My Wife's Desires

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“Do you want my dick again?”

His lips are tickling my own and his tongue stretches out, waiting for me to meet it. I swallow, my mouth falling open, a soft breath escaping and my tongue, unsure and yet, slipping out.

Nick shuts the door, breaking me, pulling me away.

“So are we doing this?”

Tyler readjust his pants, shifting, “This she needs more encouragement.”

Nick sits on the other side of me, a hand on my thigh and his lips at my ear, “Come on, baby. Don’t you want to have another night?”

“Are you sure about this?”

Tyler is kissing my shoulder, his hand on my knee. Nick latches onto my hand, flattening it out, running it up my thigh, “Show us how you pleasure yourself.” He whispers.

My body shivers and my head drops back against the cough surrender, allowing Nick to move my fingers to touch my vagina through my bathing suit.

Tyler gets up, slapping Nick on the shoulder. They move back, sitting on the table in front of me.

“What? You’re going to sit there and watch?”

“Come on, pretend we’re not here.”

I sigh out, closing my eyes, trying to relax as I allow my fingers to circle around my clit. All too soon though, Tyler reaches under both my knees and hefts my legs up so my feet are now on the couch. “Much better.” They sit there staring at my vagina like it’s spitting magic. Through the fabric of my bathing suit, I tease my lips, rubbing up and down between them to the point they can see the creases of my folds.

I take my hand away, restarting. This is more nerve-wreaking that I thought it would be. Two men staring at me as I self-pleasure. It’s hard to get out of my head. I touch my neck, my chest, pulling my breasts out to the air. My fingertips trace circles over my breasts. I move my nails up and down my rib cage, across my stomach up to my neck. I stick a finger between my lips and suck, hollowing out my cheeks and I dip it in and out fast as I open my eyes and meet their gazes. Nick licks his lips, leaning close.

I take that wet finger and tease the tip of my nipple. My hand begins to descend down my stomach.

“Ah, fuck.” Nick groans, a hand rubbing against his erection under his swimsuit. “Go baby, touch your pussy.”

I pass over my vagina and feather touch my thighs. Every second, I relax further, concentrating more on my pleasure then their gaze. A finger graces my nub and I twist and moan.

“Wait.” Tyler takes the bowl off the table and plops two pillows down, “Get on the table.” He grabs my hand and lays me down. Now the boys take the couch. They pull the table right up against their knees.

“Much better.” Nick agrees, getting more comfortable to rub his cock through his shorts.

“Take your cocks out and play with me.”

Nick eagerly pulls his swimsuit off, flinging it away and grabs his cock as he sits back, relaxing into the couch, his fingers slowly tracing up and down his big dick and he grabs his own balls, massaging them.

Tyler puts his feet on the table, my gaze right between his legs. I can see the entire outline of his package, the tight boxers hugging his ball sac, wrapping his thick penis like a second skin. He rubs it through the cloth, his thumb brushing over the tip and the fabric is wet from precum.

I reach a hand out, gracing his covered privates with gentle ministration that makes his head drop back against the couch. He struggles to stop thrusting against my hand. I grip his cock hard through the cloth.

I dip my hand inside my bikini and with two fingers on my clit I rotate slowly, bucking against my hand.

Nick gets up and stands between my legs. His huge cock pointing outward, wagging with every beat of his heart. He pulls my bathing suit off and resets my legs with my feet on the table. He pushes my knees apart and flat so they are forming an awkward triangle.

“That pussy. Touch it, baby. Make yourself cum.”

I watch Nick, staring at his penis. He jerks himself slowly. his ministrations causing my imagination to go wild. I thrust my hips, trying to provoke him to stick his dick in my vagina, yearning for it. He bites his lips, his eyes going all over my body till they rest back on my wet lips.

Tyler leans forward and I meet his green eyes, hooded, full of desire. He licks his lips before he grips my chin, forcing me to his mouth, his tongue shoving in the back of my throat. He breaks only to stick two fingers in my mouth and pistons them in and out brutally. My tongue dances erratically over them. He removes them and traces the wet digits down my neck, my chest, over my breast.

Nick’s hand slips on my knee, “Put them inside, Katie.”

I flush, “I’ve never done that.”

He looks at me, “You’ve never felt inside your pussy?”

I shake my head, “Rubbing my clit is enough.”

“No, not today.” He takes my hand, placing a finger over my own and together, we dip into my cunt. My mouth opens in a moan as he directs us in and out. “What does it feel like?”

“It’s wet.”

“Fuck yeah, it’s wet. Because you are a horny girl.”

Tyler stands up, his erection nearly bursting through his boxers and he pulls himself out over the edge of the fabric. His dick is hanging above my breasts and he begins to rub himself slow. “Nick, get on the other side. Let’s cum on her tits.”

Nick steps to my right, abandoning my vagina, and smears my juices on his dick.

“That’s a good idea.” Tyler mentions and then his fingers are inside my pussy, pumping hard and crudely, banging against my clit and I’m breathless with my mouth open nearly at the tip of an orgasm and then he retracts. He smooths the liquid up and down his cock and groans, “That’s perfect.”

“I need more.” Nick dives his two fingers inside, leaving them in as he waves them up and down, finding my g-spot with ease and I buck and gasp. He pulls out just as fast and smothers his sensitive skin with the wet fluid. He jerks into his hand. “That feels great.” He looks down at me, his eyes raking over my breasts and down to my vagina. “Put them in, Katie.”

I shake my head, “I want to cum.” My fingers rotate on my vagina with brutality as I flick my gaze back and forth between the dicks above me.

“Put them inside your pussy.” Tyler orders, twisting a nipple.

Two fingers slip inside and I lean up on my elbow to get a better position, pumping them in and out hard.

“Fuck.” Tyler growls. “I’m cumming, open that mouth. I want to squirt on your tongue.”

I open my mouth wide, letting my tongue hang out and Tyler groans, jerking harder and faster until he stiffens up. His cum hits my face, my mouth, my chin, my tits and he squeezes his cock to get it all out.

“Look at me.” Nick orders and I flip my head just as he releases and his white thick liquid hits me on the chest and stomach. He curses and groans. “You’re so hot with cum all over you.” He scoops up his hot seed and like Tyler did yesterday, he holds in front of my lips. I look up at him as I slip my tongue out, licking off the cum. I love Nick’s cum, it’s sweet like syrup.

Tyler snatches the towel off the couch and wipes the sticky white fluid off my face with a gentleness and care that distracts me from my horniness. Only a compassionate kind of man would take the time to do something like that.

“Keep going.” He murmurs. He has a sly smile on his lips like he knows what I’m thinking. Nick collapsed on the couch but is staring at my fingers and I push them deep to watch his brows knit together, silently groaning.

Tyler moves over between my legs. He watches my fingers pump slowly. “She belongs in a porno. That beautiful shaved pussy. That thick ass. Those nice big fat tits.” He kneels down to get closer. “I should have been paying you to fuck.” His hands are at the insides of my thighs with his thumbs pulling at my lips, spreading me wider. “Want me to eat you, gorgeous?”

I nod desperate, taking my hand away to give him full access.

“I want to eat her pussy.” Nick tells him.

“I want both of you to do it.” I moan, biting my lip, watching Tyler kissing my thighs, his eyes pinned on my vagina, desperate to taste.

“You’re gonna have to stand up for that.”

I immediately get to my feet, making Tyler laugh. He nudges his head, “Lean over the couch. Nick, you front or back?”

Nick follows me to the couch as I rest my elbows on the back of it, sticking out my ass and spreading my legs. He rubs his soft dick against me, slowly building up his drive. “It doesn’t fucking matter.” He kisses my shoulder blades, runs his hands along my ass and slaps it and I whimper, looking over my shoulder, “You love that, don’t you?” He slaps me harder, making me jump and then he kisses my ass to soothe the sting.

Tyler approaches from the left, “I get her front then. Make sure you take care of that asshole. She loves it.” He kneels down, slipping under me and before long his tongue is on my clit, flicking back and forth, “God, I love the way you taste.” He murmurs against me.

Nick kneels behind me, spreading my ass cheeks wide. “Hey, how we doing this?”

“What the hell does that mean?” Tyler replies muffled.

“I don’t want to touch your fucking tongue.”

“Dude, we’re eating her pussy out and your scared to touch my tongue. It ain’t that big a deal. Just start licking.” His tongue slips down my lips.

Nick keeps my cheeks parted and the tip of his tongue hits my anus. I buck against Tyler’s face making him cackle. “Steady girl.”

Two wet tongues slip between my legs and my thighs tremble from the exhilaration. I grip the couch with white knuckles, my moans plenty as I encourage their movements. I really want both their tongues inside me at the same time and I’m wondering if Nick will do it or if he’ll be too conscience of the fact he’s touching another man’s tongue. The idea of both of their tongues slipping into my pussy causes a flush through my body and I shiver.

Nick’s tongue presses into my anus and I groan loudly, clenching the couch in a death grip. Tyler’s tongue is flicking across my clit, causing me to buck every few seconds. I twist my head to watch them both between my legs and I can’t take it, “I’m cumming, keep going.” I beg, my knees weakening.

Two fingers slip inside and then one finger presses into my anus Nick teases the hole like he’s pressing an elevator button over and over again. That shoves me over and I cum hard, my legs squeezing together, pushing Tyler as his fingers continue to move with Nick’s. “Look at that. It’s pouring.” Tyler voices.

Nick slaps my ass. “My dick’s hard again. You ready for me?”

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