My Wife's Desires

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I fell asleep in the middle of two gorgeous men, AGAIN. I can’t imagine a woman not knowing what this feels like. It’s victory. It’s every wish come true. It’s satisfaction to the fullest extent. I can only wake up with a smile on my face.

Nick groans when his alarm goes off and he rolls out of bed. He goes about his routine as Tyler snuggles against me, sleeping soundly and carelessly. I stare at the closed door wondering if now is a good time to talk to him about everything that’s going on. Can he like having threesomes? Is that a possibility? He doesn’t seem to hate it but what if he’s hiding it, putting me before his own happiness as he tends to do?

He pops out of the bathroom in a towel and begins dressing. I sit up with my legs to my chest, hugging my knees, watching him, trying to decipher hidden clues. He glances at me and smirks, slipping his feet into shoes. He leans over Tyler to kiss me, “You know, you can’t fuck him without me here, right? I don’t have to say that.”

“No. You don’t have to say it. You’re the one I want. He’s just extra.”

Nick kisses me again, glaring at Tyler who remains asleep and darts out the door.

I’m ogling the stranger in my bed before I jump out, “Nick.” I hiss, jotting down the steps. He turns at the bottom and I’m clinging to the bannister. “What am I supposed to do with him?”

He shrugs, walking out the door, “Hang out.”

“Hang out?”

Is this really happening? Are we continuing a three-way ...what? Relationship? Can that happen? Do people do that? Can I? Can we? Oh, so many freaking questions and I’m terrified to ask, to think, to find the moral code in all of this. I don’t want to jinx it.

I wonder how long we can go on like this?

I watch Tyler’s face. He has a thin face and a prominent chin. He has dark stubble growing on his jaw and neck. The scar on his throat is too straight and thin, like someone took a scalpel and cut him open. While the one on the center of his chest is thick, like a miniature speed bump. I’ve been wanting to ask about them but I didn’t think it was my business.

Is it now? What are we? Friends? I barely know him and yet I don’t feel afraid or nervous.

I can’t believe I’ve slept with this man. That his cum sprayed in my mouth. That his tongue has been in my pussy. None of it seems real and yet he’s familiar. Even his scent is now permanently marked in my memory. But even though I know him physically, I’m still ignorant to who he is. Now all I want to do is figure him out. How did he come into this job? What does his family think? How does his mom deal with the fact that he fucks for money?

He stretches and shifts as the sun rises and shines through our curtains. I snuggle against his arm and his hand slinks over my back, pulling me into him as his face rests in my hair. His fingers delicately trace circles on my skin and I smile adoringly.

Soon he lifts his head up, his eyes open as he looks around. “Where’s Nick?”

“He went to work.”

“What time do you go in?”


“Why don’t you stay home today?”

I run my hand up and down his ribs. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea.”

He smirks, leaning to kiss my cheek. “I can hold myself back. Can you?”

Unwilling to answer, I stretch and roll on my side, facing away from him. He molds into me, pressing his dick against my ass as he kisses the back of my neck.

“Come on. I got to know your husband yesterday. Now I want to know you.”

My belly twists. It’s flattering that he wants to get to know me too. I’m unfortunately afraid of how well we can stay away from each other. I would never cheat on Nick. This situation is different and the lines have already been crossed. I need to be very careful.

Thinking about work reminds me I didn’t get my third day off like I was supposed to and I’m still annoyed with my sister. “Okay.” I grin.

He nuzzles against me, his hand gripping my breast, squeezing, “Good girl.”

I spin and reach over him for my phone, pressing my tits right against his face. He buries his head between them against the fabric. I’m giggling as I fall back on the bed. He gets up and goes to the bathroom while I text my sister. She’s not happy about it but I don’t care. She knows all my projects and can handle it for another day without me.

After he leaves the bathroom, I jump in for my morning ritual.

By the time I leave, Tyler’s downstairs and I hear him clanking dishes in the kitchen. “Your famous breakfast. I didn’t get any yesterday.”

I pour myself apple juice and sit outside on the balcony in wait. Snowball is still crying at the front door waiting for her boyfriend to return. She’ll give up in an hour and lay downtrodden and useless for the rest of the day until Nick pops in again.

Twenty minutes later, Tyler emerges with two plates. Eggs, potatoes, and a bunch of cheese. It’s delicious and I eat the whole plate.

He’s chuckling, observing, eating much slower than I am. “Glad you like it.”

“It’s amazing.” I sit back, satisfied and watch the birds twittering. He places his plate on the table and watches quietly with me. It’s nice. It feels natural and normal.

“What time are you meeting those people about a place to stay?”

“Eleven. You want to work out till I have to go?”

“Work out?” I smirk.

He smiles back, “The gym, you nympho.”

“Ug, like weights and stuff.”

“You want to run instead? I wouldn’t mind some cardio.”

I jump to my feet, “I’ll get ready.” It takes a minute before I’m trotting downstairs. Tyler is in basketball shorts and a tight tank that outlines his muscle. My mouth falls open and I nearly trip on the last step.

He looks up from his phone and a gorgeous grin stretches on his lips. His gaze drops to me feet and then back up, “Fucking sexy.”

“You’re not so bad yourself.”

I am not at all neglected by my husband. Nick constantly appreciates how good I look even ten years later. He makes me feel sexy and wanted. But being admired by someone not my husband but a younger man, just brings a bonus boost to my confidence.

Tyler surprises me when he asks if I want to go with him to see the houses. I have nothing better to do so I agree. Now I’ll get to see this car Nick was freaking out about. After we finish our workout, we shower separately (I wouldn’t survive otherwise) and I’m done dressing the same time he is. He uses the backdoor to hide from my neighbors and tells me to head to the right, he’ll pick me up. I walk the sidewalk in shorts and a tight shirt to press against my breasts. He definitely noticed which left me breathless and grinning like a fool.

A slick black car pulls up beside me and the window is down, Tyler’s grinning, “How much?”

I yank the door open, “You practiced that line, you pick up hookers often?”

He snorts as he floors it. The car is sleek and sexy, just like him. “They’re gross. I would never risk my dick to a hooker off the street.”

“Aren’t you a hooker?”

He shrugs, “If you want to get technical, I’m a trained geisha.”

The place isn’t too far and we pull up the side of a house. Tyler rushes to get my door open and holds out a hand for me. Manners that are just as attractive as he is. I didn’t think men did this anymore. I thought Nick was special in his gentlemen wails. I’m spoiled to get two of the same man.

The door opens and a little old lady, hunched and gray hair opens the door. “Who are you?”

“I’m Luka, ma’am, you invited me over to look at the room you have to offer.”

I’m confused by his fake name. What’s the point of a facade? And he lied so easily. Or is Luka his real name and I’m the one he’s lying too?

She looks him over, eyeing his entire form to the point where even I feel dirty and then she smiles, “Yes, come in.”

The house smells like mothballs and dust with a hint of feces. There is crap everywhere like a typical hoarder. She has piles of newspapers in one corner, books in another. A cat meows at our feet only to be followed by two others and the poop smell becomes obvious. She waves us downstairs. “It’s refurbished. My stupid son wants to make money off me. It’s got its own refrigerator. Washer and dryer are upstairs.”

The stairs creak as we descend and though the litter box odor fades, it smells oddly like death down here. Tyler glances back up at me with wide eyes of fear and I suppress my laugh.

The bottom floor doesn’t look too bad. There is a twin sized bed and boxes stacked against the back to make room for a small couch and a TV. They certainly tried to make it look like an apartment but all the furniture is ancient, 1960s old.

“Now this is for one person.” She looks expectantly at me. “No visitors are allowed. And especially no sleepovers of any kind. I don’t want strangers picking through my stuff and putting their hands on things that don’t belong to them.”

“I’m fine with that. How much for everything?”

“Six hundred a month.”

I can’t believe he’s really considering this. He’s probably hoping for anything to get out of our hair. But I don’t know if I’m ready for him to leave just yet. And especially if it means him living in hideousness. I grip Tyler’s bicep, “Excuse me.”

He looks back at me confused.

I press myself into his side and his hand automatically rests on my waist, holding me to him. “No sleepovers, baby? I don’t think I can handle that.” I touch his lip with my thumb and his lips loosen as he pulls me closer.

He leans and nuzzles my cheek. “I can fuck you in my car.”

I push my breasts into his chest, “That’s not good enough.”

He lowers to my neck, his lips kissing my skin before he turns to the old woman watching us. “Sorry. My friend’s wife doesn’t like this place.”

Her eyes widen in horror and a shaking hand shuns us, “Disgusting. God will punish you.”

“Thank you for your time.”

I dart upstairs and he smacks my ass. I’m giggling as I rush out the doors. Tyler grabs my arm, swinging me around and I fall against him. His hands slip down my back and grip my ass, pushing me flush against his body. “You going to sabotage every house I visit?”

Tyler lifts me and my legs wrap around his hips as he continues to the car. He presses me against the car window, forcing his erection to rub against my apex. His lips are on my throat, “You want me to stay in your house, don’t you? So, you can fuck me anytime you want? What happens when you get tired of using me?”

I push back with hurt on my face, “I’m not using you.”

He smiles, leaning in and planting a soft kiss on my cheek. “You wouldn’t do good at my job. You take things too emotionally. I was joking.”

My eyes are closing the more his lips barely touch my skin. I want him to kiss me so badly, I’m nearly panting. “Oh, excuse me. Are you saying you don’t have emotion? Are you cold hearted?”

Our lips play with each other, teasingly, “Depends.”

A smile spreads on my lips, “On what?”

He shakes his head slowly, looking over me with an intensity I can feel through my pores. “On who.”

His lips press to mine vigorously, his tongue slipping in my mouth and I cling to his shoulders, hanging on, drowning in the passion. His hands slid up my sides and down my back again, gripping my ass and my thighs.

We part, panting against each other’s mouths and I open my eyes, weakly. Tyler is just as bad, looking me over with desire in his eyes. I swallow, licking my lips. “Um..” I drop my head. Shame is a quick emotion. It’s one thing to flirt and tease, but that kiss felt more than what it should have.

Tyler feels it too and rests a forehead on my shoulder. “I’ll tell Nick I kissed you. That was stupid.”

We've been carelessly touching each other all day but we know when we cross a line, when it's not just sexual. That had feeling behind it and it shouldn't have.

“I got to say… I wish I met you first.” He releases my legs and I slap my hand on the car to steady my sway. Tyler leans in and I follow his lips, thinking he’s going to kiss me again, stupidly wanting him too, and yet not wanting him too, but he pulls the door open next to me and I sink into the seat, feeling terrible.

Guilt. Terrible sinking guilt. I’ve felt this way once in the beginning of our marriage, after I ate the last of the apple pie, Nick’s favorite dessert. Years later, I still remember and I realize how silly that was. This is the real guilt. The gut wrenching, soul twisting kind.

I love Nick. I’m so in love with him but why am I getting feelings for another man?

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