My Wife's Desires

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I’m in the process of cooking dinner. Nick usually gets home around eight if he goes in early in the morning. If he goes in late, he’ll come home around midnight. I like to have a fresh meal on the table for him. He eats junk all day long, never having a meal throughout the day because he’s pressed for time.

After Nick left, Tyler and I spent the day separately. Our undeniable connection is a struggle and I will not risk my marriage for something shallow. I had to come downstairs to cook dinner and he sits at the island in front of his laptop. It has been silent for a while and the tension is a killer.

“Whatcha doing?” I break the quiet hoping to become distant friends.

“Looking for better places to live considering you now have an opinion on the matter.”

“A clean place is not so much my idea as it is common sense.”

“Oh, shots fired.”

I giggle, already loosening up in his presence. I don’t know what it is about him but I feel relaxed even with the looming cloud of infidelity hanging above me.

I’m halfway through dinner when I receive a text message from Nick.

‘How about a few naked pics to get me motivated?’

I flush from head to toe, grinning as ideas pop in my head.

Tyler notices it, leaning back in his chair. “What’s that sexy face for?”

“Nick’s asking for nude pics.”

He laughs, “I have a feeling he and I are gonna be good friends. You got an apron?”


“Put it on.”

I reach for it out of a drawer and go about putting it over my head.

“No, no. Take off your clothes first.”

I bite my lip as he steps up to me. My nipples harden when he slips into my bubble, leaning in, his lips so close to mine. He plucks my phone off the counter. “Go on.” He holds up the phone to record me.

“Stop it!”

“Come on. Your husband’s waiting.”

I take the challenge, checking the food first before I look over my shoulder and lift my shirt over my head. My hot pink lace bra revealed. “Turn around and lean against the counter.” I put my hands back on the counter, puffing out my chest. He snaps a few pictures and I’m laughing.

“Keep going.”

I unbutton my jeans, looking at him with a sheepish smile as he grins over the cell phone, watching with an intense gaze. I turn around, showing my ass and push my jeans just below my butt cheeks. He’s clicking away.

“Look at that fat ass. Put your finger through the thong.”

I reach behind me, slipping in my ass crack to pull on the thong. It presses against my pussy and I’m wet from this simple ministration. I kick off my pants and turn back to the stove, stirring my garlic green beans. He keeps clicking and I’m laughing.

“Come on, take the rest off.”

“No!” I grab the apron, “You got to leave something to the imagination.”

“You don’t want to know what’s going on in my imagination right now.”

I can’t help but glance between his legs and notice his large erection pushing against his pants. He reaches down and grabs it, adjusting it. “Don’t look at me like that or I won’t be able to keep my promise to Nick.”

I hide my face and put the apron on over my head. The extra material puts a barrier between us that I need.

“Sit up on the counter and spread your legs.”

I jump on the counter, putting my feet right on the edge and my knees drop open. I put my hands back on the counter, puffing out my chest.

“You look like a fucking porn model.” He gets in close, snapping between my legs, moving the apron just enough that it hides my pussy but threatens to show more. “He’ll love these.”

Tyler goes back to the bar stool and sits, flicking through the pictures and sends off the ones he likes.

I jump down and go about chopping the meat I’m cooking before dropping it into a hot skillet. I hear snapping and turn around.

“It’s that ass. I can’t get enough of it. Got to send some to myself.”

“Don’t you dare.”

“I need new jerkoff material.” He winks.

I flush, the idea of him jerking himself to my picture can excite in ways I don’t want to admit. I touch my neck, twisting and arching trying to ease the ache between my legs.

My phone dings and I dive for it but he picks it up and looks at it. He laughs before tossing it to me.

Nick’s message, ‘Tell Tyler to keep his dick in his pants till I get home. Ten minutes. I want to open the door and find your pussy greeting me.’

I run a hand down my body, fleetingly over my nipple. I’m dying for attention. My legs are weak with the idea that Nick is allowing us another night of threesomes. I can barely concentrate on the food in front of me

Tyler is coming up behind me. “Don’t think about it.” I order, flipping the steak. He grabs my hips and presses his erection against my ass cheeks.

His lips descend on my neck. “I’ve been good all day. I’m ready to bust now. It’s like flaunting dessert before dinner. It’s torture.” His hands slip under my apron and grab my breasts, squeezing them hard over the lace. He thrusts against me, groaning, “I’m gonna fuck you raw by the end of the night. It’s gonna be my cum dripping out of your pussy. You want that? You want me to cum inside you?”

I rest my head on his shoulder as he rotates my nipples between his thumb and forefinger. “Yeah.” I moan, rubbing my ass against his thick dick.

He yanks away, “Shit. I gotta rub one out.” Tyler snags his phone off the counter and darts upstairs. I stare after him, wanting to follow but knowing I can’t. I instead go to the door and eagerly watch for my husband’s car, the food momentarily forgotten. Snowball’s at my feet whining, just as impatient.

Nick pops out of his car and runs to the door. I open it up and he whisks me off my feet. Snowball barks as we kiss deep, twisting our tongues in careless abandonment. He sets me down, “Hi.”


He kneels and let’s Snowball go crazy, licking his face and neck and spinning in a crazy circle. “Is dinner ready?”

My eyes widen and I dart to the kitchen. I flip the steaks, wincing at the burnt edges. “Almost.” I squeak, checking on my green beans. Nick takes the dog for a walk as I finish the salad, setting up three plates and scoop a spoon full on each plate. “Tyler, dinner!”

A moment later the toilet flushes and he comes downstairs, slightly out of breath with a red face, grinning. “Where’s Nick?”

“Took the dog for a walk.”

“I thought I was going to come downstairs to you two fucking on the couch.”

“We have patience.”

“Better than me.”

“You made it through the day.”

“I deserve a fucking trophy.”

I laugh, pouring us wine as I set a beer down for Nick.

Nick pops in the door, surprisingly taking a short walk, “Hey man.”

“Hey Nick. How was work?”

Nick takes his seat, “Exhausting. The money’s worth it but ten-hour days are kicking my ass. I’m not as young as I used to be.”

“Young is a state of mind. You aren’t old yet.”

“Yet.” Nick chuckles, taking a bite. I sit beside them and we eat our salads conversing about what we did today. I tell him of the horrible house we visited and the odd old lady. Tyler goes on to say he found another one to look at tomorrow. I hate that it makes me sad. I really like Tyler here, probably more than I should.

“When does school start up again?”

“The middle of August. It’s gonna kill me but I’m excited. Being a doctor is something I always wanted to do.”

“Any family members doctors?”

Tyler takes a minute to answer, playing with his lettuce before he speaks, “Nope. My brother’s a police officer and my dad works for the government.”

“He must be proud.”

A fake smile flashes on his lips before he nods, “Sure.”

The reply is odd and I nudge, “He’s not?”

“I’ve been doing my side job since I was twenty. My dad found out and kind of forbade me to come back to the house till I stop…’Prostituting myself’ as he nicely put it.”

“Why’d you start?”

“A girl in my school was doing it to get through college and her and I started screwing around. She told me about it. My father was paying for my school but not any of my bills. I was working as a mechanic, but school was really taking from me and I was going broke. I did it once and the money was addicting. I stopped school for a year because of how easy it was to get ten grand in a month. My father found out, stopped paying for my school and I’ve been exiled ever since.”

“That was a long time ago.”

“Five years.”

“What about your mother?”

“She died when I was a teenager.”

I reach out and touch his arm. “I’m sorry.”

“No biggie.”

“My dad died a few years ago. It was the worst thing I ever experienced.”

“Shit,” Nick begins, “I wish my parents would die.”

“Shut up!” I throw a cucumber at him. “You love them. I love them too.” I explain, “He’s just upset because they keep hounding us about kids.”

“You don’t want them?”

“Nope.” I reply, “we are good like this.”

“I want one.” Tyler admits as I get up to plate the steaks and green beans. “Just one. A girl.”

“Wow. I’m surprised.”


“You don’t seem like the parent type.” I grin over my shoulder.

“That’s because you’ve only seen me fucking.”

Nick chuckles. “Can you get me another beer, Katie?”

I pile on plates and return to the table, taking up the empty salad bowls and put them in the sink before I dig in the fridge for a beer. I toss it to him and he pops it open, chugging it. I go back and get another one because I know him. After work he likes to get a little tipsy.

“Beer is the worst thing to do for your body.” Tyler interrupts, “Vodka has way less calories and doesn’t give you a gut.”

“Katie says the same thing but I’ve been drinking beer since I was eighteen. Can’t stop now.”

“You can always stop.” I reply boldly.

“I don’t need you both getting on me. I had a hard day.”

I whisper to Tyler, “It’s always a hard day.”

He stifles a cackle.

“Get over here and suck my cock to shut that mouth.”

I pop my eyes up in surprise. Nick rarely ever talks dirty and here he is, the first one to break. My shock turns into excitement but I suppress it as I coldly reply, “I just cooked you dinner.”

“And I’m going to eat it. While you suck my cock.” He sits back, pushing his chair off to the side to give me room.

“Go on.” Tyler pressures.

“You too?”

“The sooner he gets off the sooner I can.”

“You haven’t even showered.”

“I bet you love the smell of dirty dick.”

With an over exaggerated sigh, I move around the table, pushing Snowball out of the way. She growls but with a snap of Nick’s finger’s she depressingly and sluggishly goes to the living room.

Nick already has his flaccid dick in his hand, holding it out for me. I get on my knees. He grips the back of my head and shoves his cock in my mouth. The smell of his sweaty nutsack mixing with the taste sends a pulse of desire to my pussy and I can feel it run down and soak my panties. I’m slow, licking him clean, getting him hard and gradually his full length is at attention. I run my tongue from the base all the way to the tip.

Meanwhile the two boys have a conversation, to my annoyance.

“Where’s this house tomorrow?”

“River oaks community just off of, uhh, Sigmund.”

“What are you looking for in a place?”

“I have no furniture so that’s a must. All that money I spent filling my ex’s damn apartment and I left it.”


“Guilt, I guess. She was screaming and I just wanted to get out. I don’t like confrontation.”

My sucks sound loud in my ear as I speed up. Nick’s flinching despite how well he’s trying to act like this isn’t affecting him. I pop him out of my mouth to jerk him off, flicking my tongue over his tip. I’m wondering what Tyler is thinking and I look over my shoulder to see his dick out, untouched. It twitches in greeting.

“Yeah, I’m not one for confrontation either. I’ve been in a few fist fights and it’s not my thing.”

“I’ve never been in a fight. I imagine I could hold my own though.”

Nick rubs my shoulder, “That’s enough for right now. Go eat, Katie.”

I get up and he grabs my arm, stealing a quick kiss. When I slip away, I move behind Tyler sliding my hands down his chest. He turns to me, his hand on the back of my head and our lips finally connect after the hours and hours of desperate waiting. I touch the tip of his dick with my thumb, rotating over it, spreading precum. We break, smiling into each other’s lips.

“You ever go boxing? Katie, I said go eat.”

I lift my rebellious gaze, staring at him as I jerk Tyler off for a moment. He’s smirking and takes a drink. I sit in my chair. “I don’t think I like you ordering me around.”

“Act like you aren’t wet. You love it. I’m beginning to see that more and more. Take off that apron.” Nick once again demands.

I ignore him, taking a bite of my steak.

He gets up and comes to my side, squeezing a hand around my neck, lifting my face up to meet his. His dick is still out and hard. “You better listen or I’ll tie you up in that chair.”

Tyler groans, “That’s a great fucking idea.”

Nick unties the apron and pulls it off. Then he shoves me forward and unclasps my bra, yanking it off. Now I sit at the dinner table with my breasts out and my nipples hard.

He goes back to his seat and chugs the rest of his beer. “You figure out where to go tonight?”

Tyler’s attention is me but he breaks away to reply, “Yeah I got just the place.”

“Go?” I was under the impression that I was going to get my brains fucked out and now they’re talking about going somewhere? “I don’t want to go anywhere.”

“I’m gonna shower. No fucking but I’ll let her suck you off.” He slaps Tyler on the shoulder as he passes.

“Good man.” Tyler grins after him before his eyes rest on me. He sips his wine. I squirm under his stare and stand up quickly, grabbing my husband’s plate and my own bringing it to the sink. I have only a thong on in the middle of the kitchen and I feel him roam his eyes up and down my body, gluing to my ass. All day I’ve been dying to be fucked and now that it’s so close, I can barely keep from shaking.

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