My Wife's Desires

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We pile into Nick’s car. It may not be as fancy as Tyler’s but it’s a Cadillac with leather seats and enough leg room to fuck in. We’ve done that before a few times.

Nick holds my hand for a bit as we listen to music. He kisses my palm glancing over at me, “You look beautiful.”

I blush, “Thank you. You look pretty damn sexy yourself.”

“I always do.” He grins.

I pull my hand away, slapping him. His ego, despite being annoying is one of the things hooked me. A man needs to be pretty confident to fuck the way he does. I glance down to his pants and notice the bulge against them. I can’t help but lean over and rub it. “Where are you taking me?”

“It’s Tyler’s idea.”

Tyler adds, “Nick’s fantasy requires a certain atmosphere. You won’t be disappointed.”

It’s a thirty minute drive and I’m on my phone most of the ride, going through my sister’s text messages. I wonder how mad she’ll be if I don’t come in again tomorrow.

Nick parks the car. Off to the right is a neon flashing light that reads, “Full Nude.”

I twist my head with skepticism. “You brought me to a strip joint?”

Tyler climbs out and opens my door, “It’s a good one, I promise.” He wraps an arm around my shoulder, “It’s the only place that won’t give a shit when we are both making out with you.” He kisses my cheek, slipping away as Nick comes up and takes my hand.

“Do you come here often?” I calmly ask my husband.

“You know every time I've been to a strip club. Don't worry, baby, you gonna like this.”

I’m nervous. I don’t know how I’ll feel about Nick looking at other girls. Or Tyler for that matter. I’m trying to act like he doesn’t matter to me but as the events between us continue, my sexual feelings are being joined with other emotions that I want to deny.

The boys each pay a twenty dollar entry fee as I get in free. I don’t know where or when they went to the bank but each of them have a big wad of cash on them.

Inside it’s dark but there are lights on the stage and a colored rotating sphere flickering every which way. Candles sit in the center of round tables. I’m one of three girls that came here with a male partner but like Tyler was saying, no one is looking at us. They watch the stage where a woman is spinning around a pole with her breasts out and red panties.

I cling to Nick’s hand, watching his face, determining what he is thinking. He seems to be more interested in finding us a table than the stage. I turn to look at Tyler and he meets my gaze, “What do you think?” He asks.

I shrug. I don’t know what this fantasy is of Nick’s but it’s making me very uneasy.

We get a booth. It’s round, pretty private in the back with curtains surrounding three sides. It faces the stage several feet away. I sit in the middle, crossing my arms over my chest, doubting the cleanliness of this booth. My husband works in a restaurant, I know how nasty they can get and that’s just for food. This is for a sexual experience. I’m sure if I dared, there would be condoms and dried up cum in between the cracks.

A waitress approaches our table with a white bra and matching panties. “Hello, I’m Lacy. Welcome to the Playpen club. Are you members?”

Tyler answers, “3 Johnny Vegas, Lacy.” He holds up a fifty, “And do me favor, every time you come up to this table, take your bra off so we can look at your titties. I’ll give you another hundred on your tip.”

She snatches it and sets it on her tray. With one hand, she unhooks the latch in the front and let’s the fabric drop open like double doors. Her big fat breasts hang with big swollen nipples. I’ve never seen such freakishly large nipples before. “Will you be wanting other services tonight?”

“Yeah, in a bit. Big titties and big asses. Puss, if she’s in tonight.”

“I’ll let her know.” She winks at him and walks away.

I stare at him, “Guess you come here often.”

“Three or four times a year, with a client, usually. But Puss is unforgettable.”

I keep silent, biting my lip. Nick drops his hand on my thigh and I meet his gaze, “You okay? If you want to go--”

“No, this your thing. I didn’t know you wanted to look at other girls.”

Nick leans into me, “No baby, that’s not what this is.”

I can’t believe I’m on the verge of tears. I keep them held back, rubbing my eye so no tears fall. It’s stupid considering I’m here with a paid prostitute. There has to be something seriously wrong with me.

“Katie, I don’t want to look at other girls.” He grabs my face in his hands forcing me to look at him. “You are all I see, okay?”

I melt into him, trusting in him, loving him. “Then what are we doing here?”

He glances at Tyler before he mischievously replies. “I want to fuck you in public.”

“Oh.” I hide my smile, “Here?”

He chuckles, “Yeah. In this booth where anyone can see us.”

I shift nervously now. “We’ve had sex in public.”

“In my office at my restaurant when everyone had already gone home. That’s not what I’m looking for. I want my dick inside you when that waitress comes up to us and asks if we need anything. I want people to look at us and know we’re fucking.”

I’m grinning now as I turn into him, teasing his lips with my own, “You are a little freak, aren’t you, baby? Just like me.”

“Not just like you, but I’m getting there.” He slips his tongue out and I suck on it, tracing my hand down his shirt and gripping his cock that’s constraining against his pants.

The waitress sets down our drinks and I jerk my hand away, terrified of being caught. Then I notice her big breasts leaning over the table and I realize my actions aren’t so bad. I still feel the blush on my cheeks.

Her attention moves to Tyler who is watching her with interest. She rests a hand on the table, her breasts pushing together as she eyes him, “You running stag tonight, darling? I can find a girl for you in no time.”

I don’t like the nausea that rotates in my belly. Is it jealousy? I have no right to be jealous and yet I don’t want him talking to anyone, not in front of me.

Tyler slides in his seat to be closer to me and wraps an arm around my shoulder, “I’m not stag, sweetheart.” He leans in nuzzling my neck. I can’t help the smile and giggle as he teases my skin. Nick has his face against my ear, biting my lobe.

Lacy’s eyebrows rise and she straightens, “My apologies. Let me know if I can get you anything else.” She winks at me with a secretive grin.

I feel empowered, better than anyone here, proud of the two sexy men that are addicted to me.

“You like this, don’t you, gorgeous? Two men dedicated to pleasing you.”

I bite my lip, nodding, turning to meet Nick’s lips. A hand is on each of my thighs and they both tease the fabric, digging into the cave between my legs. Their hands working as one as they both slide further and further in, until their fingers meet my wet core. I open my legs to make room for both of them. I break off my kiss with Nick and turn to Tyler, feeling the need to reward him for his loyalty. We make out deep, our tongues pushing to the back of each other’s mouth.

“Alright, alright.” Nick murmurs, cutting us off, “Let’s drink.”

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