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He's behind the counter mixing drinks, shoulder-length dark brown hair, strong features, and a sexy smile. Korin's the new girl in town, looking for a new beginning. A glimpse of the owner of "The coffee tavern", and her fantasies run wild! Fresh out of a relationship, neither of them are looking for love, but together they discover that they're the resolution to each other's problems, with love! Join my Sequel for new original works not posted anywhere else! *FLASH FICTION ~

Erotica / Romance
Lizzy Landon
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He’s behind the counter mixing drinks, shoulder-length dark brown hair, strong features, and a sexy smile. Sporting a messy man bun, I watch him from my favorite booth by the wall. Mixing drinks may be simplistic by nature, but I can’t help the surge of sexual need that reigns supreme below. I blame the three white Russians and the cocktail cake that I’d consumed.

A hand strays to my lap, and it takes all of my willpower to not spread my legs and rub my bud into a much-needed climax. This is the fourth time that I’ve been here this week, and he’s the reason. My eyes move downwards to his full lips, and as always, I let my fantasy take over and run wild. His mouth encasing my nub, his tongue does a few tantalizing slow laps. The front of his tongue, licking upwards and then rolling backward over my clit.

My moan of pleasure fuels his aggressive nature, and I’m flipped onto my stomach. I’m on my knees, with my legs stretched wide, my sex’s open and waiting to be filled. I’m pleasantly surprised when the warmth of his tongue meets my clit again. A wave of pleasure courses through my core, and before I can recover from the aftershocks, his tongue enters my honeypot.

Holding on to the headboard, I slide up and down, loving the sensations his tongue’s providing. Pulling me downward, I ride his face, head thrown back. Harder and harder I ride, the oncoming orgasms intense. It’s all too real.

Coming back to reality, my hands between my legs furiously rubbing my mound. Doubling my speed, I can feel someone’s eyes on me. Not caring, I continue on, my orgasm peaking. Recalling my fantasy of his tongue circling my clit, riding his tongue and face, sends my orgasm washing over me in waves.

Eyes closed, lips slightly parted, I try to control my breathing as the last wave flows through my body. Once again, I get the sensation of being watched. Upon opening my eyes, a set of brown eyes meets mine.

Roman. Six feet two, athletic build, and all man. The intensity of his gaze causes my heart to skip a beat, and a rogue wave follows. I take a few quick breaths to calm the electricity of excitement flowing through my body. Finally, I’m able to stand. Chancing a glance in his direction, his knowing smirk says it all. I was caught in the act. I want to be embarrassed, but I’m not. Dropping a few bills on the table, I make my exit with the heat of his gaze upon my back.

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