Convenience Stores in Tokyo

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It was my second day of kindergarten, I saw someone sitting at my desk. This is how my belief, "I don't have a place in this world", started. There are convenience stores everywhere in Tokyo. You can buy a variety of alcoholic beverages 24 hours a day. She woke up with the nightmare, "It was my second day of kindergarten. I saw someone sitting at my desk. I was standing in a hallway, looking in the classroom thorough the window. This is how my belief, I don't have a place in this world, started". She phones her boyfriend at midnight and goes to one of the convenience stores. She doesn't like her boyfriend. She makes him to pay for a bottle of wine. After the shopping, she kicks him out, drinks wine and thinks about her nightmare.

Erotica / Drama
Yuki Sembommatsu
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Convenience Stores in Tokyo

The nightmare has never stopped. I decide to get out of bed. It’s Friday, just before midnight. Three glasses of wine wasn’t enough, that’s why I woke up at a strange time. I still can’t stop thinking about the nightmare.

It was my second day of kindergarten, I saw someone sitting at my desk. I was standing in a hallway, looking in the classroom through the window. This is how my belief, I don’t have a place in this world, started. I was three years old.

I look for my cellphone and call Masato. He runs to me whenever and wherever I want. He is my dog. He loves to touch me, kiss me and lick me like dogs do.

Masato opens the passenger door for me. He is ‘ikemen,’ that means ‘hansom’ in Japanese but Masato irritates me because he worships me so much. When I get out of his car, he holds an umbrella for me. “There is no rain,” I say. “The wind is cold,” he smiles. This doesn’t impress me, I don’t say thank you to him.

The nightmare keeps bothering me ...I don’t have a place in this world... My kindergarten is owned by the local Catholic Church. None of my family is Christian. It’s just the closest school to my home. The inside of the church is extremely beautiful, especially at Christmas time.

His car stops at one of the convenience stores. They are everywhere in Tokyo, bright lights all night, fake smiles all day. Just like church, people go for a service and donate money. We can buy a variety of alcoholic beverages 24 hours a day. I pick up the most expensive wine and Masato pays for it.

We go back to my place. When I open the wine, Masato grabs me and holds me in his strong arms. I try to escape but he doesn’t let me. He takes my clothes off.

“Why is your pussy so hot tonight?” he moans when he enters me. I don’t answer. I feel like his penis is cold. The only position I like with him is from behind, just like dogs do, so I don’t have to see his face.

He finishes quicker than usual because my pussy is hot, I guess. He puts his ice cold sperm on my butt. I clean it up before it makes mess on my new bed sheets. I tell him that I want to be alone. He asks me why, I give him a bunch of excuses and lies. I kick him out successfully.

I open the bottle, pour wine into my biggest wineglass. Masato is never good in bed, I didn’t cum, so I start to watch a dirty video ...I think about the nightmare again... The guy in the video is also bad, I’m mad but at least I like this wine.

I’m getting drunk, think about the kindergarten again. When I was standing in the hallway, someone walked to me and asked, “What are you doing here?” gently. He was wearing a strange long gown. Later I found out he was a priest visiting from a foreign country.

I look for a better video and finally I found the guy, his performance is wonderful! I’m drunk. I turn the volume up. The girl screams as the guy speeds up ...I was with the priest in the hallway, I had never seen anyone with .blue eyes before. That happened when I was three years old.

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