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She’s dressed for simpering and begging, in a tight knee-length skirt and short cropped top. My body immediately reacts to her. I quickly take a seat and try to will away my erection. After she’d told me of her intention of branching out on her own, one of the few loan companies in the area, I’d told Max to be on the lookout for her application and to approve any amount that she asked for.

Learning of her relationship with Nick, I’d called for her loan to be paid back quickly before severing ties with them both. Neither one of them had the courage to let me in on the joke. Married... “The request is still ongoing. You have two more days to pay it back before we seek legal action,” I state, my anger in a full flare again.

“It’s not like you need the money.” She states, just as angrily.

“This isn’t personal. It’s business.”

“Now we both know that that’s a damn lie.” She counters.

“I’m not here to argue with you, Miss. Danvers. Pay what you owe, or I’ll take you to court.”

“There’s no need. I have your money.” Digging into her purse, she tosses a check onto the table. “Paid in full.” She’s livid and couldn’t be even sexier in her hatred of me. “Max...” I state, and on cue, he quickly disappears out the door with his laptop. Locking the door behind him, she’s watching me from across the room, her chest heaving angrily with each intake of breath.

Undoing my shirt, she seems to relax some, as her breathing’s returning to normal. Making a break for the door, I stop her with a hand on her arm. “What are you gonna do, take my money and fuck me too?” The thought had crossed my mind. “For old times sake,” I state. Her eyes filling with lust, I know that she’s going to give me what I want.

Roughly pushing her against the table, I hike up her skirt, ripping her panties off. Violently entering her sex from behind, I don’t care if she’s not ready. My hatred for her amplifies when a pool of moisture soaks my rod. Savagely slaking my lust, I want to hurt her, as she’s hurt me. Instead, its backfiring and ferociously pulling on her hair only serves to excite her more.

Not giving in, I intend to deny her of her orgasm as punishment. I’m no longer holding back. I embrace the warmth of her womb, the liquid from her essence drips down my balls as her clit massages them. Squeezing her legs tightly together wraps my dick in a compact cocoon of pleasure. Her walls convulsing with her climax, liberate my semen. My body jerking with each pull of her hips, I resent her even more. Still bent over the table, I snatch up the check and fling it within her line of vision. “For services rendered,” I state, righting my attire.

I paid off her loan and had her check sent back repeatedly, with a threat for her to cease and desist all forms of communication with the company. Which she did after I sent her a copy of her contract being paid off. Closing my account with her company, I want to close this chapter of my life for good and as effortless as possible.

This isn’t like what I had with Elise. She was a debutante, and I was enamored with the materialistic. I was infatuated with what was on the outside. With Korin, It was different. I fell in love with her. I loved who she was, the bold and the uninhibited. I was smitten with the woman hiding behind her insecurities. Love... it hurts like hell.

“What is she doing here?” Four months later, I’m at Darren’s pool party when I spot Korin with Nick. “I agreed with Jess’s offer to invite her.” He says, his gaze going straight to her.

“You did what?”

“Hear me out... We have a business relationship. Jess handles the marketing aspect of the business and has developed a personal relationship with her.”

“Your wife is friends with my fling?”

“A fling that you thought was marriage material. Stop it.”

If only he knew how close I was to choking him out. Just the sight of her brings forth memories that I’d thought were put to rest. I miss her, plain and simple, and I still haven’t gotten over her. And then there’s Nick... I haven’t seen him in months either, or much of anyone. I’d thrown myself back into work, managing my businesses with a cold detachment.

“She’s good for you, Rome. How long are you going to hold a grudge for something that happened before you got with her? The only one who’s not happy is you.” He says, leaving me with a pat on the back.

Watching her throughout the night with Nick, he doesn’t leave her side. I’m jealous and then angry with myself for being so. Catching my gaze on her, she offers me a small nod in acknowledgment before being pulled into the house by Jess. So far, Nick and I have avoided each other, also. Finally, taking to heart Darren’s mentioning of my being the only one not happy, I entertain a pretty female. She’s actually a delightful distraction, a receptionist with aspirations towards becoming a model. “Why don’t you come into the water with me?” She offers.

“I’m not up for it tonight.”

“Too bad, do you mind if I take a dip?”

“No, go right ahead.”

“Only If you promise that you’ll be waiting for me when I come back.” She says flirtatiously. It’s been a dry four months, and I’m overdue. “I promise.” Stripping out of her clingy dress, she’s wearing a stunning red bikini that’s literally just strings. Her reward is an appreciative smile.

She has my attention until I hear a few catcalls deriving from on my left. Korin’s exited the house in a sexy strappy black swimsuit. The urge to claim her as mine, to dash the hopes of the other men, is overwhelming. Quickly searching for Nick, he’s disappearing into a cabana with a pretty redhead. I’d thought that they’d reconciled their differences and decided to make another go at it.

Korin’s immediately joined by a dark-haired admirer. She falls prey to his lavish compliments and pretentious charm. As an added insult, she allows his lips to defile her person. A light kiss on the hand, her blush incites my anger. I’m up and out of my seat, striding towards her with a purpose. She belongs to me, and I intend to make it known.

I remove her hand from his grasp, and with a hand on her waist, I pull her into me. I Gently lifting her chin, my lips meet hers lightly. To her credit, she doesn’t withdraw. The admirer gets the message and departs. Reciprocating my need for her, she exhales as I lift her. Her legs straddle my waist as my sex beats a pulsating rhythm against her entrance. A light moan escapes her lips as she grinds against my erection. Carrying her directly to a Cabana, we receive a surprised yelp from the occupants.

Laughing, Korin’s out of my arms and leading me to her car. I want her now. I don’t have the patience to drive anywhere right now. Her back to the car, she pulls me to her. Our lips meeting passionately, my fingers disappear inside her bikini. There’s an instant flood of fluid. “Oh...” Moaning her pleasure, I continue my foreplay. A couple calling it a night strolls past us, giggling as Korin’s lifted onto the trunk.

Her fingers lightly caress my face as her tongue demands entry. Freeing my erection from the confines of my pants, I undo her bikini and quickly enter her essence. I’m satisfied, content, and happy that we’re right where we’re supposed to be. With her in my arms, inside of her, loving her with every fiber of my being.

“I love you,” I whisper.

“I love you more.” She whispers back.

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