My Wife's Desires

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Even with my loud moans, our slapping skin, and the bed shaking, Nick still manages to get to sleep. Men can sleep through freaking hurricanes.

I’m on my belly now, the position Nick exposed, and Tyler stands on the floor as he rams into me. I bury my face into the blanket, incapable of being silent. It’s the best position I’ve ever experienced, and the moans are impossible to suppress as the pleasure is constant. It’s like I’m having an orgasm one after the other.

Tyler stops, squeezing my ass cheeks, slapping it and pulls out. “I gotta calm down.” He murmurs. Then he leans down, spreading my ass, and digs his tongue into my vagina. A finger or two press in as well but after having his pipe of a cock inside, I barely feel it. I realize however he’s only getting them lubed up. He slips his tongue up over my chode and flicks it against my asshole. I gasp and wiggle, unsure if I’m ready for it. He gives me no choice, sticking his middle finger in. It’s just the tip and he slips in and out like he’s hitting an elevator button. I clench my teeth, gripping the blankets. The pleasure and pain and excitement riding as one big wave. Then he shoves his whole finger inside and I feel his knuckles pressed against my ass. I struggle to breath, clenching my teeth, making odd noises trying to find the ground again. He jerks his finger in and out at a fast pace and unable to speak, I’m cumming, my ass pushing up against him, silent begging harder. My asshole grips him so hard he can’t move.

He bites my ass. “Did you just cum from me finger fucking your ass?”

I nod, unable to speak.

“You were made for fucking, you know that. I don’t think I ever got a girl off from just her ass.”

“Shut up.”

“That’s a good thing, baby.” He snatches a white towel off the floor, cleaning his hand. “It makes me want to stick my dick in your tiny fucking hole.” He slaps my ass, pressing his tip against my anus. I clench the sheets, preparing. “But I know Nick is waiting for this.” He lowers his cock and shoves in. “Get up on your hands and knees.”

Tired and losing steam, I do as I’m told.

“You better stop being fucking lazy.” He slaps me as he thrusts in hard. He pulls my arms, forcing me to stand up with his dick in my vagina. It’s a perfect position, hitting my g-spot but I’m still out of it from my orgasm just a moment before, it’s more painful than pleasurable but after a few good thrusts, I’m moaning again, putting a foot up on the bed to let him in more. His hand comes around my stomach and two fingers rotate on my sensitive nub. Unable to bat him away with my arms around his neck and handcuffed, I can’t fight it but I lose all ability to move. My orgasm comes again within minutes and I sag. He drops me on the bed, wrapping a hand on the back of my neck, pinning me to the bed.

“I’m cumming. I’m going to blow my load in your pussy.” His dick gets harder and his thrusts get faster and rougher. He squeezes my neck, as if to choke me and it sends a wave of excitement bursting through me. I press my butt up into him and he cums, slowing, groaning and dropping his forehead on my spine. I feel his heavy breathing as I lie there, completely satisfied and ready for bed. He pulls out and snags a towel, pressing it into my vagina. Then he lays down next to me. His chest is heaving, there is a shine of sweat on his forehead, the light of the bathroom streaming out and igniting his gorgeous face.

“Fuck.” He pants and looks at me. I stay rested on my belly, simply admiring him. He’s a masterpiece. It’s uncanny how well Nick and him fuck so similar but Tyler adds a dangerous, mysterious side that makes me yearn to know all his secrets. I want to fuck him till I know everything about him.

His fingers trace up and down my arm, “Not too rough, was I?”

I shake my head.

“Want to take a bath?”

I smile, “A bath?”

“I’m sweaty and tired. I don’t think I can stand long enough in a shower.” He admits chuckling and kissing my shoulder.


He forces himself up and into the bathroom, running the hot water. I watch him as he leaves the bedroom to go brush his teeth. I don’t know how he can still move. I feel like all my energy was sapped and I’m left for dead. And I’d sure as hell die happy.

I turn my head to Nick. He continues to sleep soundly. I almost wish he would wake up so I can snuggle against him. That may be a downside to my sex drive. I’m a snuggler afterwards. Most guys just want to be left alone, but I like to cling for a bit, just till I’m able to sleep.

I force myself up to a sitting position, rubbing the white towel against me with cuffed hands to keep cum from dripping down my legs. Tyler returns and realizes he forgot to release me. He sweetly apologizes, rubbing his fingers along my wrists, checking for injury.

We go into the bathroom and as he sinks into the hot water, I brush my teeth, naked and careless.

The large tub is an upgrade, we just bought it two years ago. I thought having a hot tub was enough but there is something romantic about having a bath with my husband in the dark with only a candle to light up our escapades.

Noticing the candle and the lighter, Tyler sets it on fire and I shut off the bright lights. It’s instantly sexier and I smile, stepping in. It is intensely hot and takes me a moment to slip further down but when I finally manage it, I rest against Tyler’s chest and he takes up a washcloth rubbing it between my breasts. I close my eyes basking at the sensations.

“So, tell me,” He murmurs against my ear, “Are you enjoying my services?”

I giggle, feeling him smile against my lobe. “I think so.”

“There’s a survey you can give to my employer. You ready for it?” Nodding with endless giggles, he begins. “Question one: Have all your specific needs been met?”

“No complaints.”

“On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your service provider?”

“I would have to say, hmm…This is a tough one. A nine.”

“Nine!” He squeezes my sides, tickling me and I wiggle and laugh.

“Okay a ten ten!”

He relaxes, “That’s better. Last question. Would you desire his services again?”

I twist my head around, meeting his eyes, my hand drifting on his cheek. I don’t want to say yes but he can see it in my eyes. He leans down and kisses me gently just enough for our lips to tease each other.

I stare at the doorway as I rest back against his chest. I want Nick to join us but it’s almost four and I know he has to get up for work. It’s getting to me, being like this with Tyler, his body more familiar every day. His personality. His sweet smile. I like being around him. I don’t know how to stop these feelings. If he had just left the first day, I wouldn’t be in this position. I’d miss him, sure, but I wouldn’t begin to care about him. He’s supposed to be just a fuck toy and now, he’s slowly becoming more.

I should tell Nick that I’m developing feelings for him, but I fear two things. One, Nick will get so mad at me he won’t talk to me for a while. And Two, he’ll send Tyler away.

Tyler is interesting and he brings more conversation and entertainment than when it was only Nick and me. We fell into a routine of work, home, work, home. Our last vacation was years ago before Nick bought the restaurant. It took all our savings and we haven’t been able to get ahead until this past year. Now that the restaurant was making bank and well received reviews, we’re back to our original savings but with him working all the time, we’ve not been able to go anywhere.

Tyler has become a friend in such a short time. He’s part of our daily life and I enjoy it. It’s nice having someone other than Nick and my mom and sister to talk too. I had lost all of my friends along the years.

“What are we doing?” I murmur mostly to myself.

Tyler either doesn’t hear it or ignores it because he doesn’t respond for a long time. Until he murmurs into my ear, “One day at a time.”

Nick comes in half asleep not even noticing us and uses the toilet. I clamp a hand on my mouth, suppressing a laugh. He farts and sighs, and I’m dying as Tyler’s chest vibrates with quiet laughter. He flushes and returns to bed. My laugh sneaks through my lips and the water slouches as I fall against Tyler.

Nick sticks his head in, looking right at us with wide eyes. He scoffs and shakes his head, returning to bed.

Tyler helps me up and I grab a towel for him, getting one for myself. I hand it to him as he stands up and steps out, approaching me, rubbing my arms. He kisses my lips so soft. “You ready for bed?”

I nod. “You’re coming, right?”

He nuzzles my neck, “I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

I squeeze up my shoulders, my stomach aching with his words. He’s too sweet for his own good. I lay in the middle of the bed and wrap an arm around Nick’s stomach. His fingers entwine with mine as he goes back to sleep. Tyler tucks into my back and rests a hand on my hip. I curl my fingers around his and we sleep, all linked together.

I'm not naive. I know this event in our lives won't la

I know it can’t last so I don’t sleep, trying to keep this moment in my memory.

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