My Wife's Desires

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Taking it in

Tyler grabs a white cloth and wipes the cum off with two quick passes and Nick is grabbing my arm, tossing me on the bed, my legs wide and welcoming. He crawls over me, his lips diving for my neck and down my breasts where he takes a nipple between his teeth and pulls, making me arch and groan. His eagerness makes me deliriously happy. Our sex life is usually good but we got lazy a little bit. We got into routine. This shatters our love life by a landslide. The excitement alone awakes parts of me I didn't know needed a wake up call.

Nick leans back on his knees, kneading my thighs, spreading my lips with his thumbs as he places his tip right at my entrance. He pushes in slowly and I tense with each inch, the butt plug uncomfortable in this position and with him adding his own length to the mix, it’s almost too much but I don’t want to stop him. I want all of it.

“Wait. Take out the plug. It’s probably painful.” Tyler sits on the bed, observing my face and Nick pulls back, lifting my ass off the bed to get a good look. “I don’t want to fucking take it out. It looks amazing.”

“Then fuck her sideways.”

Nick shoves his face against my pussy, licking it a few times. “You like that in you, baby?”

“I want you in me.”

He pulls the plug out and it’s like tension and pressure has been released and my ass can finally relax again. Nick has his tip at my entrance again and slowly sinks in, moaning, cursing as he grips my thighs over his own. “You can take me all the way already. You feel it?”

“Oh god yes, baby. Fuck me.”

He pounds hard once, throwing his head back. “This is fucking ridiculous. I can usually go for an hour before cumming and I’m already so close again.”

Tyler is near my ear, nuzzling my face, “Maybe you’re not the only nympho around here.”

I smile, giggling, watching Nick completely lose it as he thrusts in me again. Tyler turns my face and our lips meet, once, twice, before he sticks his tongue out and I roll out my own tongue and they flick over each other. His fingers tease my nipples and he dives his lips over it, taking it in, sucking, “God, even your damn nipples are perfect. I want to fuck these next. Nick, you ever titty fuck your wife?”

Nick ignores him, pounding harder, lifting my legs up over his arms.

“You’re missing out.”

“Shut. The fuck.. Up.”

Tyler grins down at me and drops his lips to my ear, “You like me talking, don’t you?”

I nod, gasping every time Nick hits a pleasure spot.

“You belong in a job like mine. You like being treated like a slut, don’t you?” I turn my head, embarrassed.

Tyler slips his hand up to my neck, gripping my jaw and forcing my head back, “I like treating you like a slut. We’re the same kind of person, gorgeous, don’t be ashamed.” He kisses me again. His fingertips dance along my skin, sending shivers and every thrust from my husband feels like I’m near the edge. My breasts rock with each brutal shove and I’m groaning loudly and unafraid. “Don’t cum.” Tyler orders.

“Why?” Nick is interested with what our guide has on his mind and he doesn’t want to miss out again.

“Because you are the one that’s going to devirginize her ass. Let me fuck her for a bit so you can calm down.”

I love the way they take turns, like I’m here for their pleasure and they casually pass my body back and forth between them to satisfy their needs. I can literally do this for the rest of my fucking life.

Nick pounds once more and then pulls out. “You’re putting on a condom, right?”

“It’s not my first time, bro.” Tyler has one in his hand already and rolls it down his hard cock. He gets up on his knees, grabbing one of my legs.

This seems to break Nick. “Shit, I don’t know if I can do this.” He mumbles and I lift my head, his hands gripping his hair. It’s a moment of panic and I’m on my knees, crawling to him and wrapping my arms around his neck. “Putting his dick in you is different, Katie.” I kiss his lips, calming him with each passing second as he focuses on me. His hands rest on my hips, “But you really want it, don’t you?” He clenches my hair, “You’ve been hiding how fucking needy you are. Don’t you hold back after today. You tell me everything you want. Got it?”

I nod, “Are you okay?”

“I’m going to the bathroom. You got her, Tyler?” Tyler grabs my hips as Nick slips away. He pulls me back against his chest to fiddle with my breasts and I watch my husband dive into the bathroom, shutting the door. “I should check on him.”

“Give him a minute. HIs wife is about to be fucked by a stranger. I’m sure it’s not easy to process.”

His fingers slip to my pussy, two fingers rubbing my clit with a skill that causes my legs to quiver. He dips his other fingers in my mouth and I suck on them, meeting his eyes from the side. “You are so fucking hot. I would have fucked you for free.” His dick presses between my ass cheeks, rubbing, thrusting, until he grabs his cock and slips it between my legs. The tip of him pokes out the front and my hand drops down to run my fingers across it. I forgot about his condom and the awkward feel of latex. Nick and I haven’t used a condom since our one-night stand. I got an IUD really quickly just so I could have his bare cock cum inside me time and time again.

It gets wet with my juices and I dip lower, teasing his ball sac with the tips of my fingers. He thrusts against me, cursing.

Nick comes out of the bathroom and my eyes reach for him.

Tyler voices, “I haven’t gone in yet. Let me know you’re okay with this.”

Nick lays on the bed in front of me, touching my face with his fingertips. “Look at your face.” He murmurs. “You want him inside you? Don’t lie to me.”

Guilty, I nod.

“Fuck her.”

Tyler pushes me up to my hands and knees and grabs a hold of my hip with one hand as he directs his cock against my entrance.

“Look at me.” Nick orders and I lift my head up as Tyler shoves hard into me. I gasp, my brows knitting at the foreign, rough intrusion. Nick growls, “Jesus, go slow.”

“You can go slow. I’ll fuck hard. She can take it.” He removes himself completely and dives straight in again, slapping my ass as he does so, “Oh, fuck, her pussy is amazing.” He goes all the way out again and then slams back in. I can barely keep my arms up, the pleasure rippling through all my limbs. “Don’t just stand there, stick it in her mouth.”

“Shut up.” Nick hand sinks in my hair and pulls my head up, pressing his tip against my mouth. “Don’t bite my dick off.”

“Thanks for the idea.” My mouth swallows him.

Another fantasy knocked off the list. Getting fucked while sucking dick. God, I can’t handle it. I pulse around Tyler’s cock, an orgasm approaching and he senses it, his hand slipping around to pinch my clit. I moan against Nick’s cock and break away, “I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” Tyler slaps my ass, beating my pussy harder and I fall face first into the blankets, gripping with all my might as my orgasm rolls over me but he doesn’t stop, he keeps pounding and slapping my ass and the orgasm reaches deeper heights until I begging him to stop. He shoves out, letting me drop to the bed, curling into a ball but it’s short lived, “Get over here, Nick, here put a condom on.”


“After you get done in her ass, you can just take it off and plow her pussy. Unless you want to stop and take a bath and have a drink first.”

Nick curses, ripping open the condom. I barely realize what’s happening. I’m numb and perfect and I feel like I’ve just reached heaven. Every nerve ending is tickling. I don’t want it to fade.

When I hear the squirt of a lube bottle, my head spins around. Panic takes me. My asshole is about to get a big cock in its tiny little hole. The anticipation and fear overwhelm me as I watch these two men prepare Nick’s dick.

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