My Wife's Desires

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I race down the stairs and hop the last step to greet Nick. His brows are knit, noting my excitement and perhaps not appreciating it. I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear as I go to the door. With a deep breath, I swing it open.

A warm smile greets us. Our guest wears black slacks and a button up white long sleeve shirt. He is tall, thin, and surprisingly stunning. He has a strong jawline, charming green eyes, and gelled spiky dark hair. He has his hands in this pockets and a black bag hanging off his shoulder, “Hi, I’m Tyler.” He holds out his hand, greeting me.

I take his hand. His fingers are long and thin but his grip is firm. My stomach knots up, “Um..Hi I’m Katie. Come in, please. This is my husband, Nick.”

Nick is so blatantly glaring with crossed arms.

Tyler reaches out his hand and Nick glances at it in distaste.

I nudge him and he forces his hand and it’s a swift, barely there at all shake before Nick turns down the hall.

“You guys got a nice home.” Snowball rushes in greeting, a little late to the party as usual, and barks. He kneels down holding out his hand, “I’m a friend.” He murmurs as she rubs up against him, “There you go, girl. You’re beautiful.” He looks up and my face reddens, catching me staring, “What’s her name?”

“Snowball.” He doesn’t say anything as he continues to pet her but I force myself to speak, “I was stuck on Snow because of her white hair, and Nick was stuck on Goofball because she’s not all there in the head.” I giggle.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, she runs into the sliding glass door every time she sees a squirrel.”

He chuckles, standing up. “I smell dinner.” He steps further away from the door and I step with him.

It’s official now. I have an escort in my home. I can’t believe this is happening. How am I going to eat? Or think? Or breath? Oh, wait, I am breathing. What about thinking? Am I thinking?

“Dinner, Katie.” Nick barks from the kitchen.

“Ye. Yeah, Yes, sorry I made dinner. Is that okay?”

Tyler smiles, “I get hungry too.”

My head drops as my face heats up. I feel so stupid. Of course, it’s okay. He’s still human. “I’m sorry.” I murmur as I dart toward the kitchen. I ignore Nick’s gaze. He’s standing against the kitchen counter, downing a beer.

“I take it this is a first time for you guys?”

I remove the chicken from the oven, “Is it obvious?”

“How old are you?” Nick interrupts.


Nick glances at me as he sips his beer, mumbling, “Young enough for you?”

I move next to him, grabbing plates, “I didn’t ask about age. I didn’t know I was supposed too. Can I get you drink?”

Tyler stands in front of the island bar, humorously watching us. “Vodka and sprite. If you got it.”

“Oh..I have wine and beer.”

“Wine, then. Red preferably.”

“That’s all I drink.” I grin.

(“How nice.”)

(“Shut up.”)

I pour us both a glass of wine and swallow back my entire glass. This is slowly becoming way more stressful that I thought it would be. I didn’t know what I imagined but this wasn’t it. My stomach is a mess. My nerves are raw. Nick certainly isn’t helping any. But I am determined. I might not get another chance.

“Please sit.” I grab the plates and set them on the table before coming back for the chicken. “Go sit down.”

“Next to him?”

“You’re going to be having sex with him in the room. Sitting next to him is a good first step.”

“I’m gonna need more beer. We don’t have whiskey anywhere?” He spins around and opens the cupboards before slamming them shut and moving down the lane.

I return to the table with a plastered smile. I sit down on the left side of him.

“Is he alright?”

The cabinet bangs shut and I wince. “He’s coming around.”

“Ha!” Nick exclaims in victory and produces a bottle of crown royal. “I think I got this for my thirtieth birthday.” He places it on the counter, picking at the plastic.

“Is it still good?” I grin mischievously as he shoots me a glare.

“Liquor doesn’t go bad with age. It only gets better.”

“Like me?” I wink, glancing to Tyler for support. He smiles chewing on his chicken.

“You’re more like meat. Once the seal is broken, it spoils quick.”

Tyler stifles on his food, hiding his laugh, holding a hand in apology.

I narrow my eyes and Nick only grins, yanking the cork. “Want some?”

“I’ll take some.” Tyler gets up and stands on the other side of the bar. Nick glares for a moment before grabbing another shot glass and pouring them both a shot. Tyler holds it up, “To awkward moments.” Nick seems to appreciate that and their glasses clink. They chuck it back and twin faces of disgust and horror flash on their expressions for a brief moment before they gain their manly courage and put on brave facades, “Good.”

“Yeah.” Nick forces out. “Another?”

“I need to eat before all that.” Tyler sits back down and takes another bite, “It’s delicious.”

Nick finally joins us at the table with the bottle and glasses. He pours for the three of us but it sits there while we eat dinner. “What do you guys do for a living?”

“I’m a glorified party planner. Nick is an owner of a restaurant.”

“Oh? Which one?”

Nick and I catch each other’s eyes. He clears his throat, “I’d rather not say.”

Tyler puts up a hand, clenching a napkin in the other, “Then don’t. It’s fine.”

I quickly move on, “So is this what you do for a living?”

Tyler laughs then stifles it, “Sorry.”

I must have missed something.

“This is a...temporary job. I’m in my fourth year of med school. I’ve already paid back half my loans so it turned out to be a very lucrative move for me.”

“Wow. Med school. Bet you can pass your finals.” I ignore the glare from across the table and sip my wine innocently enough.

“You guys are funny.” Tyler’s eyes glitter as he observes us, leaning back in his chair with his wine in hand. “It makes it easier.”

“Alcohol will make it easier.” Nick snatches his shot glass and inhales it,

“True.” Tyler reaches for one and places it front of me. I wearily stare at it as he then grabs his and holds it out to me, “Bottoms up.”

I slap my hand over my mouth, hoping no one else went where I went.

Tyler obviously did, “Oops.”

Nick pours himself another shot, “It is way too soon for puns.”

I struggle to withhold my laughter, especially with Tyler looking as humored as he is.

“Just a suggestion, as much as you want to get plastered, I wouldn’t. People tend to be little less in control and sloppy, if you know what I mean. You wouldn’t want to mistake your wife for someone else.”

“Oh, god.” Nick groans as he stands up and abandons the table, calling Snowball and stepping out the back. He leaves the door open, closing the screen, so he can still listen in.

I’m dying and Tyler suppresses his chuckles as he sips his wine, “He’s got a good sense of humor. How long you two been married?”

“Ten years.”

“I’m guessing you’re the one that suggested this? He’s a good sport to go with it.”

I turn my head toward the back door, watching him throw the ball for Snowball and feeling a big grin on my face. “He’s perfect.”

“So you guys are just doing this for fun? No issues, no troubles?”

“Nope.” I look back at him, sipping wine.

“You’re a nympho then?”

I open my mouth to speak but then I’m not sure what I say. I do know my face heats up and I lower my head to hide it.

“Don’t be ashamed. I”m just trying to get the feel of the situation. Normally when a couple wants a threesome it’s because one, the man isn’t satisfying. Two: marriage troubles. Or Three: the man is secretly gay and doesn’t have the balls to tell his wife.”

Nick bulldozes into the conversation through the screen, “None, absolutely none of those.”

Tyler once again cackles, “Got ya, bro. You just got lucky, huh?”

“Yeah, this is me on my luckiest day.”

I hold my face in my hands. I’m sick in the head, aren’t I? I’m putting my husband through a terribly situation because there is something wrong with me. I shouldn’t have done this.

“Excuse me.” I dart from the table and race up the stairs. I bury my face in the pillow, feeling tears burn my eyes and a wave of misery sweep across me. I can’t believe I’ve done this. What would my family say if they ever found out? I’d be ridiculed. My mom would make me feel absolutely horrible. I’m such an idiot.

The bed depresses beside me and Nick hand slides along my back. “Hey, baby, you alright?”

“I’m sorry.” I sniff against the pillow, staying buried. “I can’t believe I asked you do this. I’m a terrible wife.”

He chuckles against the back of my neck, kissing my skin, “You aren’t terrible.”

I twist onto my back, bravely facing him but not brave enough to look in his eyes. “Something’s wrong with me, isn’t there?”

“Why? Because you like sex? No, baby, there is nothing wrong with you.” He rubs his knuckle against my cheek. “Everybody has their things. Some people like climbing to the tops of mountains, some like diving out of airplanes. Those people have something wrong with them.” I smile weakly. “This is your thing. And I am a very lucky guy.” He leans in pressing his lips on mine. I wrap my arms around his neck, holding him to me.

“If you weren’t so wonderful, I couldn’t do this.”


A knock on our bedroom door and we are both like deer in headlights as a flash of panic floods our senses and Tyler steps in. He instantly starts laughing, holding up his hands. It takes him a long time to come back to us, “Sorry, you two are priceless. I’m not that scary, am I?”

I shake my head weakly, “Um..”

Tyler points downstairs, “I saw you had a jacuzzi on the porch. How about relaxing for a bit?”

I nod, a bit dumbly, “Ye Yeah, yes, that sounds good.” I look at Nick. “Yeah?”


“Alright. I brought my suit unless you want to skinny dip?” Nick and I both stiffen. His eyes twinkle and he once again laughs, shaking his head, “Too easy.” He slips out the door.

“He’s funny at least.” Nick gets up to get his suit.

“He is, right? I’m happy he’s good looking too.”

Nick grabs my arm as I pass, “Excuse me?”

“You are way hotter.”

“Better.” He slaps my butt and heads to the bathroom.


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