My Wife's Desires

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“Wait,” Tyler’s fingers slip out of me and I open my eyes to watch him suck his fingers. “Nick, lay down.”

“No, I want to fuck her from behind.”

“Dude, you’ll like this.”

Nick sighs but separates and pushes the coffee table out of the way to lay down on the plush white carpet. HIs cock sticks in the air as I watch him from over the couch. He’s smirking at me and waves me over. Tyler grabs my arm, twisting me to him and his lips attach to mine, his tongue digging into my mouth so I taste myself on him. He grips my hair, pressing me to his body. My breasts are tight against his chest. He grips my hips, picking me up and I instinctively wrap my legs around his waist. He squeezes my ass as I poke my tongue further into his mouth, our lips and face wet from my juices and salvia. He carries me to Nick before lifting me off and setting my open legs over Nick’s face. “Turn around and kneel down.”

Panting and lightheaded, I kneel over my husband and rest my hands on the carpet so my face is even with his massive cock. I need no other further instruction as I take him in my mouth, sucking hard. Nick pinches my ass cheeks, smacking it.

Tyler kneels behind me near Nick’s head, “Woah, back off.” Nick growls.

“Just watch.” Tyler presses his wrapped cock against my vagina. I can feel the latex against my skin. It’s dry but with a few passes, he smothers it with cum. He presses slowly in and I break off sucking to moan. One slow fucking inch a minute until finally he sinks all the way to the hilt. I squeeze Nick’s dick and force myself to suck.

“Oh fuck.” Nick murmurs. “Look at your pussy, full of cock.” I stop sucking to look between our bodies. Nick’s face is eye level with my cunt and he can only stare in fascination. “Fuck her.” He demands.

Tyler is taking his sweet time slipping out and then thrusting hard back in that my breasts bounce.

“Suck my dick, Katie. I’m going to cum just from watching this.”

“Don’t cum.” Tyler breathlessly warns. “You get to fuck her next.”

Nick groans as I slip him in my mouth, my tongue spread on his tip. But I’m becoming increasingly distracted as Tyler’s massive cock rams into me harder. The dick pops out of my mouth as I curse, “Fuck Yes. Yes. More.”

Tyler leans over me, grabbing a fist full of hair with his lips near my ear, “You suck his dick now, you little slut.”

I take Nick back between my lips and Tyler forces my head up and down. How he manages to do that and fuck me at the same time I can only assume with practice. I’m moaning like crazy, loud terrible sounds that echo through the house. I can barely breathe. The moment Tyler’s hand falls away, I rest my head against Nick’s cock, giving up but I continue to squeeze it, every once in a while, jerking him as the desperation to make him cum overrides me. I want his semen in my mouth as much as I want to cum.

“Switch.” Tyler orders and pulls out. He lays down beside us and greets me with a smile, “Sit on my face, gorgeous.” We’re both panting but I manage to grin before crawling off Nick and spread my leg up over his face. I lean back on my knees, sitting up.

Nick stands up, bending over to kiss me, twisting my nipple. He moves behind me, breaking from my lips and kneels, wrapping his arms around my waist to hold me to his chest. He kisses my neck, “God, you make me so fucking horny, Katie.” He presses his cock against my ass cheeks. “I want to stick it in your ass so bad. It was so tight. I’m going to dream about it for weeks.”

Tyler’s jerking himself off, staring at my pussy. Nick’s fingers dip down spreading my lips, “This pussy.” He murmurs and sticks a finger in. “Is it ready for my dick?”

“Yes. Please.”

He grabs himself, pushing me to my hands and Tyler’s dick right at my mouth. He’s taken off the condom, leaving him raw. I stick out my tongue and flick it across his tip. He curses and raises his hips up to get me to take him in. I wait until Nick slips into my cunt. I swallow his cock, deepthroating him once before I back up and play with his tip.

Nick slaps my ass, “Suck his cock, you dirty…” He finishes with a groan, slamming into my vagina and I moan around his dick.

I’m unprepared when Tyler’s thumb rotates over my clit and I twist, his cock slipping out of my mouth. I suck on his balls instead, moaning against them with every hard thrust Nick hits me with. He gets up on his feet and rocks his hips, his dick going in so deep I can barely breathe. “Fuck. Fuck.” I pant against Tyler’s thigh, completely giving up on trying to please him while I’m being plowed.

“She’s dripping all over my fucking face. Pull out, let me drink her pussy juice.”

Nick nails me one last time before backing out and abandoning me. But Tyler’s mouth sucks on me and his tongue dips far into my vagina. He’s moaning against me and I clench all around him as the pleasure begins to build. “Cum on my face.” He orders, slapping my ass before a finger slips against my anus.

I fight against it with clenched teeth until my moans burst out and I cum, pushing my nether lips hard against his face, nearly smothering him as he erratically swirls his tongue inside me.

I collapse next to him, curling my legs into my stomach as the sensations numb every appendage.

“Katie, get up here and ride my cock.”

I take a minute to regroup. I’m perfectly content to end where we are at and go to sleep but I know their hardons won’t let me. I crawl to my knees and look up. They both sit on the couch with their cocks in hand. Twins as they jerk themselves off staring at me.

I get up on my knees and approach. My tongue dashing over Nick’s dick before I climb onto his lap. He meets my lips and we make out. I slip his cock inside. We groan into each other’s mouths. His hand in my hair, clenching. He pulls my hair and my head forces backward, exposing my neck. He licks up my throat, “Is this what you like?” He lowers to my breast, taking it in his mouth and flicking his tongue over and over on my nipple. I jump up and down on his thick dick, our skin slapping with every brutal pass.

“Don’t cum yet.” Tyler tells Nick.

“I’ll cum when I fucking want.”

“I got another idea.”

Nick grips my hips, stopping me. “Go fuck him for a minute. But I am cumming in that pussy soon.”

I stand, slipping him out of me. Juices roll down my leg and I snatch the towel off the floor to clean up a bit before approaching Tyler. His eyes watch me with interest. They lower to my breasts to my vagina before rising back up. “Turn around.”

I turn and lower my ass onto his lap. His dick pops up between my legs and I rub him with my palm as we make out. Nick doesn’t want to be left out. He leans over, twisting my nipple. I break away from Tyler to press my lips against Nick as Tyler dips his fingers on my pussy, rubbing fast and sloppy.

Breaking from Nick, I rest my hands on Tyler’s knees and together, we slip him inside my wet passage. I’m bouncing like I’m in a fucking bounce house. He slaps my ass, “Ride me. Faster.” Every time he digs into me, he hits the hilt and I’m gasping for breath. My breasts jump with each thrust. Nick stands in front of me, jerking himself, watching every minute. “I can’t take it.” He groans.

“Wait, give me a minute.” Tyler groans behind me and he grabs my hips, stopping my erratic movements and instead of up and down on his shaft, I keep him buried deep and move in a circle. He squeezes my skin and cums. A strew of curse words leave him before his hold lessens and he’s panting. “Alright.”

Tyler pulls me out, setting his wet limp cock between my butt cheeks and I lean back against his chest. He has his hands under my knees and spreads me wide on his lap. “Put your dick in.”

“How?” Nick steps forward, trying to figure it out. It’s an easy thing but it’s clear he’s going to be awkwardly close to Tyler.

“Come on, don’t be a coward.”

“Coward? I don’t want to touch you.”

“You stared at my dick while I fucked her. I think we’re past that.”

“I was staring at her pussy.”

“With my dick in it.”

“Oh, shut up.” I breath, “Nick, come on, I’m dying. I want you to cum inside.”

Nick steps between our legs, holding his dick. He kneels a bit, pressing his tip against me. Then with more confidence he shoves inside and hits my g-spot with practice. I cry as I grab his shoulder. With Tyler’s face on one side, Nick places his hands on the backside of the couch and stares at me as he pounds against us.

“You like this, gorgeous?” Tyler murmurs into my ear. “Me holding your legs open as he plows your pussy? God, you like being fucked, don’t you?” I’m speechless, only processing moans as I push against Nick’s chest. He’s going so deep, every time he hits me, it’s like a mini orgasm. I’m struggling to breath.

“Stop.” I force through a whisper, “I can’t. I can’t.”

“Keep going, Nick, she’s almost there.” Tyler kisses my neck, “Cum. I want to watch his cum drip out of your pussy.”

I arch my back as my orgasm hits me, all thoughts vanish. I have to wait for the fall but he keeps pounding into me and it stretches further till I’m gasping for air.

“Fuck.” Nick curses and goes only faster as he cums inside me. I clench him tight, my body wanting to curl into a ball but with Tyler gripping my legs I can’t move and the pleasure mixes with pain as I’m overwhelmed by the sheer strength and length of this orgasm. I push and struggle to get away and it’s only when Nick finally pulls out, Tyler lets me fall to the couch. I hug my knees, panting, gasping for a moment. His hand is on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart to look at my pussy.

“Look at that.” He groans. “It’s leaking out.”

“Don’t let it get on the couch.”

He chuckles and reaches for a towel, pressing it up between my legs. “Perfect housewife.” He kisses my ass.

I open my eyes to find Nick laying on the floor, spread eagle. He’s catching his breath, his dick limp and shiny from our juices. I smile, watching him. I love it when he’s exhausted after having sex. My job is complete and I’ve made him relax.

I lift my head up and notice Tyler laid back with his head on the couch and eyes closed. His own cock lifeless still wrapped up in a wrinkled condom. The pride I feel is overwhelming and almost better than the orgasm itself. Two grown ass men completely satisfied. I could really just quit my job and do this for the rest of my life and it would be fulfilling.

After I clean the cum, I get to my feet. “I’m going to shower.”

“I’ll be up soon.” Nick murmurs.

I look at Tyler. “What about you?”

His eyes open tiredly. A soft smile slips on his lips. “I’ll be up soon too.”

I grin and dart away.

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