My Wife's Desires

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Tyler calls up to us wondering where we’re at. With our bathing suits on, we dart downstairs to join him in the hot tub. Even though it’s the middle of summer in PA, the heat sometimes extreme, a hot tub is the smartest move we ever made. It’s small, fit for only four to five people but it’s perfect in every kind of weather. Our back porch has a roof and screen so no worries about bugs, rain, snow, or any other thing that mother nature unleashes. The music is low, the lights are out and it’s dark aside from the lights inside the jacuzzi. After a stressful day at work, this is a wonderful concoction to relax me.

“You guys talk?” Tyler breaks into the silence.

The ‘talk’ is about this stranger that we paid for a threesome to now live with us for a couple of days. I feel like this is the beginning of a bad murder movie. The difference however, the killer is a sexy demi-god with a huge dick.

Nick readily replies. “Yep, we’re good.”

“It’s really generous. I can’t thank you enough. I paid for luxury seats in my car but they suck to sleep on.”

I move my hands through the warm water, enjoying the warmth. I want to find a hole in his story. If only to make him not as honest as he seems to be. “How long were you and your girlfriend together?”

“A year. Almost.”

“And you didn’t think it would be a good idea to drop your hobby on her?”

“Katie.” Nick growls. “Sorry, when you’re married it’s impossible to keep secrets.”

“No, it’s fine. I hinted once and she said people who do that are disgusting. Couldn’t really say anything after that. ’Course she was a Christian so I didn’t stand a chance.” He chuckles, rubbing his eyes. “I should have broken up with her when she told me she doesn’t give head.”

Nick laughs, “Hell yeah.”

I roll my eyes. “Is that really a qualification for a girlfriend?”

“Yes.” They both answer at once.


“It’s not.” Tyler lamely objects, “It’s called common courtesy.”

They’re cackling and I rest my head back, ignoring the banter.

Nick sinks next to me, his hand on my thigh. I lean my head against his shoulder.

“Ten years.” Tyler murmurs. “I’m impressed. You guys really seem to love each other.”

I look up at Nick, grinning. “We have our moments.” He leans down, planting a soft kiss on my lips.

“She’s only with me for my dick.” He jokes and I slap his chest, splashing water as he laughs, “I’m just playing. It’s my charm that got you.”

“Charm? What charm?”

“What about my sense of humor?”


Nick tickles my sides, making me squirm and squeal and I try to climb out of the tub, water going everywhere, but he pulls me back in his lap. I’m smiling as I rest my head against his chest. His hand rests on my thigh while his other cradles me, keeping me close. It’s perfection like a cocoon, swallowing me up. His body molds to my own like playdoh.

“So, what’s this place you’re looking at tomorrow?” Nick asks.

“Some old lady is renting out her basement for six hundred a month. Now I don’t have to pay all that damn rent for the loft in downtown, I should be able to start saving again. Should have never bought that fucking car.”

We both laugh at this. We’ve done stupid buys in the past that screwed us over. The condo for one. We almost became house poor our first year.

“Where’d you stay at downtown?”

“Off seventh.”

“Seventh? That’s a block away from my restaurant. Flesh.”

“Flesh? You own Flesh? Dude, I’ve been in there like six times this year alone. I love that place.”

He grins at the praise. “My wife decorated it.” He kisses my cheek, maneuvering me to sit more comfortably on his lap. I rest my head on his shoulder and bravely meet Tyler’s gaze. I’ve been avoiding his eyes since I came home and there’s a reason for it. Lust shines in his green eyes.

I lower my gaze once more, glancing about, searching for something to look at. Nick’s hands are on my stomach, grazing my ribs. I begin to feel his penis hardening beneath my butt and I shiver, unsure if I can do anything with him tonight but knowing I gotta try. The only time I don’t want sex is when I’m mad, sad, or tired. We usually have sex three times a week and the other four days I masturbate at least once. I wasn’t like this before I met my husband. I used to have control. I don’t know when I began to crave sex like a horny teenager, but I don’t do much to stop my desires. Why should I? Orgasms are amazing and if I could have one every day, why the hell not?

I smirk as I twist my head, “What’s going on down there?”

Nick smiles innocently, kissing my cheek and jaw, “Whatever do you mean?”

“My suggestion,” Tyler barges in and I snap my head to him. It’s too easy to forget someone is there. Nick takes up all my attention. “No anal for a few days. You can tear it really easy. It doesn’t feel good. Once a week is good till you get used to it.”

My head bows in embarrassment. “Thanks.”

He gets up out of the water, surprising me. “I’ll give you guys some privacy.”

I watch him silent as he grabs a towel and heads inside, closing the door behind him. Why am I shocked by this? I feel blown off. Yet I shouldn’t, right? We paid him last night. His job is over. And that’s all it was, a job. Why do I feel used? Isn’t that stupid? We paid him and I feel used. It was the things he said last night that made me think I was different. I thought he wanted me. He probably says the same things to all his clients, makes them think he wants them but in reality, he doesn’t. I’m sure sex to him is like chicken: there are so many different ways to eat chicken but if you eat it every day, it all taste the same.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

I force a smile and shake my head.

“I know you better than that.”

I kiss him, “I’m fine. I think I’m just tired.”

We watch the moon for another ten minutes before I’m ready for bed. Nick snatches a towel after he climbs out and wraps it over my shoulders, before drying himself off. He looks so good wet. Like every thick muscle vibrantly exemplifies. He smirks, noticing me watching and he slaps my ass, holding me to his body, “Not too tired I hope.”

“Never that tired.”

I push the sliding glass door and the first thing I hear is a female moaning. My attention peaks and I step into the house, noticing porn on the 65’ TV. A woman is currently getting eaten out and her moans escalate to screams.

Tyler lays on the couch in boxers, on his phone, barely paying attention. He flicks his eyes up when we step beside him. His wet hair slicked back. Delicious and erotic.

“Thought you guys were going to be a little longer. Sorry, I like watching porn. Do you want me to shut it off?”

I shake my head, dripping water on the wood floor.

“You want to watch?”

Nick steps around me and sits down on the love seat. HIs attention clearly on the TV.

“How did you get this? We don’t have channels-”

“It’s an app. Pornhub. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.” He grins at me.

“Shut up. I don’t spend my days watching porn.”

“At least not when you can get caught.” He chuckles, knowingly. “I bet you masturbate a whole lot more than your husband.”

Nick is barely listening but he chimes in, “I don’t masturbate.”

“What?” Tyler scoffs, “Of course you do.”

“Nope.” He finally takes his eyes away, glancing at us. “I haven’t since I met Katie.” He looks over at me with a devilish grin, “She takes care of me.”

I bow my head, feeling guilty. I’d like to say the same.

Tyler sits up on the couch, “Come on, tell us how many times you take care of yourself?”

Nick observes me, interested. I keep a hold of the towel tight, using it as a comfort. “Once a day.”


This guy who seems more like me with my sexual desires is impossible to lie too. He knows too well. “It depends. Sometimes it’s three or four, sometimes none.”

“How many times did you do it yesterday, before I arrived?”

I bite my lip. “That was an intense situation--”

“How many?”


Nick chokes, “Five! I was home all day. Where did you do it?”

“Three times in bed, once in the shower, and once on the couch after lunch.”

“We watched a movie after lunch?”

I drop my head full of humiliation and he realizes it quickly.

“You did it right next to me? Why didn’t you say anything?”

I shrug, “It’s quicker doing it by myself.”

“That’s so wrong.” Nick steps to me, wrapping his arms around my hips, “I should add a rule to our list. No fingering yourself unless I can watch.” His lips capture mine and his tongue shoves in my mouth so fast I squeal. “The idea of you doing that next to me,” He pulls my hips into his so I can feel his erection, “Is so hot.”

“That’s why I do it,” I grin into his lips.

“How about you do it right now?”

I giggle, pushing at his shoulders but he won’t let go, his teeth picking at my neck. “We have a guest.”

“He won’t mind.” Nick looks over to Tyler who is watching us with a smirk on his lips. “What do you say, you want to watch her finger herself?”

“Best idea all day.”

My gaze meets Tyler’s, excitement gleaming in his expression.

Nick pulls a piece of my bathing suit down to expose my breast. Tyler’s eyes dip to it and Nick flicks his tongue over the nipple. “Come on, baby, don’t act like you don’t want too.”

I’m wet just thinking about it, of course I want too. But isn’t it wrong? Tyler’s here and he’s not being paid to be. Doesn’t that cross boundaries? “Can we in private for a minute?”

The sound of Nick’s phone is what really stops him and he excuses himself, darting outside to get his phone. I awkwardly pull my bikini back in place, head bowed with embarrassment until Tyler holds a hand for me, “Come here. Talk to me.” With trepidation, I take his offered hand. I drape the towel over the couch to keep it dry and he sits me close to him, his hand on my inner thigh. He seems to be very comfortable with physical contact while I am shying away. “What’s wrong?”

“Um...I don’t understand what’s happening.”

“We’re having fun. Aren’t we?”

“I guess.”

“You don’t want too?”

“No.” I quickly shout, only to drop my head ashamed. “That’s not the problem.”

“Don’t think about it so much. Nick obviously likes this, or he wouldn’t have suggested it. So, it’s okay to like it too.” With his hand on my thigh, his thumb brushing my skin in a soothing manner, it’s hard to talk myself out of it. Even if my morals are on the line. Nick did suggest it. So maybe it is okay.

He moves his hand up from my thigh and cups the side of my neck, the same thumb now stroking my ear. It tilts my head to a promising position near his lips. “I’d love to fuck that perfect pussy again.”

I shiver in excitement, my belly twisting as the idea turns me to mush.

“Do you want my dick again?”

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