My Wife's Desires

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The announcer comes on to bring out the next stripper. The music is nice and sexual and I move my own body to the beat. We order another round of shots but thankfully something a little sweeter. I actually like the atmosphere. The naked women don’t bother me anymore as I take in the fact that both Nick and Tyler don’t seem as interested as the men who are up against the stage, sticking dollar bills into G-strings. They are acting like it’s a typical restaurant. And though they both have raging hard-ons, I know it’s all for me.

Lacy returns with shots but she looks at me, “If you want to do something special, stick it between those tits and let them suck it out. Add a little row of salt and put the lime in your mouth.”

Nick is ready, pressing his shot glass between my breasts. He licks the top of my boob and Tyler is ready with the salt, sprinkling it on. I stuff the lime in my mouth, facing Nick. He dips his head down, shaking his head as he does so and with his mouth takes the shot between his lips. He is quick to discard it, running his tongue over the line of salt and then takes the lime between his lips and sucking. “Way fucking better.” He announces.

Tyler quickly does the same but I’m laughing when he goes for the salt. He pulls my dress down to lick my nipple and I’m trying to hide it. I drop the lime in my squeals and quickly grab it to stuff it in his mouth. He’s cackling as he sucks it.

“Who am I going to take my shot off of?”

“Lacy!” Tyler calls and she comes up the table, undoing her bra straps to let her breasts free. “My friend’s wife here needs help with her shot.”

She bites her lip, “That will be extra.”

He holds up a twenty and she snatches it, sticking it into her panty strap. She takes up my shot and sticks it between her breasts, squeezing them together. Tyler stands up and runs his tongue on the top of her boob, making me unhappy and then he puts the lime in her mouth. “Come up here, gorgeous.” I’m unsure what’s going on as I stand up and fix my dress. He nudges me, “Go on.”


Nick insists, “Do it, baby, it will be really hot.”

I’ve never had any desire to be with a girl despite my crazy sexual dreams. Sometimes I fantasize about watching Nick fuck a girl but the way I feel now, with all these pussies everywhere I don’t think I’d find that arousing. I’m too selfish.

She speaks around the lime, “Go for it, darling.” She throws her head back in wait.

I hold her hips and lean in, pressing my nose against her skin and wrap my lips around the shot. It’s burning and nowhere near the sweetness I like. Tequila is pure poison. I twist and grown as I run my tongue along her breast line and then meet her lips for the lime. The lime definitely helps.

I slap the cup down, “I get to pick our shots this time.”

Nick and Tyler are laughing, clapping as I sit back in the middle, absolutely grossed out. “I’m sorry, baby, but I don’t think I could ever be with a girl.”

“Now you know how I feel about Tyler.”

Tyler rebuffs, “Hey, I’m cool though, right?”

“Still don’t want to touch your fucking cock.”

We’re laughing at Nick’s expression. I kiss his cheek. Despite how disgusted he is, he still manages to go through with it to please me. I want to do something for him and I lean into Tyler’s ear asking about it. He nods and waves to Lacy. She leans in so his lips are against her ear. His fingertip flicking over her nipple and she laughs, slapping him away, “You know the rules.”

“Apologies.” He smirks.

She points in the distance, “Room C.”

He hands her another twenty and she struts away. Tyler latches onto my hand and pulls me up, “Come on, Nick.”

“What’s going on?”

We ignore him as we walk to Room C. He fastens to my side, taking my other hand and we enter the curtain. It’s no bigger than a standard walk in closet but there is a lounge chair against the wall and we plug him into it. “What the hell is this?” Nick mumbles, crossing his arms with uncertainty.

I lean back against Tyler as he rests against the wall. He wraps his hands around my waist and his dick presses into my ass. I watch Nick, anxious.

Soon afterward, a woman walks in. “Hey, Puss.” He kisses her cheek as he slips her a hundred-dollar bill and points, “My friend here had a hard day at work.”

“Ah, shit.” Nick moans, his hands fall to his sides as he looks her over, “Katie, I don’t need this.”

“Just enjoy it.” I tell him despite the nasty feeling in my gut. The woman saunters up to him and the first thing she does is sit on his lap and grind against him.

Tyler is in my ear, “Relax, gorgeous. He loves you.”

“It’s just hard.” I whisper back.

“Don’t think about it. Any man can find a woman attractive. But love is different.” I rest my head on his shoulder, needing his support.

The stripper presses her breasts into his face as she stands up so her covered vagina is right at eye level. She touches herself, her hand sliding over her breasts, down to her panties and slipping inside. She moans before taking them back out and sucking on her fingers.

“Oh, Jesus fuck.” He groans, his hands clenched hanging over the armrests. She turns around to wiggle her ass cheeks, bending over and resting her hands on his knees. She jumps stretching her legs up straight into the air before spreading them in a split.

I can’t help admire the talent, “Wow. That’s…”

Nick bites his lip as he leans in, “I can see her pussy lips.”

She lowers back down and rests her back against his chest, thrusting against his hardon and moaning. He flinches wanting to touch her but there are big signs everywhere that say: “Do not touch entertainment.”

It goes on for five minutes until she steps off. Tyler moves me aside and I watch as she comes over. As he hands her another hundred-dollar bill, she drops to her knees in front of him, her hands running down his stomach, his thighs and back over his dick as she stands up, kissing his cheek before walking out the door.

Nick rubs his face, resting his elbows on his knees, “That was…” He looks up at me, “Hey, baby, come here.” He latches onto my wrist and pulls me in front of him, “You okay? You didn’t have to do that.”

“You’ve been so wonderful through this whole thing. I gotta figure out ways to pay you back.”

He grabs my waist, looking up at me, “No, you don’t. I’ve been… enjoying this. As odd and uncomfortable it can be at times. You are every man’s fantasy. But you belong to me.” I lean down and kiss him, feeling so much better after the horrible things I witnessed. It was literally torture to stand there and allow another woman to touch him.

Tyler pulls the curtain, “Come on, let’s get back to the table.”

We get back to the table and another round of shots is waiting for us but this time they are pink and I’m more than eager to try it. It’s sweet and sharp but my kind of shot. I feel the alcohol slip in my veins more as the music continues to pump. It’s a certain kind of music that makes me feel sexy. I put my chest out more as I bounce. Tyler and Nick both have their attention on me, their lips on my neck as a hand travels closer to the apex of my legs. I feel both their fingers tentatively touch the corner of my groin, the wetness smudged all about down there and they aren’t even feeling on my pussy before they both groan about how wet I am.

I turn and make out with Nick, our tongues flicking across each other. Their fingers form a team as one spreads my lips open and another dips his finger in. Nick groans, shifting closer, “You are ready for my cock, aren’t you baby?”

I bite my lip, my head back against the wall, careless to the people around us.

“Can I get you anything?”

My head snaps up as our waitress stands in front of us, looking at me, Nick, and Tyler. And though I squeeze my legs shut, expecting them to pull out, they don’t move. Nick’s fingers rubbing up and down inside me.

Tyler grins against my neck, “Tell her what you need, gorgeous.”

“Um...” I lick my lip, shifting, wishing I could pull them out but it would be too obvious. I can’t describe out hot this is. “Water please.” I force out.

Tyler twists his head as his thumb presses against my clit. I flinch, holding a moan. “Two more shots of Johnny Vegas and two Bud Lights.” He presses his forehead against my temple as she leaves, “Make her taste it, Nick.”

Nick removes his finger and holds it up between our lips. “Come on, baby, taste yourself.” He sticks out his tongue and I mimic his movements, flicking it over the tip of his wet finger. He shoves it into my mouth and my tongue dances all around it. It feels like thick liquid soap and yet tastes bitter.

Tyler dips his thumb in, thrusting it hard repeatedly until he takes it out, grips my chin and presses the digit in between my lips. He follows this with his own tongue, catching the liquid before I swallow and takes it into his mouth. “So fucking good, aren’t you?”

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