My Wife's Desires

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I squeeze on a purple and white bikini, twisting different ways, trying to push my butt up to its younger version. Then I cup my breasts wishing gravity hadn’t dropped them as much. Nick doesn’t find anything wrong with me, constantly saying I look like I did when I was twenty-three but come on, that’s not possible. I’m nearly thirty-five, my body’s changed. I look like an adult. I never thought that day would come. Won’t be long until I’m sagging everywhere. I didn’t think I would care very much. The idea of plastic surgery always filled me with disgust. But I want Nick to find me attractive even when I’m seventy. How will I manage that if my boobs are to the floor and my ass has more jiggle than a bowl full of jello?

Tyler’s twenty-seven and no doubt has been with a ton of gorgeous women. How could I compare? I loved how I was number three with Nick. Two women are a lot easier to compete with than hundreds.

We descend the stairs with towels over our shoulders and meet Tyler outside. He’s sitting on the edge with his legs in. His shirt removed, exposing his toned physique. He has a tattoo going straight down his spine. All the phases of the moon from the tip of his neck to the bottom of his pant line. It’s just enough and I’m biting my lip. He is beyond sexy and the thought that I’m going to be touching him, makes my stomach do somersaults.

Nick steps forward, fixing the shades. Our condo is right alongside another. Having shades is mandatory for any short of privacy. I turn to the small radio set up on a stand and flick it on, loud enough to block out conversation but low enough so we can still talk normal and hear each other.

I climb the stairs and feel Tyler’s eyes on me but I keep my head bowed as I slip into the water. I feel like I’m trembling and I don’t want him to notice. Nick climbs in after and sits next to me.

“You guys work out?”

“We run.”

“I can tell. I go to the gym three times a week. I hate running. It’s boring.”

“I wear headphones. It’s peaceful.”

I watch when Tyler slides into the water. It’s the first time I notice the big puffy scar on his chest and a thin slit on his throat. They’ve healed but even years old they look painful.

“You feel a little better?” His eyes pin me, “I didn’t upset you before, did I?”

My cheeks heat up and I drop my eyes. “No. I’m...just a little overwhelmed.”

“Don’t be. It’s fun. Don’t be afraid to speak up. If something makes you uncomfortable, say it. That goes for both of you.”

Nick takes this moment to say what I’m sure he’s been dying to say, “Don’t touch me.”

Tyler laughs, dropping his head. He scratches his forehead, “It’s not as easy as it sounds. How about nothing sexual? I can promise I won’t grab your dick or anything but I can’t promise our legs won’t touch when we’re both fucking her.”

I suck in a breath with wide eyes. My deepest darkest fantasy laid out on the table, possible and in my grasp. I can barely contain my anxiousness as I breath.

Tyler is grinning, “That’s what you had in mind, wasn’t it?”

I can’t speak so I simply nod.

“Have you ever done anal?”

I blow out air, unable to produce words yet and look to Nick to help me out.

“We tried it.” He admits unhappily. “It was too painful for her.”

“I’m not saying it won’t be uncomfortable for a bit but hopefully we’ll distract you long enough that you don’t mind.”

“Okay.” I squeak.

“You guys need to loosen up a bit. Make out. Like I’m not here.”

Nick pulls me into his lap, straddling his waist, meeting my gaze, “You alright, baby?”

“Yeah. Are you?”

“The water’s helping.” He drops his eyes to my breasts as he rubs his hands down my backside, clenching my ass. “So you want someone to fuck you in the ass, huh?”

I grin leaning against his lips to press my breasts against his chest, “Let’s hope he has a smaller dick than yours.”

He chuckles, his hand slipping between us to play with my nipple, “Very possible. I guess it’s one of the cons for big dicks. No ass fucking.”

I stick out my tongue, flicking it along his lip until he opens his mouth and touches my tongue with his. I press our lips together, digging my tongue as deep as it will go, holding onto him as he slips his hand in the back of my bikini, his finger dipping between my ass cheeks. I feel his cock get hard between us and I reach down to grab it, clenching, digging my nails into it and he hisses, gripping my hair, pulling my head to the side to suck along my neck.

“Turn her around.”

We both stiffen realizing there was someone still there. It’s so easy to get lost in each other. We make out in random places all the time with people watching, I never cared before but now this man’s single wish is to watch us and a new rumble twisted in my gut.

Nick turns me around, settling me down upon him. I notice his erection is slipping away and I rest back against his chest, my head on his shoulder, rubbing my ass into his lap trying to wake him again. Nick’s lips keep at my neck and ear, running his tongue along my skin.

The water trickles and I realize Tyler is coming closer. He leans forward and tugs my bathing suit down revealing a breast. I’m still, shocked, and completely turned on and his eyes are on me, a smirk on his lips as he does the other side, “Wow, she’s got perfect tits, doesn’t she?”

Nick’s hands come around, cupping them, claiming them and Tyler takes the hint, backing up and sitting down.

My eyes stray to Tyler. He’s simply watching me and it makes my blood rush, my heart race and I pant unbelievably turned on. This is only just a taste of what’s to come.

“Finger her.”

Nick’s hand dips down my belly and cups my apex. I close my legs instinctively, unsure, afraid and yet totally wanting this. “Open up, baby. Let me in that pussy.” Nick’s voice brings me back to him and I relax in his embrace, “That’s it.” His fingers slowly rub the outside, up and down the length of my vagina, avoiding my clit on purpose. He wants me to beg for it but I’m stubborn.

“You got lights out here? I can’t see anything.”

I reach over to the panel and tap the jacuzzi lightbulb button and the entire floor lights up.

“Perfect.” Tyler murmurs.

I observe his face and his gaze is directly between my legs. I almost close them again but Nick stuffs his hand inside then and rests his fingers right on my nub. I buck instantly, clenching the back of his head. I finally feel his hard on and rub my ass with each rotation of his fingers.

“Just tease her.”

“Can you stop talking?” Nick barks and Tyler laughs but holds up fingers across his mouth and locks up his lips.

I’m smiling but it’s fading and my eyes roll in the back of my head, the sensations building. His fingers smooth down my lips, spreading them wide and dipping a finger inside. It doesn’t feel like much after having Nick’s big cock all these years but then he quickly adds a second and I moan.

“Is she tight?”

“So fucking tight.” Nick replies, panting in my ear. My work on his dick driving him crazy.

“We got a ways to go then. Are you ready to go upstairs?”

Nick shoves his fingers hard inside and shakes them a bit playfully, “Are you ready, baby?”

I squeal and pull him out, splashing him, “Are you ready?” I fix my bathing suit as he reaches for my hand to help me out.

“I’m getting there. Once I see that pussy, I won’t give a fuck who’s in the room.” I notice his obvious erection and laugh but he glares and attempts to fix it, pushing it down. He grabs our towels, “You aren’t going to be laughing when I’m plowing you.”

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