace. He stalls suddenly pulling back and fixing the condom. “You’re so wet the condom’s sliding off.” He lowers down to my nipple sucking, his fingers digging into my wrists above my head again, “I want to fuck you without it. Feel that perfect cunt.”

The bathroom door opens and I snap my head toward Nick. Guilt washes over me. Twenty minutes without him and I didn’t care.

Nick glares, “You ain’t done yet? Don’t fuck her like that.”

Tyler lowers his face against my ear, “Tell him you like it.”

“I..” Tyler’s shoves in hard, “I like it.”

I feel him chuckle against me privately, then he speaks up, “Let me make her cum again.” He works hard and quickly, my knees clenching his hips and I feel it approaching, “With me.” He orders and he leans back on his knees, releasing my hands to grip my waist and holding me still as he plows me. His dick gets massively harder as he cums and I cum with my body arching off the bed, my hands clenching the sheets and he pumps faster yet until the orgasm fades completely and then he slows to a stop. He pants into my neck and I grip his biceps, holding him, realizing sadly that our night together is officially over.

I roll to my side, tucking my legs up to my chest as Tyler lays on the bed, exhausted and panting. My eyes close, ready to sleep.

Nick pulls on the blanket, “Get off the bed. I got to change the sheets. Katie, go shower.”

I moan in dissatisfaction. I don’t want to move. Tyler smacks my ass, “Do what daddy says.”

I giggle, rolling off to get to my feet. My legs shake and I can barely get up. My ass hurts but it’s a good pain reminding me I was just fucked by two men. It fills me with a sense of pride that I was able to handle it.

I grab the wall and both of them chuckle at my expense. Nick comes up beside me, grabbing my arm, “Worth it, baby?”

“God, yes.” He helps me into the shower and I lean against the wall as he turns it on.

“Clean up.”

My hand reaches for the warmth spray and I bury my face in the water. My brain is empty and I just stand there for several minutes, basking in the warmth. I’ve never experienced anything more amazing and I’m kind of sad I’ll never experience it again.

But I’m thankful. Thankful for the opportunity. Thankful that I have a husband that understands my needs. I am so extremely lucky. I don’t know how I will ever pay him back for this. It was an experience of a lifetime. How do you return a gift like that?

There is a little blood as I clean up and my ass stings any passing of my hand as I clean diligently. I let the water soothe my sore bottom. All the smacks on my ass bruised my cheeks. I love it. I love all my sex won injuries. I wish I had more.

I get out reluctantly after a time and find Nick left me a nightgown and underwear by the sink. I slip into it, brush my teeth, rub on lotion over my arms, neck, and legs before I join him in the bedroom. Nick’s lying down, nearly asleep but he peeks an eye open only to close it. Nick’s turned on the fan and blown out the candles, spraying Lysol to cover up the heavy smell of sex. He’s a clean freak. I would have gone to sleep in all our sweat with no problem. “Where’s Tyler?” I fear he’s already left without a goodbye. It makes me feel sick to think he’s gone. I’ll never see him again. I’ll never get to thank him.

“Showering in the guest bathroom.”

“Oh.” I feel guilty for my thoughts and shove them out. I get on the other side of the bed, my proper side and get under the fresh covers. I snuggle up close to Nick on my side. I kiss his shoulder, “Thank you, baby.”


“You tired?”

He mumbles, “Fucking you in the ass is hard work.”

I giggle, flushing.

Tyler walks in the room with a towel around his waist, “How do you feel?”

I’m embarrassed, seeing him again and it’s hard to meet his eyes. “Dead.”

He chuckles. “Good.”

I watch him as he removes his clothes from his bag. I bite my lip. I don’t want him to think we just used him. It may have started out that way but he’s a really good guy. Maybe it’s the girl in me that likes to cuddle afterwards. “You leaving?”

“That’s how it works.” He slips up his boxers, turning away from us. I stare interested at his spine tattoo, wondering about the story behind it.

“Can’t you stay for a bit?”

He looks over his shoulder, smirking, “You got your husband to snuggle with.”


Tyler squats at his bag, checking his phone before he stands up, approaching, “Just a bit.”

I scoot closer to Nick and Tyler slips in behind me, grabbing my hip to mold into his lap as he lays on his side.

“Guys,” Tyler begins, “if you do this in the future. Here’s a tip. Don’t leave the money on the counter. It’s so easy to grab it and walk out the door when you aren’t looking.”

I snort, realizing now how dumb that was. The fact that he didn’t do it when he had opportunity makes me turn around and look at him, “Guess we were the lucky ones tonight.”

He smirks, pushing my hair off my shoulder and kissing my skin, “Sleep. You’re exhausted.”

I need no further instruction and close my eyes, surrendering to dreamless, dead sleep.

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