My Wife's Desires

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I clench Nick’s hand against my thigh as I stare at the window. I wonder if he can feel my body shaking with anticipation. The idea of Tyler’s bare dick pounding into me, his cum filling me up is overwhelming me with desire and I can’t keep still. I don’t dare look behind me to meet Tyler’s eyes. I don’t want him to know how much I want it.

Nick’s hand slinks away and I snap my head to him, fearful he’s noticed but he rests it on his stomach. “Oh man, I knew I shouldn’t have done those shots.” He groans and a fart sounds. I squeal hurrying to the window to put it down as he laughs. “Sorry.”


“You got to love all of me, baby.”

I glare, glancing now to Tyler but he’s chuckling to himself.

No fantasy works out perfectly. Reality will always ruin it. That’s one of the reasons I like porn. There aren’t any farting men in those videos.

My sexual drive is semi-broken and I grab my phone to distract me. We make it back home with Nick’s smelly gas following us. I dive out of the car, relieved.

Nick unlocks the door, “Oh, boy. This is going to be bad.” He rushes to the stairs to the master bathroom, “Don't wait.” He throws back.

I shut the door, disappointed. I’m not in any kind of mood now.

Tyler drops his wallet and cell phone on the counter before he leans on it, folding his arms, meeting my eyes. A soft little smile is on his lips making him devilishly sexy. “Come here.”

I don’t move. My belly rumbling.

“Come here.” He demands.

Timidly, I step toward him. The closer I get the more I feel I shouldn’t. I want Nick to come back out and yet all I can think about is sinking into Tyler’s arms. I stop just an arm length’s away. Tyler grabs my hips, pulling me closer, a leg between mine. “Do you know what I like about you?”

I rapidly shake my head. I’ve been feeling terrible about myself and I can’t find one positive thing to say. I’m usually proud of what kind of wife I am. Loyal being my main strength. But all of who I am is slowly beginning to slip.

“You hated that place.”

I snort. Biggest understatement.

“But you went. You didn’t like everyone staring at you. But you did it. You did it to make Nick happy.”

I lower my head. There’s a lot of things I do that makes him unhappy. I’m standing with the representation of my selfishness.

“There are so many selfish people out there.”

I snap my head up, surprised he was bringing up the very subject I'm thinking of.

“It’s refreshing to meet someone who isn’t. You and Nick are a rare couple. I hope you know that.”

I bow my head, resting against his chest, “I am selfish. I should have never asked him of this.”

“No, gorgeous. Selfish would have been never saying anything then walking into a bar and meeting the first guy that looks at you.”

“I shouldn’t have put him in this position.”

Tyler pulls back, a finger under my chin to force my gaze to meet his. “He could have said no. But he didn’t. Because deep down, he may have wanted something more too. He was too afraid to admit it. So not only are you one of the least selfish people I know, but you are also amazingly brave.”

When he leans down to kiss me, I melt into him. His fingers slip into my hair, keeping me in place as our tongues twist, digging deeper into each other’s mouth. My desire burning once more like a flame and I wrap my arms around him, pulling him closer. His hands slid down my back, over my ass, and grip the back of my thighs, lifting me up. I wrap my legs around his hips and with practice only a sex god can do, we climb the steps.

Inevitably, he trips and we collide with the wall. I’m laughing hysterically as he tries to recover but he’s laughing too and our journey up the stairs takes a bit longer.

We stumble into the bedroom, kissing and smiling. My fingers are working on the buttons of his shirt but it’s taking forever and he gets frustrated. With two hands he rips the fabric off and the buttons go flying. We attack each other again, falling on the bed.

His kisses begin to slow until he pulls back allowing us both to breath. He holds himself above me on his elbows, his hands in my hair. We meet each other’s eyes in the barely lit room. I don’t like the pause. It’s too intimate.

“You are so fucking beautiful.”

I blush, my legs closing, my confidence falling. He really sounds like he means it and I don’t want to hear it. He can’t say things like this and expect nothing to develop. Or maybe that’s what he wants to do. To come between Nick and I? Could someone be that evil?

“I got an idea.” He kneels next to the nightstand and opens up the drawer. I’m not surprised he knows where our play toys hide. He pushes some stuff around before he holds up the fuzzy black handcuffs. He turns to me, noticing he is eye level with my pussy, and stares so obviously between my legs before I shift away, giggling. He crawls above me, his hips settling between my legs as my breasts squished against his chest, his eyes scan my face, flicking them to my lips and then up to my eyes once more. “If I’m not careful, I’m gonna fall for you, gorgeous.”

I kiss his lips, “Don’t say that.” I whisper back.

“You’d rather talk about how I’m going to dive into the pussy and make you cum so many fucking times, you’ll think you’re dying?”

I giggle, “Yes.”

“I can do that.”

Nick opens the bathroom door and I twist my head to see him. He’s grinning, “You do not want to go in there.”

Annoyance sucks up my sex drive. Tyler sucks on my pulse, unburdened by Nick's untimely announcement.

“I’m going to take a shower. I smell like that stripper.”

Tyler muffled voice enters, “Take your time.”

Nick slams the door to spite of him and we’re both giggling. “You get to him.”

“I’m fucking his wife, it’s easy to do.” He takes one of my hands and pins it above my head. Then he slips down, his fingers entwined with mine as he kisses me deep and brings that hand up to my other. He’s smiling and fantasizes he shifts onto his knees, his body separating from mine. He wraps the handcuffs around my wrists and my heart rate picks up.

Tyler sits back and fantasizes about what lays before him. He bites his lip, his hands sliding up and down my thighs. “I’m going to take my sweet ass time tonight.” He squeezes my thighs, enforcing his promise.

Tyler stands in front of me and slowly unbuckles his pants. “Beg for my cock.”

“Please. I can’t take it.” I arch my back, trying to make the fabric of my dress rub my hard nipples. “I want it. Hurry.”

He pushes his pants down and his nine inch fat dick points directly at me. I lick my lips, staring at his massive tip, imagining sucking all the cum out of it.

Tyler takes the edge of my dress and pulls and the first thing to pop out are my breasts, jutted outward and nipples nearly stretching for the ceiling. He then pulls my dress up my hips, finally unveiling my pussy. He observes me, putting the image to memory.

Finally, Tyler kneels on the bed, approaching. He pushes my legs open and scoots up till his cock rests right on top of my center. He moves back and forth, spreading my juices all along his shaft, pressing his balls against my skin before backing up and resting his tip right at my entrance, teasing me, thrusting up, missing my cave and running his cock along my lips. He brings it back again, sinking his tip to my asshole, making me gasp and hope till he continues forward, pressing his balls once again to my pussy. He grabs his dick, his thumb running across the tip, “I’m dripping.” He dips the thumb into my mouth and I roam my tongue all around the nail and skin. He groans, “You ready, baby?”

I nod, “Please, please, stick your dick in me.”

He leans back, pressing his tip against my lips. Then slow, so fucking slow, he goes inside. “God it’s hot.” He murmurs. He continues, one inch at time before he buries himself. “I’m all in. You’re taking all of me, baby. You like that?”

I bite my lip, arching my back.

He retreats and brutally slams back in, making me jolt, and my cuffed hands press against his chest, “It’s too much.” I moan.

He grabs them and holds them above my head, “You can take it.” He slams in again and I yelp out in pleasure and pain. “You live for big cock, don’t you? You fucking dirty girl.” He slams in harder and harder.

“I can’t. I can’t.” Breathless and unable to form a sentence, I twist and turn, trying to get him out and yet wanting him closer.

“Alright baby we’ll start slow.”

He lowers, resting his elbows above my shoulders as his thighs press up against mine, widening my legs. He kisses my lips, “You okay?”

“It was a lot.”

He smiles, “It’s my only night to fuck you without a condom. I’m not going to be gentle. But if you want me to stop, you tell me.”

I nod, breathing, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and moving my hips, silently telling him to move. He is slow now, passionate. He kisses me, his tongue diving into my mouth as he moves his hips in a soft, caring pace. He dives his head to suck on a breast, our bodies moving up and down continuously for several minutes. It’s intimate and scary. I feel like we’re making love more than we are fucking. It spreads a wave of guilt in my stomach and for a moment I want to push him off. Instead I murmur, “I thought you weren’t going to be gentle.”

“Got to open you up a bit more. I thought Nick did enough of that earlier.”

The shower shuts off and Tyler’s eyes shift to the door. “Here, move with me.”

We twist till my head hits the pillow, leaving enough room for Nick to lay down. “Hope he can sleep on a rocking boat.” He chuckles into my skin. He hooks a leg around his arm, “Let’s see if that’s better.” Spreading me wide, he slams into me hard and I moan, throwing my head back. “That’s it.” He leans back on his knees and rocks his hips in a frenzy.

Nick comes out of the shower. “Not done?”

“We’re just...getting started.” Tyler replies in a pant.

“I got to get to sleep.”

I put a hand on Tyler’s chest and he stops his movements. “You’re not joining us, honey?”

He leans over and kisses me, “I’m tired as fuck. And I gotta get up early.”

“You want us to stop?”

He smiles softly, his fingers on my cheek, “You’re fine.”

“You sure?”

“I know you need to get fucked. Otherwise you’ll take care of yourself and I can’t let you get away with that anymore.”

Tyler moves and my mouth falls open, letting out moans and groans, my only form of communication.

“Lift her hips up.” Nick instructs as he puts on a pair of boxers.

Tyler picks my legs up and puts them on his shoulder before he leans up on his knees, lifting my ass off the bed. He fucks me and instantly strikes my g-spot. I slap my hands against his chest as he hits it again and again. I cum seconds later, trying to push away to curl up but Tyler doesn’t stop. “Fuck she squeezes tight.”

Nick lays down on the bed beside us, tucking himself into the blankets. “Another position she likes is on her belly. Bend her legs up so her ankles nearly touch her ass. She’ll cum like a fucking avalanche.”

“Shut up.” I tell him, kind of insulted that he’s throwing my weaknesses out with carelessness.

He smiles tiredly, “You love it.”

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