My Wife's Desires

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Main Course

I look over at him as he takes a swig of water. Tyler wipes his mouth, smirking, “You know what’s coming.”

Having them in my ass had been intense. Having them both at the same time, no longer seems like a possibility. I want it but I don’t want to break my vagina doing it. The ache is a warning sign and fear creeps in. “I don’t know if I can. It was a lot.”

He lays on his side, resting the bottle of water against his chest to reach out a hand, caressing my breast, “You can do it.”

Nick’s hand rubs my thigh, “I’m not doing this again. So, get all your fantasies out now.”

“Dude, you like this as much as her.”

“Yeah, it’s great having another dick in the room.”

“You don’t seem to mind watching her get plowed by another man.”

“I’m allowing it tonight, it doesn’t mean I’ll allow it again.”

“Just admit you like watching her get fucked.”

Nick chugs his water, ignoring Tyler. I rub Nick’s shoulder, wondering if it were true. There are two things I want to hear. One, he’s getting some satisfaction out of this and two, I’m not alone in my freakish desires. I’d feel more confident and less of a basket case if he felt some of what I did.

“We’re all nymphos here, bro. It’s time to admit you’re one of us.”

“Bite me.”

“You said I can’t touch you.”

Nick jumps off the bed but Tyler’s chuckling and winks at me. He keeps his hand continuously massaging my breast like it’s a stress ball.

“He was joking, Nick.”

“He’s probably fucking gay.”

“That’s why I came on your girl’s titties, because I like dick.”

“Don’t act like you’ve never been with a man. You know too much about anal.”

“I like anal,” He admits before he dips down and sucks on my nipple, “but I need these perky breasts to hold onto.”

“You ever fuck a man?”


“Just making conversation, Katie.”

“Your husband is easy to rile.”

I giggle, “I know. It’s fun.”

Nick growls and comes back to the bed, yanking me on my knees to hold against him. Our faces an inch apart, “You’re flirting too much.”

I kiss his lips, “I’m yours, baby. Don’t get jealous.”

“I’m not--” He huffs, noticing my quick grin and his fingers twist my nipple in retaliation, “You drive me crazy. But it’s why I love you.”

“I love you back.” Our kiss swiftly becomes intense as it always does and our tongues twist with need as he grabs my legs out from under me and I fall to my back with a squeal. We roll over so I am straddling his waist and his hands play with my breasts. I grab ahold of Nick’s cock and position it right on my entrance, slowly lowering and groaning as it fills me.

Tyler crawls to our side and grabs my hair to kiss me. “I want to watch you ride his cock. You’re so fucking hot. Your big fat titties bouncing. Ride him hard but don’t let him cum.”

I turn back to Nick and with my hands on his chest to keep steady, I rock my hips feeling him so deep inside. I sink swiftly, my energy sapped and hold Nick close to me as my body moves up and down his chest, my nipples brushing against his pecs. He grabs my hips and with his feet on the bed, he pumps into me. I stop it though, remembering that Tyler is watching. I want to impress him. I sit up, leaning backward, putting my hands on his knees, thrusting out my chest and ride him like a horse.

“It’s so deep.” I pant and gasp with every thrust. Nick puts both his hands behind his head and simply enjoys the view.

Tyler walks up the other side as he slips on a condom. “We ready for the grand finale?” He squirts a pile of lube, stroking himself as he watches me. “Pull her close, Nick and hold her tight, before she runs.” He smirks, meeting my wide eyes as he approaches the bed.

Nick wraps his arms around me, pulling me up against his chest. “You still okay?”

Tyler climbs up on the bed behind me keeping to his feet and keeps Nick’s legs between his own. He rubs my cheeks, soothingly.

I nod panting, excited, scared, ready and not ready.

“If you want to stop at any time, say it.”

I nod again, my voice lost. Tyler drags his fingers along the slit of my ass and presses his thumb into my anus making me jerk with anticipation. He chuckles and slaps me, “Good girl. Squeeze and release, ready?” He places his tip at my asshole.

I take a deep breath and relax my sphincter as Tyler pushes inside. My mouth drops open, my eyes squeezing shut. Both of their cocks inside me and I’m packed full like a month full of laundry bursting out the sides of a small plastic basket. I don’t think I can take more and Tyler pulls out at just the right moment, allowing me to breathe again.

Nick has his eyes on my face and he tucks my hair behind my ear, “You good?”


“Again?” Tyler asks.


He slips inside just the tip, “And you thought you couldn’t handle two dicks.”

I don’t know if I’m handling it well. I can’t speak. I can barely breathe.

“Move, Nick.”

On demand, Nick thrusts inside me and it moves me from Tyler, and he pops out. He grips my hips just below where Nick has his hands and pushes into me. They find a rhythm in moments, fucking experts that they are. It’s give and take, in and out, so much stimulation that I can’t make a noise, my throat blocked by the pressure of their dicks.

Tyler slaps my ass, “I know you can be more vocal than that. Aren’t you liking us inside you?”

I nod, my eyes still shut.

He grips my hair, pulling my head back, “Fucking say it or I’ll pull out.”


He chuckles, letting me go. I bury my head in Nick’s neck, clinging to him.

Nick nuzzles my ear, kissing my cheek, “How does it feel?”

My moans come plenty now, “Amazing.”

Tyler slaps me, “You like two cocks inside you, don’t you?”

“Yes. God, fuck me. Harder.”

“You can’t handle harder yet.”

I shift my ass, begging for more and he grips my ass cheeks, pressing them together.

“Nick, you alright?” Tyler wonders.

“You’re fucking talking again.”

“Let’s see if we can manage cumming together. Let me know when you’re close.” Tyler leans down pressing his lips against my back as his fingers twist a nipple, “Tell us when you’re gonna blow, gorgeous.”

I’ve been close since we started, like I’m on the edge of a constant orgasm. “I’m close.”

“Nick, slow down.”

Nick stops his heavy thrust, panting, sweating.

“Let’s play with that pussy a little.”

Tyler reaches around and taps on my clit. It’s sensitive and the touch makes me buck. They simultaneously groan. It’s like a super power, making this two sexual beasts moan in pleasure.

“Sit up a little.” I place my hands on Nick’s chest and attempt to move. I get an inch off his body and gasp. His dick just went a little deeper.

“I can’t, I can’t, ah fuck.”

“Fuck her.”

Nick thrusts hard inside, distracting from the uncomfortable movement. He attempts to shift but he doesn’t have much room, “I’m cramping up.”

“Let’s switch.” Tyler pulls out and then Nick slips from me and I feel drained, emptied, and I drop on the bed like a deflated balloon. Nick rolls out of bed, stretching his leg and then snags a condom off the table, ripping it open with his teeth. Tyler yanks his condom off and throws it to the floor carelessly as he lays down next to me. He picks up an open condom and hands it to me.

I’m barely able to keep my energy but I pluck it from his fingers, “You’re demanding.”

“I get worse the more you know me.”

I pull out the condom and roll it down his wet, sticky length. He leans in to kiss me and grabs my leg, pulling my body over his. “Ride my cock a bit, loosen up.” I grab a hold of his penis and slip him in, whimpering. His hands reach up to play with my breasts, pinching my nipples, pulling hard. “It’s these fucking tits that got me. I want to put them on a damn billboard.” I bounce up and down on his cock until Nick gets on the bed, twisting my head to kiss him.

He holds me against him, "You ready? I’m going in that ass again.”

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