My Wife's Desires

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Whipped Cream

Tyler gets up from the table and I cling to the sink, refusing to look behind me. His hands rest on my hips and his bare erection presses between my cheeks. He rubs it back and forth like a feather. His lips rest on my shoulder, “How long does he usually take in the shower?”

“Ten minutes or so.”

He spins me around and his tongue dives into my mouth as he lifts me up by my ass. I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms over his shoulders. Our lips twist in chaotic movements, sloppy and desperate. He carries me to the island and sets me down on the cold marble. “Lay down.” He moves the vase of flowers from the center and sets them beside the sink.

I lay down, watching him, my chest heaving, my nipples so hard they’re painful.

Surprisingly, he goes to the fridge, searching for something.

“What are you doing?”

He smiles but doesn’t answer before he grabs it. It’s whipped cream. He’s shaking it, turning to me with a wicked grin. He sucks on the tip and squirts some into his mouth. He holds it open and I spread my lips wide. He sprays it on my tongue. “Mm.” I lick my lips, swallowing the sweet flavor.

Tyler squirts a tiny bit on my nipples. It’s cold but so quickly his tongue comes along and laps it up, flicking over my nipple repeatedly as I squirm beneath him. He draws a thin line down to my belly button and follows it with his mouth.

He moves between my legs, staring at my covered vagina. A thumb presses into my clit and I arch my back. “Your panties are soaked.”

I jerk into his touch, craving something to calm the ache in my pussy. He puts the can on the counter and walks to my side. I’m disappointed, wondering what he’s doing until he leans down to kiss me. Against my lips he whispers, “I want to fuck you raw, baby. Can I?”

“You’ll have to ask Nick.”

He runs to the steps, “Hey Nick!”

“He can’t hear you.” I’m laughing at his crazy desperation.

“I’m gonna fuck your wife without a condom, is that alright?”

“He can’t hear you.”

He shrugs, returning between my legs. “He said it’s fine.” He reaches for my arms and pulls me up, my legs wrapping his waist once again. He’s grinning as he carries me to the carpet in the living room, kicking the coffee table to the side and setting me down in the middle. His lips suck on my neck and breasts, “I just can’t wait. This might be my only opportunity and I have to feel your pussy at least once.”

“You can’t. Not without Nick being okay.”

“I won’t cum inside you.”


He rests his forehead against my chest, sighing. He thinks for a minute and then pops up to his feet and grabs the whipped cream off the table. “Can’t fuck your pussy, but I can fuck your titties.” He kneels and sprays a crap load of whip cream over my chest. Once he’s satisfied with the amount and he stands, pulling his shirt up over his head and yanks his pants down. His big cock is erect and already wet with precum. He straddles my waist and sits down with his cock and balls pressed between my breasts. “That’s cold.” He jerks a little, his sensitive skin squished in a pile of white cream. He squeezes my breasts around his cock and slowly moves his hips. The tip of his penis buries in between my mounds of flesh and whipped cream before emerging out and nearly touching my chin.

“That’s it.” He groans, slow and steady, his balls rubbing with each thrust. “Your titties are so fucking perfect.” His cock feels hot and I watch as the tip comes near my mouth and then sinks away, disappearing only to reemerge, a pink one-eyed snake. “Stick your tongue out.”

I open my mouth and stretch out my tongue. When he moves forward the tip of his dick strikes my tongue. He groans, moving faster, recklessly until he releases my breasts.

“Now your mouth.” He shifts closer, resting his hands on the ground above me and plunges his thick cock into my mouth, nearly gagging me. “Take it in, baby.”

My nails dig into his ass as I suck hard, bobbing my head. The whipped cream gets all over my chin and neck as his balls hit me. My fingers spider crawl along his ass, pulling his cheeks apart. I think about tickling his balls, even touching his anus, wanting to do things to him that I’ve been too afraid to try with Nick.

He chuckles, “What are you thinking? You wondering about that g-spot in the ass, aren’t you?” He keeps pumping into my mouth. “Go ahead. Rub your finger on your chest, get it nice and covered. Only the tip.”

I’m panting, losing breath and I pop him out of my mouth. The anxiety of fingering his ass putting my heart into overdrive. I’ve never touched a man’s asshole before but he knows my secret desires better than a man I’ve lived with for ten years. What it would do to Nick if I stuck a finger in there and made him cum harder than he’s ever had? I’ve always wanted to find out.

I feel Tyler’s ass crack and finger the hole. He jerks, groans, directs his cock back in my mouth. “Do it.”

I press in,

“Ah, fuck!” He clenches around my finger, his face red, his teeth clenched and he fucks my mouth erratically. I stroke his anus, putting in the tip and taking it out again, numerous times until his cum shoots into the back of my throat and I push hard into his hole. He smacks his hand over and over on the ground as I drink him. He pulls away, collapsing beside me. His dick lays limp among the white cream over his necks. He’s panting hard, his eyes closed, just basking in the aftermath.

“I’m done. I don’t think I can cum again after that.”

“You better.”

A smile stretches his open lips. “You want to kill me, don’t you?” He gets up and goes to the sink, cleaning himself off before coming back with a towel in hand and rubbing all the whipped cream off of me. It takes a couple trips back to the sink and the last time he brings some antibacterial soap and washes my finger.

“What do you think Nick will say if I try it on him?”

“He’ll squeal like a girl.”

Nick bounces down the stairs. “Let’s go.”

Tyler stands up and holds out a hand for me, “Go get dressed.”

“Baby, I don’t want too.” I take his hand but I attempt to pull him down. “Let’s stay here.” But Tyler pulls me up anyway.

“Wear a dress. No panties.”

“I’m wearing underwear.”

I’m unprepared when Tyler comes from behind and they trap me, feeling up on my ass, my tits, a finger slipping momentarily between my legs before moving on.

“Listen to daddy, gorgeous.” He smiles into my shoulder.

I twist my head and our lips twist for a short moment before I turn back to Nick and suck on his tongue. “Can’t we stay and you two fuck me like yesterday?”

“Oh, you’ll get fucked. But there’s a fantasy of mine I think it’s time we visited.”

Knowing Nick has a fantasy makes me immediately compliant and after making out with both of them for a few more minutes, I rush off to get dressed. I have to get a shirt and clean my vagina as it continues to drip. How am I going to be able to sit if I’m leaking as bad as I am? It’s then my decision to wear a black dress comes into play. I have a skintight, mid-thigh club dress that reveals a little busier than I intended. I should have gotten a medium, but I had gotten a small to fit my big ass in. It squeezes my breasts out and rides up near my butt line.

After brushing my teeth, squirting some perfume, I rush down the stairs.

Nick and Tyler are both dressed in black pants with a nice button up shirt to go with it.

Once again, they surround me, this time Tyler in front as Nick presses against my backside. As I make out with Tyler, Nick slips his hands up under my dress to make sure I’m not wearing any underwear. He moans into my neck, “Good girl.” His middle finger taps at my wet opening before he slowly slithers it inside, barely in before he removes it, teasing me.

“Let me clean you up first.” Tyler lowers to the floor and lifts my leg up, Nick holding my hips to keep me steady as my dress hitches up to my hips and he licks me like a lollipop for a few seconds before he drops me. He licks his lips and then rubs it away with a grin. “Let’s go.”

“You guys suck.”

Nick slaps my ass, “That’s your job.”

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