My Wife's Desires

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I’m pacing in the bathroom. Call me pathetic but the moment I saw Tyler’s cock, thick, long and equal to my husband’s massive girth, I darted out of the room faster than I intended and shut myself into the guest bathroom down the hall.

I just need a second. I’m about to take care of two huge cocks and I don’t know if I’m that talented. It’s intimidating. Why did he have to be big? I’d be better if he was thinner or shorter even. How can I expect to take both of them in at the same time? I’ll break. I’m a petite woman of five five at a hundred and thirty pounds. Their cocks alone weigh more than me.

Exaggerating but still!

I can do this. I didn’t come this far to be a quitter. I’m doing this.

After wiping the flow of fluids from my thighs and vagina, I splash a little water on face, take a breath, and walk out the door.

They’ve both redressed. I’m sure it was awkward to be alone in a room with their dicks out and no woman present. Nick sits on the edge of the bed, probably about to come after me but choosing instead to give me a minute. He stands up upon my reentry and approaches, “You alright?”

I nod, embarrassed I ran like I hadn’t enjoyed the view.

Tyler walks around to us, “In my line of work, you didn’t really expect me to be average, did you?”

I giggle, “Guess not.”

“Anything we try, we’re going to warm up to first, so don’t be scared. You’ll be ready when we tag team you.”

That idea again fills me with instant yearning and I feel liquid spill out of me. I clench my thighs together.

“Make out with her.” He tells Nick.

Nick captures my lips, his hand slipping into my hair to hold me as he steps up close, pressing his body against me. I fall against him, wrapping my arms around his shoulders. His familiar thick arms, hairy chest, and delicious scent lures me to forget about my anxieties. I love this man more every minute.

Tyler steps behind me and his touch startles. The momentary lapse of tension surges again as his hands slide along my butt. He pulls up my nightshirt to expose me. “You got a nice fucking ass.” He slaps it hard and I jolt, breaking from our kiss to look behind me. Tyler runs his hand over the sting, squeezing the fat tissue. His eyes meet mine and his face is only inches away. “You like that?”

The question sends a wave of excitement through me.

“She fucking loves it.” Nick replies, his lips descending on my neck.

“Again?” Tyler smirks and slaps me harder. I cling to Nick, sticking my ass out. He cackles, enjoying my reaction. “Take her shirt off.”

Nick yanks it up over my head and dives for my breasts. I feel Tyler rub my back, down the slit of my ass cheeks. He bypasses my anus and presses his fingers against my vagina before slipping his middle finger and ring finger up into me. He twitches them back and forth like he’s waving and it drives me insane. “She’s definitely opening up. So fucking wet.”

I don’t want to be the only one naked anymore. I want their cocks staring at me. I lower to my knees.

“Eager too.”

“She loves sucking dick.” I pull Nick’s pants down and his cock springs out standing straight and dripping. He steps out of them as he grabs his dick, rubbing himself in front of my face.

I turn around to Tyler, who’s licking his fingers, staring down at me. I tentatively reach for the towel at his waist. He simply stares, almost daring me. The towel falls to the floor, and I’m meeting his tip as it seems to reach out to me. Unlike Nick, Tyler is completely hairless. His chest, his arms and legs, and most amazingly everything between his legs is smooth and tanned.

“Go ahead. Touch it.”

I reach up and grab it. And I turn to reach for Nick’s as well. He comes a bit closer, circling me so they are nearly side by side but many inches apart. It makes me smile how even now, Nick has his guard up. I’ll remedy that.

I take his in first, wrapping my mouth around his girth, flicking my tongue over the slit before I dive down, attempting to get in every inch of him but I’ve never been able too. Before I gag, I pull out and slip back down on him, bobbing my head, “Fuck yeah, Katie.” Nick’s hand digs into my hair clenching. “I’m so close already. Watching you get eaten out was the hottest fucking thing.”

“Don’t cum yet.”

I feel Nick flinch and his gruff reply, “You keep talking I’ll never fucking cum.”

Tyler chuckles, gripping my hand to move. I had forgotten I was holding his dick and I instantly rectify this by rubbing him.

Tyler wraps his hand around my neck, “It’s my turn, bro,” and he yanks me off him and has his cock at my lips before I realize it and shoves inside. I nearly gag from the force and I pull back to lick his tip, get my anxieties down as I take in the fact that I’m sucking another man’s dick. He tastes different, feels different despite how much his dick resembles my husband’s. I reach for Nick’s cock so he knows I haven’t forgotten him and clench hard.

“Come on, I know you can do better than that.”

I slip him in my mouth, taking him almost as deep as he offers and pull back at the last moment. One more slow torturous bob before I move faster. I never thought it would be so difficult giving head and jerking another off but I’m losing my rhythm.

They both notice and take control. Tyler grips the back of my hair and thrusts into my mouth repeatedly while Nick wraps his own hand around mine again to jerk himself off. The moment we have a steady rhythm, Nick interrupts, “You’re hogging her mouth.”

Tyler pulls me off, “Don’t cum yet.” He tells him.

I shift to Nick and take him in.

Tyler on the other hand, drops behind me, and shimmies his head between my legs like a mechanic. “Look at you, it’s just pouring out.” He presses his lips against me, slurping. “Your pussy is definitely ready. But I’m concerned about this.” A finger presses against my anus and I buck. He chuckles. “So excited.” His mouth is on my pussy once more, his tongue constantly licking my lips. He pokes a finger inside but it’s barely noticeable as the tension in my vagina fades and I loosen up. That same finger slides to my anus and rubs the outside and that I can definitely feel.

“You gotta relax, gorgeous.”

I pause giving head and jerk Nick off with a mouth open, meeting his eyes. He’s staring down at me with knit brows full of need. “You want to cum in my mouth?”

He nods.

“I want it.” I slip my mouth over him as Tyler presses his pinkie into my ass. I gap, breaking away, panting.

“Shh..” Tyler murmurs, dipping his tongue inside and swirling around.

“Fuck.” It burns as he pushes it further and further. “I can’t. I can’t.”

“What?” Nick interrupts, rubbing my hair.

“He has finger in my ass.”

Nick groans, “I’m gonna cum. Open that mouth and swallow it.” I obey despite the discomfort, directing my attention to my husband’s needs. My head is bouncing at an insane speed and within seconds, Nick clings to the back of my head and spills his seed inside me, cursing as he does so, throwing his head back.

Tyler pulls his finger out, only to slowly push it back in. I barely finish swallowing before I break away, his white fluid slipping out of my lips and I rub it away, dropping to my hands. Tyler moves away, taking his finger with him and sits on his knees behind me, “I told you not to cum.”

Nick sits on the bed, exhausted, watching me. “You can order me around all you want but I’m gonna cum when I fucking want.”

I curl my legs under me, sitting on the floor. Tyler chuckles, “I had plans. You’re gonna miss out now.”


Tyler reaches behind him and grabs a white rag, then digs in the bag for something else. He holds it up. It’s small with a pointed tip. It looks like a pink painted acorn. It’s a butt plug and the moment Tyler sees my terrified face, he laughs, “Don’t freak out just yet. You’re gonna like it.” He flips the small switch on the bottom of it and the vibration is heard from a distance. “Back on your hands and knees.”

I obey, facing Nick as he sits on the bed.

“You okay?”

I nod biting my lip, beyond excited and partly scared. Tyler massages my ass, spreading my cheeks so wide that it pulls my pussy lips then he squeezes them so tight, his nails dig into my skin. “I just love this ass.” He smacks it and then runs a hand over it, “That’s a great sound. Nick, come here. You’re gonna put this in.”

Nick eagerly gets up and kneels behind me.

“Get it wet with her juices. Now rules to anal. Once it goes in the ass, it’s not going back in her pussy. Anything you stick in there, a ton of lube. This is the kind I use, but I see you guys got your own collection. Go ahead.”

I feel like a car they’re working on. It’s not turning me on at all and I’m only stressing the longer they sit there staring at my asshole. I got waxed early this morning and I pray they got all the hair. I become agitated but then I feel Nick rotate the small plug between my lips and the soft vibrations pulse through my vagina. I throw my head back, moaning.

Tyler is in front of me, “You get impatient real quick, don’t you?” He holds his dick out to me, “Come on, then. I want to cum on your tits.” I take him fully in my mouth, craving it and his fingers slip in my hair. “I bet you’ve dreamed of that. Imagined it. Tell me.”

I pull away, flicking my tongue across his tip, “Yes.” Tyler smirks and grips my hair slightly painfully, enough to make me whimper.

He grips my chin, pressing his fingers against my cheeks so my mouth falls open. He pushes his tip between my lips, “I’m not your husband. I’m not going to be tender and sweet. I’m going to treat you like a fucking whore. Like a slut.” He taps my cheek with his cock, small little soundless slaps.

Nick uses one hand to push my ass open and presses the tip of the plug into my ass. I break, breathing but Tyler forces me back, “No, keep sucking.”

Nick pushes it in slow, the vibrations causing a groan in my throat and my ministrations are lost as I bask in the pleasure it’s causing. When it’s situated pleasantly, he abandons it, leaving it there and then his fingers dip into my pussy, “How’s that feel?”

I pull away, “Amazing.”

He pulls his fingers out and sucks on them, before sticking them back in, “I’m hard again just from this. God I want to fuck you.”

“It’s my turn to cum so you gotta shut the up now.”

Nick chuckles, kissing my ass, squeezing the plump skin.

“Lean back on your knees and show me your perfect tits.”

I thrust out my chest and Nick comes behind me to play with them, pulling at my nipples, twisting them and one hand goes between my legs to play with my clit. I’m so close with the butt plug sending vibrations in parts I’ve never thought of before but my focus is on Tyler, dying for his cum to pour on me.

“Get out of the way, Nick. I’m squirting on those titties.” Nick abandons me to go sit on the bed but my need is near the surface so I bury my own fingers between my legs and grip a breast tight in my hand.

“Oh, fuck, that’s it. Play with yourself.” He is frantically pumping and then he jerks and he aims his tip downward at my chest and bucks, ejaculating. White cum spits out, splattering on my chest. I sit back on my heels, panting, his warm thick juices trailing down my body. Tyler dives two fingers down and scraps up his cum, holding it out for me, “Lick it.” He demands. “Give me your fingers.”

I hold up my hand and he grabs my wrists, wrapping his mouth around my wet digits and his tongue slipping up and down. I open my mouth and he watches with anticipation as I take his fingers between my lips and lick off his cum.

“Fuck.” Nick curses, grabbing his cock.

“That’s what you missed out on.”

“I gotta fuck you, baby, or I’m gonna blow again.”

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