My Wife's Desires

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“Come on, Katie, I can’t wait.” Nick grabs a leg, pulling me over his lap.

“How do we…” I sit on his lap with my elbows on the table. It’s awkward and so obvious but I’ve stopped caring. He bunches up my dress to my hips and wraps an arm around my waist, dipping between my legs to take out his cock. He is in before I realize it and I moan as I slide down.

“Fuck yeah.”

The waitress returns with our drinks and I’m stiff and wide eyed, knowing she knows my husband’s dick is shoved into my pussy by her glance and smile. Tyler hands her a fifty-dollar bill, “For your discretion.”

She puts her leg up on the booth and Tyler slips it along her thick thigh and into the corner of her pantie, nearly touching her vagina. “You sure you don’t want some attention, sweetie? Puss is talking about what a good tipper you are, the girls are dying for a chance.”

“I’m waiting my turn.” He winks, glancing back at me as he takes up the shot, “And I don’t have to pay for her pussy.”

“I have to ask. You are best friends, sharing his wife?”

“She’s a nympho. She requires lots of attention and my friend here couldn’t keep up.”

“Fuck off.” Nick glares, grabbing my hips to move me in a circle. It is less obvious then me bouncing on his lap.

“Nothing to be ashamed of, bro. Just glad to help out.”

“You’re a dick.”

“That’s a nice set up.” She murmurs, making eye contact with me, “If you want a little more adventure, let me know.”

I slap a hand over my face as she takes off. Tyler and Nick are chuckling and Nick grabs my hair, pulling me backward so his lips are on my neck, “You just got hit on.” He whispers against my skin.

“Shut up.”

“Man, I’m thinking about you getting your pussy eaten out by her. Fuck, I’d love to see that.”

“No, please, don’t say that.”

He grins into my skin, “Come on, baby, think about it.”

“I’ll think about it, if you think about Tyler sucking your dick.”

“Whoa.” Tyler rears, “Why am I the one sucking? I’m not a bitch. Let him suck.”

I’m laughing now because Nick is cursing in my ear as he attempts to move me up and down on his lap, in a slow, secretive sort of way. His hands run up and down my sides, over my breasts, pinching my nipples just for a moment before he’s back down on my hips. As the minutes tick by, more men are noticing what’s happening and I’m making eye contact with each of them, my mouth open, my cheeks red and nipples hard. This is the most turned on I’ve ever been and Nick is barely moving inside me. I want more than anything for him to throw me on the table and bang the shit out of me but I’m keeping control, keeping my movements slow and patient.

Nick presses a hand against the back of my neck, forcing me lower on the table, “I’m cumming, baby. I can’t keep it anymore.” With a sudden sharp thrust, he cums, groaning as he rests his forehead against my back.

After a few moments, he grabs a napkin and shoves it between our legs to catch his seed as I slip off of him. I grab my own batch of napkins and press it up there. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop.” He pants, resting his head back. “This is too nuts.”

“That’s why I’m here.” Tyler grins popping a peanut into his mouth, following it with a swig of his beer. Nick tosses the napkin at him and takes up his own beer. “So, uh.” Tyler tentatively begins as he grabs another peanut, “Nick, what do you think about me not using a condom?”

“Fuck no.”

I flip my head to him, “Babe.” I chastise. “Think about it.”

“Why? There’s no reason.”

“It feels different.” I tell him. “It’s annoying and it rubs me raw.”

Nick snags a peanut and pops it in his mouth. He looks at Tyler, “Does it suck that much?”

“You’ve forgotten how much.”

“I’ve only used one once. That was the first time I slept with Katie, eleven years ago, wasn’t it? I don’t remember having a problem.”

“I do.” I tell him, “We went through like, five because they kept slipping off. They filled with precum and made a little pocket that felt awful.”

He’s quiet. I know he remembers; he’s just acting like this because he doesn’t want to admit it. He stares at the table for a bit, “Are you fucking anyone else?”

“I’ve been with you guys the last three days. I told you, I get tested every time I fuck a stranger even when I use condoms. The other person I fucked since my last test, was my ex-girlfriend and she’s cleaner than a damn bleach container.”

My interest perks up and I question, “How many times a month do you do this?”

“I used to do it a few times a week when I first started. That’s how I made so much money back then. But I slowed down when I got my girlfriend. You guys are the first I’ve done in like two months.”

He has to be lying. His girlfriend found a condom in his pocket last week. Why would it be there if he wasn’t screwing around? It makes me wonder how many lies he’s told me and how many I believed?

Nick drinks his beer, taking another minute before he looks at me, “That what you want?”

I quickly nod.

He sips his beer again. “Alright. But just once. Don’t make a habit of it.”

Tyler salutes him with his beer. They clink and take a swig together. He winks at me and I flush with excitement. Feeling his cock without a blanket will be brand new. I can’t wait. Tyler wraps an arm around my shoulder, bringing me in to kiss my lips. “I want to wait till we get home. So, I can fuck you raw brutally and make you cry out my name.” I nod against him. “But you want to cum now, don’t you? Nick got you all excited and you’re dripping. I’ll take care of you.”

He sets his beer down and glances around, “Keep a look out.” He jokes before he slithers under the table. My eyes widen as I feel his hands on my knees, pulling my ass to the edge of the seat and spreading my legs.

“Dude, I just put a load in her.”

“It’s mostly gone by now. And I don’t fucking care.” He boldly states before his face pushes between my thighs.

I’m looking all around me as people pass by. I’m sure they can’t see Tyler, there is a long white cloth covering the table and it hits the floor. Still, I’m paranoid as fuck someone can see him as he eats me out. His tongue works my clit, little by little, rolling the bud along the tip of his tongue before he presses the entire flat side against it and laps it like a dog. I flinch and buck, my hands fisted at my sides.

Nick drinks his beer, glancing occasionally at us but watching mostly the stripper ahead. I want attention from him, on my nipples, on my mouth but I know we can’t put on a full sex show in the middle of the strip joint. Even they have rules against it.

The waitress returns. “Can I get you guys anything else?”

Nick looks at me, “Do you want anything?” It’s a sly, evil thing to do as I’m struggling to withhold my moans.

I shake my head rapidly, squeezing my eyes shut as Tyler dips his tongue inside, deep like a long finger while his nose presses against my clit. He shakes his head a little and my mouth drops open.

Lacy is giggling, “I’m jealous.” She whispers as she takes up the empty shot glasses, “Of him.” She smirks, meeting my eyes before disappearing. I can feel Tyler chuckling inside my pussy, and I smack his head.

Nick grins, “She wants you, baby.”

“Shut up.” I whisper, slouching in my seat so I could bring my knees up a little. Tyler puts them on his shoulders. He pushes two fingers inside, kissing my thigh. I feel his breath on my wet lips.

“Concentrate on me, gorgeous.”

“That’s all I’m doing.”

He twists his fingers as he shoves them in and wiggles them about like bait on a fishhook. “I can’t get her g-spot. Nick, help me out”

Nick shifts closer, “It’s up and to the left a little.” Nick hooks a finger inside me and expertly finds it. He rattles me, shaking his arm like he’s trying to wake me up, but my mouth falls open with blocked screams.

Tyler shoves his own finger in and aligns up next to Nick. “It’s deep.”

“Sitting up makes it harder to find.”

“Alright, alright, I got it.”

Nick removes his finger and rubs it off on a napkin. “I’m not taking a chance that my cum is still in there.”

I roll my eyes. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of cum. It’s harmless.

With Tyler hitting my g-spot with three fingers and his tongue erratically flicking on my clit, I cum moments later with a silent, open mouth, twitching as the wave rides me out. I rest my head back on the seat. Tyler pulls my dress back down and slips up into his seat, rubbing his mouth off on a napkin. “It’s like a pool down there.”

“How did my cum taste?” Nick plays with him.

“Not bad. I’ve had worse.”

Nick’s face blanches in horror but it only makes me and Tyler laugh our asses off. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but Nick’s homophobic fears are so fun to pick at. After a moment, he decides Tyler’s joking to rile him and he throws peanuts at him.

“Let’s get out of here. I’m tired of your shit.”

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