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A date

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I’m so nervous. It’s stupid to be this nervous. I’m not a virgin. I haven’t been a virgin since my first year of college. Ten partners in six months got me through my sexual journey and a quick run-in with a damn STD was a tough thing to learn. But thankfully, medication and rest got it out of my system. I stopped messing around so foolishly after that. Still don’t know if it was number nine or number ten considering I screwed them in the same week but either way, I didn’t see them again thankfully.

Nick was a little less adventurous than I had been. He came from a more religious family that sex before marriage was considered a sin. That didn’t mean he still didn’t do it. He was just less ambitious about it. I was only the third girl he’d ever been with and never had he acted in a one-night stand.

It was obvious since the moment we met there was something between us. A chemistry that couldn’t be ignored. Neither of us were looking for a relationship, both of us focused on our school and career. But after our night together, we couldn’t stay away. Hell, I still can’t stay away from him.

The escort, Tyler, is going to be here in twenty minutes.

We’ve set up the bedroom with all the necessities. Lube, toys, handcuffs, rope. Whatever ideas our new partner will have. We decided we were going to be open minded, allow him to take us through this foreign land. I specifically asked for someone that had three ways before and would know how to go about this.

It is like fucking surgery! Oh, god, I’m pathetic. Maybe this is a bad idea. This is too much even for me. I can’t imagine what Nick’s going through. I stare at him sitting on the couch flipping aimlessly through the channels. Snowball is snug against his lap, no doubt feeling his anxiety. She loves him way more than she loves me. I’m almost jealous but then I understand the feeling. He is a much better person than I am. He didn’t ask me for a threesome. He was perfectly fine with just us. I am the one ruining everything.

I sit beside him. “Are you mad?”

His brows knit. “Mad? About what?”

“That I asked this.”

He shakes his head, keeping his eyes on the TV. “No.”

I snatch the remote out of his hand, gaining his attention. He notices the upset in my face and he grabs my hand and sighs out, “It gets in my head that’s all.”

“Tell me.”

He rests his head back against the couch, staring at the ceiling. “I know I’m good.”

I laugh and he grins.

“So like, why do you need more?”

“I don’t need it. It’s just a fantasy.”

“Oh, then let’s call it off.”

My eyes widen.

He laughs, cupping my cheek, “Kidding.” His hand falls and he reaches for the remote again. “I’m fine, baby. We’ll just think of this as an adventure.”

I kiss his cheek, “I love you.”

“I’m the whole package, of course you love me.”

I squeeze on his lap, “And me?”

His hands grip my waist as he leans into snuggle against my breasts, “You? You’re my world.” I hold his head, moving to kiss his lips. He slaps my ass, breaking, “But you better go brush your teeth or you’re going to frighten that guy off before he walks through the door.”

I smack him as I jump off embarrassed, stomping my way up the stairs with every chuckle that follows me. Sometimes, I could really punch him in his throat.

After brushing my teeth and rubbing smelly lotion and spraying a little more perfume in places I’m not going to mention, I step back and stare at myself in the mirror. I’ve dressed in a dark blue house dress, nothing fancy, it’s one of Nick’s favorite dresses. My blue eyes stand out, my tanned skin sinks in with the color, and my brunette hair is an added bonus. I’ve curled my hair and it hangs over my shoulders, shaping my face just the way I like it. I’m not one for makeup so I’ve left my face untouched.

I feel like I’m going on my first date. But it’s not with this stranger. It’s with Nick. We’re exploring a new world together and I want everything to go perfect for the both of us.

Eleven years ago was our first date and I remember every detail. Not the one-night stand we had the night we met. A month later, after screwing around randomly for weeks, he asked me out on a real date and I was so ecstatic. He took me to the beach an hour away and we rode jet skies and swam the day away. It was beautiful and at the end of the night, snug in beg, exhausted and sweaty, he held my face and asked me to be his girlfriend. It was probably totally my fault he failed his exams. I became hooked and needed to be around him all the time and he seemed to feel the same. I should have been more supportive and forced him to study but he wasn’t really interested in being a lawyer. It was something his parents wanted him to do. He was too nice, too funny to be a stick in the mud lawyer. He got into serving the moment he failed his classes. But his ambitious state didn’t allow him to stay there. Once he got the layout of a restaurant, he’d move on to another. He wanted to own one and so he went about applying for random positions to figure out all the ins and outs. He met enough friends in the business this way and eventually became best friends with an owner. Two years ago, we put all our savings into buying a building with his best friend and together their business became quite successful.

I worked as a event planner, getting into the family business when I was sixteen with my mom and aunt. We did weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate retreats, pretty much every kind of group function. It paid great and since I had no bills till I was twenty three, I had a fat bank account before Nick and I ever met. Nick admired how I felt we were equal. I never required him to pay for anything but if he offered I didn’t stop him. I was a partner and so we were equal on rent, groceries, and bills.

It was easy getting our savings backup to a comfortable level. Though I did have to dip into it for this little escapade.

The doorbell rings and my heart flutters. Our date has arrived.


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