My Wife's Desires

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I tried to run, as silly as that sounds. I got off the bed and attempted to make it to the bathroom but Tyler darted in front of me, blocking my exit. Then I turned around for the door and Nick grinned greeting me with his wrapped cock, glistening from the amount of lube weighing on it.

“You’re not scared, are you?” Nick questions with a mischievous little smile.

“I’m not scared.”

“Where are you going?”

“Getting a drink. I’m thirsty.”

He chuckles. “Even with all the cum you swallowed? I’ll get you some water when I’m done.” He approaches me and I back up. “You sure you’re not scared?”

I shake my head.

Tyler’s behind me. He grabs my arms and pushes my resistant form to the bed, slamming me down face first. He lays beside me, chuckling into my ear, “You’re ready. Don’t get inside your head.” His hand soothes across my ass and I feel his finger grace the outer rim of my asshole. “Think of your fantasies. How you envision two dicks plowing you.” My eyes close and I return to the images I’ve conjured up for years. The excitement bubbles in my stomach and chest and I bite my lip, struggling to breath. It’s actually happening. And the reality is so much more than I could have ever dreamed up. “You want it, gorgeous?”

My back arches, pushing my ass into his hand and I nod, meeting his green eyes. He looks over his shoulder, “Fuck her Like this.”

“With her laying on her stomach?”

“You can’t go in all the way yet. It’s kind of like a pussy, you gotta keep opening it up in order to go deep. And for her to get pleasure from this, the stimulus is around the edges. So just your tip and about a fourth should be enough. Doggy style will make it too easy to slip in deep and you don’t want to hurt her or she’ll never want to do this again.”

“Can I get a good angle?”

“Pull her ass cheeks apart. There will be some resistance but you have to push.”

Nick climbs on the bed with my legs shut tight between his. His hands pull my butt apart, exposing my shaved asshole. Nick blows on my anus, his tongue slipping around the edges and I moan with excitement.

Tyler’s in my ear, “Now you have to relax. Squeeze your asshole and then let it go.”

A tip of a finger goes in and my breath sucks in. “God, how am I going to fit? It’s gonna hurt her.”

“Don’t be a pussy. She’ll get over it.”

“Fuck you.”

Tyler chuckles into my cheek. “He’s really touchy.”

“He’s trying to be tough.”

Nick slaps my ass and I whip my head around meeting his glare. “You ready, baby?”

“Yes.” I breathlessly whisper, staring at the cock pointing toward me.

He rubs his dick up and down between my cheeks. “Tell me if you want me out. On three, ready?” His tip presses against my asshole. I squeeze as tight as I can as he counts and on three, I release while he pushes in. “Oh, fuck.” He groans.

My mouth is wide, concentrating on stopping my asshole from clenching. The intrusion is hard to explain and impossible to compare. It hurts enough to bring tears to my eyes and my belly feels full. The pressure builds up and I think I’m going to shit. My sudden fear sparks a reaction from Tyler and he rubs my back, whispering in my ear, “You aren’t going to shit, don’t freak. The feeling will pass. Are you okay?”

“It hurts.”

Nick is quick to retract, “You want me out?”

I shake my head. This is what I’ve wanted. A little pain is worth it.

Nick needs no further assurance and pushes in. He groans, “I’m in. Baby, I’m fucking in your ass. Can I move?”

I nod unable to speak and he pulls out, and I’m relieved for a moment but then he pushes back in and I squeal and twist.

“It will get better. You gotta relax.” Tyler kisses my jaw, my neck, squeezing his hand in to grab a breast pressed against the bed. “Play with my dick.” He guides my hand to his cock. It had deflated a little but with only a few quick pulls, he returns to his full size. The distraction is what I need. I feel my body slowly losing tension with each passing second as the feeling of Nick’s cock becomes more familiar. It’s then I begin to feel the pleasure and my moans come out with no hesitation.

“It’s so fucking tight. Like a damn vice.” He squeezes my ass cheeks together as he goes in and pulls them apart when he goes out. “I can watch this all day. Where’s the camera?”

In and out. In and out. I’m leaking out of my pussy, drenching the sheets. My legs open a little, wanting some action on my clit. Every thrust he makes rubs me against the blanket. I want more.

“Think she’s ready to go on her knees. Don’t go in much further than you are.”

“I can’t, she’s too tight. It’s squeezing my dick too much. I’m gonna cum.”

I look behind me to watch his face. He is concentrating, watching every movement his cock makes, putting it to memory. He pulls his dick all the way out, trying to stall the sensation but he can’t resist and slowly stuffs himself back in.

I am eager to please him. “Cum, baby. I want you to cum in my ass.” I wiggle just a little and he gasps, squeezing his eyes shut.

I grip Tyler’s cock, keeping my attention on his pipe. I meet his humored gaze with a smirk, biting my lip and squeezing his cock with my nails. He growls, squeezing my nipple and his lips are on my shoulder, my neck, and he kisses my lips softly once. “I’m next. And I’m not going to be nice. Can you handle me, you little whore?” I nod, biting his lip and then his tongue is sweeping into my mouth.

Nick pants, his movement increasing in a quick and short in-and-out motion and then he slaps my ass cheek. He cums with a few intense jerks and a soft curse.

Nick pulls out and the pressure in my ass fades instantly. I’m no longer afraid to move. I turn around, falling on Nick where he collapsed and kiss his lips. He is exhausted but grinning like a silly fool. He slips his fingers into my hair, pulling me close, kissing me. “You did good, baby. I’m impressed.”

“Apparently big dicks can fuck ass.”

He laughs, his head falling back on the bed, “Porn proves true.” I rest my head on his chest, listening to the fast beating of his heart. “Did it hurt?”

“A little but it got a lot better.”

“Good.” Tyler interrupts. He climbs off the bed, snatching a condom. “It’s my turn now.” He slips it on and squirts a big glob of lube over his erection. He strokes himself as he stares at me, “Come here.”

Swallowing, I crawl off the bed and stand in front of him like a nervous virgin. He wipes his hands off on a white towel before chucking it to the building pile behind him. He grabs an arm spinning me around and with a hand on my back, he shoves me into the bed. I turn my head to watch him. He grips my hips, a hand pressing on my tailbone to arch my back, sticking my ass further upward. “It’s gonna be a little deeper. But I’ll take care of that pussy. I know it’s dying for attention.” He presses against my anus, “Big breath, squeeze and then release.”

I do as instructed, my legs shaking from excitement and I release just as he gently pushes his way in. I claw at the blankets, instinct making me pull away the deeper he goes but he grabs me, “Keep breathing.”

I breath out heavy, relaxing and feel his cock up inside, deeper and fuller than I’ve ever felt through the vagina. “That’s a girl. Show me how wet you are.” He slips his hand between my legs and finally rubs my nub hard and fast. I nearly cum then but he pulls out, breaking my concentration. “Again.” His tip goes in easier and the stimulus wrecks on my body. His fingers don’t stop, rotating round and round on my clit making me buck and twist.

I clench the sheets, burying my face and feel the impending orgasm approaching. I reach down to join his fingers, needing more.

“Shit, your squeezing me. I can’t move.” He pistons his fingers fast, pushing my orgasm to the max. With him in my ass, squeezing around his fat dick, I can’t breathe. The orgasm seems to go on forever and I bask every second, in disbelief I’m cumming so hard and then, just as swiftly as it approached, it topples over and my body goes limp.

“There.” He takes advantage of this moment and rocks his hips, filling my ass to the brim. He smacks me, pushes my head into the pillow, grips my hair, and smacks me again. It is wild and rough, and I want more.

A deep guttural groan after ten minutes of his cruel and loving thrusts, he cums.

Tyler rests beside me, panting. I can barely move but I watch him over my arm as he stares at the ceiling. He is gorgeous and the fact that I’ve made this man, whose job is basically to have sex, cum. I feel like I’m a million dollars right now. I love it.

I look around for Nick but he’s not in the room. I lost track of him with my face buried in the sheets but I sit up now, wincing as my butt aches, “Nick?” I call down.

He enters the room a moment later with a couple bottles of water, “I got you water.” He sits on the other side of me and tosses one to Tyler and hands one off to me. “You okay?”


“Good,” Tyler interrupts, breathing heavy, “Because we’re not done.”

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