The Inner Me

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Nicole is tempted by her friend Tiff to join the bdsm world. Will she give in or just walk away? A BDSM story told in the words of one Miss Nicolette Josette Joedstein. Journey into her inner Nicole.

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Queen Kitty
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Part 1

Hey, I’m Nicolette Josette Joedstein, odd name I know, but most of my friends call me Nicky and you can to. Currently, I’m a married twenty-eight-year-old photojournalist. Even though I'm married I have never been much for the dating scene. I spent most of my time working or hanging out with my best friend Tiffany. But then I met my husband and things changed. I'm getting ahead of myself let me explain how one fateful encounter turned out to be the best thing in my life.

It was a hot Thursday evening and I’m sitting in my office at home thumbing through some magazine covers when my phone rings. I look down it’s my best friend Tiffany calling me but I didn’t feel like being bothered with her shenanigans for the umpteenth time this week, so I hit ignore and threw my phone in my purse. My phone rings again but this time I don’t bother to even grab it. It wasn’t until the tenth time my phone rang did I decide to answer it.

“What bitch, what the fuck you want,” I answered half jokingly half annoyed. I heard what I thought was screaming in the background, but listening closer I realized it was moaning coming from a man, in my head, I was like I know this heffa didn’t call me while having sex again. “Tiffany, Tiff, Bitch I know you hear me calling your name.” I hear her chuckle and then say, “Meet me at the spot” and with that, she hung up. Confused I stared at my phone for what seemed like hours, but I knew her well enough to know when her trifling ass was up to something, so I grabbed my coat and my keys and headed to my car. It felt like the drive took forever but what I saw next I was not mentally prepared for.

Before I go any further let me explain what The Spot is. It’s kinda like a clubhouse/party pad that my best friend and I went half on. A place to go to when we wanted to get away it has four bedrooms a luxurious kitchen, decked out movie room, a fancy garden if ever wanted to have tea and marble floors to die for.

I turned my key in the lock and walked in my six-inch stilettos clacking against the floor in the main foyer. I began yelling Tiff’s name at the top of my lungs trying to figure out where in the hell she was located. It took a minute but I finally found her. She was in the main bedroom standing against the wall staring at some guy who was tied to the bed and crying.

Shocked I looked at her and asked what the fuck was going on she laughed and pointed at the guy on the bed and whispered, “he has a friend.” She walked over to the other end of the room, my gaze followed her. I saw a dog cage and inside the cage was a man with a hood over his head. He was tall about six feet or so, he was cramped kneeling naked inside the cage. Tiff reaches in and drags him out by his arm, throwing him face first at my feet. The man laid on the floor face first helpless. I don’t know why, but seeing him there like that stirred something in me.

Tiff noticed the look on my face and laughed. She said “I knew you would like my gift. I met these two gentlemen earlier and let’s just say I made them give us their time and after a little painful motivation their very eager to please.” I didn’t know what to say. I stood there for a while glancing between my friend and the naked guy at my feet. I asked her what was wrong with her and why was she kidnapping men she never had trouble getting a date before. She laughed at me and reminded me that she was a Domme and that the men were her playthings. I knew I heard her mention it before but I didn’t think she was serious. She told me that she was going to take her toy to the other room and that the naked guy at my feet was all mines to do whatever I want with. Tiff then proceeded to walk over to the bed, hook a leash to her toy’s neck and walk out the room. I stared at the naked guy who was still laying face first on the floor at my feet I told him to get up and he quickly got on his knees. I felt strange and excited at the same time, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t go through with it so I left the house and the man kneeling in the bedroom.

Here it is a week later Tiff keeps calling me but I couldn’t speak to her she had taken it to far. And the fact that I was getting turned on thinking about what I wanted to do to him was slowly freaking me out. Thinking of the memories from the past week, I shook my head to gather my thoughts and got up from my desk. I went to the nearest bar to get a drink to calm my nerve.

I walked into the bar and sat next to an older gentleman he was in his older to late forties. Remember him cause he going to play an important role in how this all ends. So, I was sitting there chatting with him for about thirty minutes or so when I happened to look up at the door and what did I see the same two men from last week. Now I know you wondering how did I know who the man was when his head was covered. I recognized him by the tattoo that he had on his neck. Anyway, he and his friend were talking and I noticed that they were heading out the door and walking toward the parking lot. I wanted to talk to the guy, but I just didn’t know what to say. So I paid for my drink and followed after him. I saw him and his friend split ways and go in opposite directions, but as if by some miracle of a chance the guy with the tattoo walked in the direction of my car. Without thinking about what I was doing, I looked around walked up on the guy and hit him in the head from behind with my purse. Knocking him out, I panicked, taking one final look around making sure no one had seen me, I grabbed the guy and threw him in the trunk of my car. I then proceeded to drive to The Spot looking into the rearview mirror hoping the guy didn't wake up. When I pulled up in the winding driveway my friend Tiff was standing there talking to one of her many toys. I parked the car jumped out in full panic mode running my mouth a mile a minute I told her what I did. she laughed and said, “I knew you would come around come on I’ll help you get him inside."

Tiffany and her toy Brian who just so happened to be limp guy's friend from the bar, helped me drag him into the house and up to one of the spare bedrooms in the back. We tossed him in a chair. I fell to the floor at limp guys feet shaking my head a mile a minute. Desperately trying to catch my breath, it felt like the walls were closing in on me.

Tiff left the room and came back with two things in her hand. In her left hand, she held a drink and in her right hand, she held a strap-on. She instructed Brian to help me up. Once on my feet she offered me the drink in her left hand and told me it was time to step into the Domme world fully. I took the drink from her and downed it, it felt good the way the liquor burned going down my throat.

I took a deep breath and grabbed the guy and tied his wrists to some rope that was hanging from the ceiling. Pulling the rope from the opposite side, I lifted him off the floor. Once I got him to the desired height I wanted him I tied the rope off and walked toward the still unconscious guy. Tiffany amazed at how quickly my demeanor changed she left the strap-on on the bed and her and her toy walked out.

As soon as they left, I stripped down to my underwear, it was a red and black lace matching set. Once I was done removing my clothes I slipped my heels back on and walked to the other end of the room and grabbed a whip down from the wall. At that point, he started to wake up. The guy now fully aware of where he was and how he got there, he started flailing around. I stood there for a minute watching him, after a moment or two I simply just walked up to him and slapped him in the face. He looked taken aback he recognized who I was by my scent. I put my hand under his chin and lifted his face to meet mine I told him that I was going to break him and before he could say anything I covered his mouth with my own, at first he resisted but then he accepted it. I grabbed his tongue with my teeth and pulled it until I heard him moan and yell at the same time. I could hear my friend in the distance yelling, “you go, girl, look in the left nightstand drawer" and chuckling. I pulled back and looked around the room. The room was pretty massive there was a four post bed against the outer wall, nightstands on either side. There was a wall of whips and chains on the right and lubes underneath. To the left was a chair with the matching footstool.

I walked to the nightstand and looked inside what I saw made me laugh out loud. There were a camera and a marker and makeup. I grabbed all the stuff out the drawer and laid it on the bed. When he saw the stuff he got scared and started wiggling again. I laughed and asked him where the hell he thought he was going to get to in mid-air. Laughing I walked to my purse and grabbed a pocket knife out I walk back to him and flicked it open and slid the blade softly across his cheek and down his neck I felt him shiver underneath my blade with one quick slash I cut his shirt open. I cut the rest of his shirt off of him and stuck it in his mouth. I told him he was no longer a human but a little pet I will use for my entertainment and he’s not allowed to speak ever. He slowly nodded trying to use his tongue to push the shirt out his mouth. Noticing he was trying to push the shirt out of his mouth, I grabbed a mouth gag with a small dildo attached to it. I proceeded to stuff the gag in his mouth and locked it. His eye began to water, I just stood there in amazement with my head tilted to the side. “From now on I am your Queen and you will address me as such" and proceeded to walk over to the bed to grab the makeup. With the makeup in hand, I did his face then grabbed the camera and took photos. I wrote the word loser on his forehead with a marker and sissy slut across his chest. I stripped him of his remaining clothes and walked around him taking in every inch of his body. Taking the cock cage off the dresser I locked his dick up and dropped the key in my purse. I told him he wouldn’t be needing that as I wouldn’t let a worthless piece of meat penetrate me.

I left the room and let the guy hang there for about forty minutes when I came back I had a bucket full of ice and gloves. I slid the gloves on and untied him from the rope his hands still bound together. I brought him to the window and tied him to the curtains. I told him if he broke my curtains he will pay and not to move.

The way The Spot was set up anybody that came past the house could look in the window and see him caged and tied up. Sliding the window down from the top, I told him to stick his head thru it. He slowly did as I said. It was the end of summer so it was warm with a slight chill to it. I heard him whimper for me to let him back in. I grabbed the whip and shook my head and put it back on the wall, I scanned the wall for about a minute or two and proceeded to grab the cane down. I gave the cane a shake, the whole time the guy was still pleading through his gag to let him go. Fed up I cracked him across his bottom until he went limp. He laid there sobbing and drooling his body still hanging out the window and his arms still hanging from the curtains rod. Thinking back to it now it wasn't the most comfortable position but I didn’t care I was in my zone. Grabbing the lube I adjusted the gloves on my hand and up my arm. I put a little lube on his ass and my fingers and inserted each one in his ass one after the other, over and over again. I felt his ass start to loosen as I finger fucked him adding a new finger every ten thrust until all five fingertips were in him. I heard him whimper and moan as I worked all five fingers up to the knuckle. Once the knuckles were in, I pushed my whole hand in his ass he screams out which makes him choke on the gag in his mouth. I continue to fist him until I get deeper and deeper in his ass. He squirms around trying to get away but he was stuck between me and the window it really wasn’t anywhere he could go. I slowly pulled my fist out his ass and heard him gasp a sigh of relief, I couldn’t help but chuckle. I took his hands off the curtain rod and watched as they fell limp beside his body. Grabbing both of his arms and pulling them behind his back I tied them together. I bent his legs towards his hands and attached the other end of the rope to his ankles so he was hogtied with his legs spread while he still hung out the window.

I caressed his back with my right hand letting my nails trace along his spine and back up to his shoulder. The fun was just beginning........

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