My Wife's Desires

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I've decided to repost My Wife's Desires. So those that didn't catch the first wave, join us on one wild ride.


Tyler’s drying off, “I’ll meet you guys up there. Start making out again.”

I tug Nick by the hand and we get to the room, taking off our wetsuits. I put on panties and a nightshirt only to think about the stupidity of it but then I couldn’t be naked just yet. I’m still not there. Neither is Nick, I notice, as he puts on sweatpants. I crawl on the bed, staring down at him, “You want to back out?”

“Baby, I’m fine. It sucks that he’s gonna put his dick in you but I’m here and you’re not out cheating on me with some dirty freak you found in the bar.”

“I wouldn’t cheat on you. Ever. Even if you want to stop and never want to talk about this again.”

“But you’ll always be thinking about it. He’s here. We’re doing this. I’m good.” He yanks me to him, “Now do what the instructor says and make out with me.”

I’m giggling into his kiss but once his tongue comes out, so does the passion and my hand slips over his chest as I stretch out beside him. His hand dips along my thigh, up to my hip. I’m anxious for more and open my legs, hoping he’ll get the hint. His hand falls between my thighs and presses against my apex. I break the kiss with a moan, rolling on my back, silently begging.

Nick kisses my cheek and jaw, “You want me to finish what I started?”

“God, yes.”

“With my fingers, or with my tongue?”

I arch my back with want, “Both.”

Tyler walks in and I snap my head toward him. He notices us on the bed and smiles as he drops his black bag nearby, keeping a hold of his towel that’s wrapped around his waist. “Getting more comfortable, Nick.”

Nick continues to kiss me along my shirt, finding my nipple through the fabric. “Don’t talk to me.”

Tyler cackles and squats down, digging into his bag. He takes out several white towels in an unopened pack and tears the package off, setting them aside. He then takes out a box of condoms and sets them aside as well. He looks toward us again, notices I’m watching him and my head snaps away. I try to concentrate on my husband’s fingers rubbing against my vagina but it’s difficult with someone else in the room. Instinct is telling me to hide myself. No one is supposed to see me like this but my husband.

“Get out of your head.” Nick mutters against my ear. “Be here.”

I nod, taking a deep breath and relax again. He moves aside my underwear and plunges a finger inside and I close my legs, gripping his hand. He chuckles against me, “Come on, Katie. Is this how you see yourself in your fantasy?”

He’s right. All those months and years I’ve spent envisioning this moment. In every dream, I was confident, bold, exciting. There was no fear or nervousness. But it’s hard to compare. That was a dream and this is reality.

I want to be how I was in my mind. I can at least try.

My legs slowly spread apart. “That’s it, baby, get wet for me.” He adds another finger, pumping rather slowly.

I arch my hips up, “More.”

Nick descends between my legs, kissing my knees, my thighs, feeling them quiver beneath his touch. “You’re getting so wet.” He takes out his fingers and pops them in his mouth, sucking on them before shoving them back in again, hard and deep. “You like being watched?”

I slip my eyes over to Tyler. He leans against the vanity with arms crossed, simply observing us. His eyes are on Nick’s hand as it pumps in and out. Then they fly up to my face. I don’t turn away this time, keeping our gaze locked as I arch my back. He smirks, “Eat her pussy, Nick. She’s ready.”

Nick yanks off my underwear, tossing them to the floor and grips the back of my knees, spreading my legs wide and bending them toward my stomach. “You’re dripping.” He groans, “Look at that magnificent cunt.” Nick glances over to Tyler, “My wife has the best fucking pussy on the face of the planet.”

Tyler holds up a hand, “I believe you.”

“You’re the lucky one today.” He remarks before he dives down, his tongue lapping up my entire vagina in one slow, long, lick. My mouth drops open, barely containing the deep moan.

The bed depresses and my eyes shoot open. Tyler sits beside me, leaning over, meeting my gaze. The scar on his chest steals my attention. I want to touch it.

“You ready?”

My heart pumps wildly. It’s impossible to think with Nick’s tongue rolling against my clit, my hips bucking with every pass and now Tyler’s asking me a question I can barely comprehend.

“For what?” I manage.

“I’m going to kiss you and lift your shirt to touch your tits.”

I look down at Nick, his eyes are on us but the moment I meet his gaze he closes his eyes and flicks his tongue over my clit. My words lost, I numbly nod. Tyler’s lips press against mine, gently at first, experimental. I haven’t kissed another man in eleven years, it is an odd feeling how different a simple thing like that feels. He leans back, looking over my face, checking to make sure I am okay before kissing me again with more eagerness. Our lips twist as my husband’s tongue slows over my bud, flicking it back and forth. I moan against him and now Tyler’s tongue slips into my mouth. His hand, foreign and warm slides up my shirt and cups my breast.

Nick takes a break, “Shit.” He kisses my thighs, watching us.

My shaking fingers hesitantly touch Tyler’s chest. He is skinnier than Nick, thinner in muscle but that doesn’t mean he lacks it. I can feel the shift of his arm as he moves back and forth between my breasts, pulling at my nipples, pinching them, twisting them, making me arch.

Nick returns to eating my pussy with vigor, diving two fingers inside as his tongue plays with my clit. It’s the quickest way to make me cum and god, do I want to fucking cum. I clench Tyler’s hair, breaking apart from him to breath.

“Don’t cum yet.” He murmurs against my cheek. Even his smell is different. He wears a nice cologne that’s more sweet than Nick’s. “I want to make you cum first. Nick, let’s switch.”

Nick pulls away, sucking on his fingers as he stands up.

Tyler crawls down and as he get closer, I close my legs back up, embarrassed. His hands rest on my knees, “You don’t want me to eat your pussy?”

Of course I fucking do but Nick’s on the side of the bed, watching and I feel wrong.

Tyler pushes my knees into my chest and bares my vagina. I slap my hands around my thighs covering my privates. He nuzzles them with his nose, “You smell so sweet. I bet you taste like a fucking cake.”

Nick sits on the bed, gaining my attention. He kisses me, massaging a breast, “I want to watch him eat you out.”

“You’re okay with this?”

“It’s growing on me.” He directs my hand to his erection in his pants, already there is wetness from precum. “Jerk me off while he licks your cunt.”

Tyler is kissing all around my legs, waiting patiently for my remaining hand to slide away.

When Nick pulls his dick out, my concentration alters and I turn my attention to making him feel good. Jerking him off requires two hands and so I abandon my defense to grip his shaft and play with his ball sac.

“Holy fuck, look at that pussy. You weren’t lying.”

“I told you.”

“It’s perfect.”

Nick sits back against the headboard. The position makes it difficult to give his balls any attention so I give that up and put my effort into jerking him off.

“What are you waiting for?” Nick rallies.

“Just admiring the view.” Tyler’s tongue traces up the line of my groin, “Mmm… sweet.” He does the same to the other. “It’s addictive.”

“Somedays I just want to eat her pussy all fucking day long.”

I love them admiring me. It gives me confidence and I spread my legs wide so I can see Tyler. He looks at me, an inch away from my quivering lips. He flicks his tongue across my clit. I buck instantly and he chuckles. “Good reaction.” He notes. “What about here?” He lowers and drags his tongue between my folds. I shudder and moan. “You taste fucking amazing. Best fucking pussy I ever ate.” He dives in then, burying his face against me, his nose literally pressed between my folds as his tongue dives inside, struggling to get deeper.

I twist and groan, my attention on my husband’s dick waning but he grabs my hand and keeps me going. He bucks and slows when he’s close and brings my hand up to smear the precum, using it as lubricant to further stroke him.

Tyler presses my thighs up, like Nick had, but curving my lower back, my knees up nearly to my bust line. I could see his tongue dance across my clit, and I take immense pleasure watching him eat me out. Nick does as well as he curses beside me, clenching my hand around his cock to stop himself from cumming.

Then Tyler does something unexpected. He dips lower and licks my anus. I suck in a sharp breath, meeting the glint in his eye. He lick his lips, pausing, “You okay?”

I nod my head.

“Trick to anal, you got open it up. And a ton of lube. Which I don’t see us having a problem with that. You can fill a whole fucking container with your juices right now. I’m drenched.” He presses his tongue against my anus again and I instinctively buck. “Nick, hold her leg.”

Nick grabs the back of my knee keeping me open and exposed and he leans over me, abandoning his own cock to kiss me, his tongue diving into my mouth, distracting me. I slip my hand into his black hair, clenching, holding on. He parts, his nose touching mine, our panting breath mixing, “I want to watch you cum.”

Tyler dives two fingers into my pussy and pumps before he yanks it out and sucks on them. It’s like he digging for fucking ice cream. He moans around his fingers. His other thumb presses against my anus. I clench and the anxious excitement nearly throws me over and he feels the tremble in my thighs. With his tongue pressed against my clit, he violently begins shaking his head back and forth. My eyes roll in the back of my head. I’m done.

My orgasm hits me hard and fast and I’m speechless, unable to make any sound as he rides my cunt like a damn bull, keeping his rhythm and pressure and tongue with every wild move I make. I fling away when it’s over, curling into a ball, nearly crying from such a perfect, out of this world orgasm.

It takes me a couple minutes to recover but when I finally roll on my back. My eyes widen in shock. Two massive dicks await my attention.

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