Coffee Cream

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His smile’s endearing. Damon, the super sexy technician from upstairs. I’m watching him work his magic on my computer. His long fingers tap furiously on the keyboard as I wait next to his seated large frame. I imagine them circling my clit, before entering my honeypot. His finger dripping with my wetness, dip in and out. I’m on my desk, and legs spread eagle with his face buried between my legs. “Mmm…” My moan captures his attention, his beautiful blue eyes watching me intently, he shifts uncomfortably. I’m mortified. Clearing my throat, I make a quick exit to the ladies’ room.

The throbbing between my legs has amplified. Quickly entering a stall, I waste no time raising my skirt and going to work. My back to the wall, there’s a race to cum as quickly and as hard as I can. Rubbing furiously, my thoughts are of Roman. His strong arms, broad shoulders, and lean torso, that tapers down to a magnificent rod. My orgasm hitting unexpectedly, I have to grab onto the door to keep from falling. I’m crazy about this man. He’s invaded my dreams and now my reality. I have to have him.

“They need to upgrade the systems anyway. It’s ridiculous the amount of money that they spend on potlucks to boost morale when security is lacking.” The super sexy technician fixed my computer. Soon, he’ll provide a resolution to my four-month abstinence from cock. Pushing the food around on my plate, I give up on trying to pretend that I’m interested in it and drain my wine glass dry.


“For more than just wine.”

“Me too. There’s an awesome bar not too far from here.”

And… that just flew right over Mr. Sexy’s head. I might as well end the night with a daily “Roman” fix.

“The Coffee Tavern?”

“You’ve been there?” He inquires.

“Yeah, it’s one of my faves since I moved here.

“The owner Roman is delish, isn’t he?”

What the fuck? My eyes widen, and my perfect posture drops along with my jaw. A glance at his flawless fingernails, too neat business casual suit, elaborately coiffed hair, and I’m thoroughly miffed. “What’s wrong?” How did I miss it? I’m way overdue for a good stroking. It’s starting to cloud my mind. “I’m ready for one of his famous Calypso’s,” I state. Glancing at his watch, the waiter’s beckoned with a twist of his wrist. Oh my god. I’m getting laid tonight, and I don’t care who it is.

I’m attempting to enjoy my third calypso. While Damon chatters on about work, I pretend not to notice Mr. Roman eyeing me and my date. Is that jealousy that I see in his eyes? With a shake of my head, I do away with that ridiculous notion. The man can have any woman that he wants. I most certainly can’t be on his to-do list.

Damon has my full attention. I did not just waste a leave nothing to the imagination, circulation stopper, nipples on display if I sneeze black dress. I’m going to have some fun tonight. “If you could fuck any man in here, who would you choose?” I ask, discreetly slipping off my heels. Interrupting his ranting, he has a look of indignation on his face. A manicured hand goes to his chest. “Oh, don’t play prim and proper with me. Who would it be?” That sexy smirk, if he wasn’t gay, I’d crawl underneath the table and suck his soul out through his dick. “Well…” He says, lowering his voice. His perfect white teeth bites down on his lip.

“I do have a soft spot for the owner.”

“What is it about him that makes your dick hard?

Looking around conspiratorially, I offer an amused smile at his discomfort. “Anyone with eyes can see that he’s attractive.”

“You’re no fun...” I say, with a pout.

“Well... he’s tall, sexy, and sometimes...”

“Yes?” I inquire.

“He has a well-defined print.”

“And?” I goad him on.

“I can just imagine...”

“Imagine what?” I ask quietly.

“His thickness...” His eyes closing, I’m turned on as he makes his revelation.

“Invading my ass, stretching me to the limits, his dick hitting my spot, over... and over... again. My nut coming hard and fast...” Damon ends his confession with a long intake of breath, as my foot massages his crotch. He’s instantly hard, and I’m envious that I won’t get a taste of the meaty bulge straining against his pants.

“Soft spot, huh? Feels more like a hard-on,” I state, with a devious smirk. His face turning a light red, empowers me as I boldly stroke him through his pants. Feeling the intrusion of eyes upon me, I boldly turn to face the intruder. Roman, he’s watching me with a cold hard stare. His expression alarms me and forces me to stop toying with Damon. Clearing his throat, he downs his drink quickly.

“And… since I can only have him in my dreams, I’ll settle for the studious sexy chocolate drop in the right corner.” He says, with a nod of his head, still playing the game. Taking a peek at Mr. sexy in the corner, my confusion turns to anger. How dare he interrupt my game.

“I’ll be right back.”

“Where are you going?”

Slipping back into my heels, I make my way over to the sexy chocolate drop.


“Hello.” He replies.

“Are you single?”

“Well, aren’t we plucky?”

“My friend and I were having some fun. We were choosing men in here that we’d like to screw, and he chose you.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, he’s the sexy blue-eyed devil other there,” I say, pointing him out.

He’s watching us and Chocolate drop waves.

“So, are you game?”

“Game to screw some random guy in a bar?”

“You only live once, and… F.Y.I, Besides being smoldering hot and incredibly smart, “Information Technology” smart, he has a huge package.

“Well, that’s a game-changer right there.”

I can’t stop the giggle that bubbles forth at his humor. All of these beautiful faces, perfect smiles, and great senses of humor are attached to dicks that don’t want what I’m offering.

“Tell your friend…?”

“Damon.” I offer.

“Damon, that I’d love it if he would join me.”

“It’s a date then.”

Standing outside waiting on my car, the alcohol’s still raging through my body. I have to hold onto the streetlight’s pole to steady myself. Damon left with his new fuck buddy, and I was stranded without a ride. Staying later than usual, I tried to drown my sorrows in chocolate alcohol and ended up getting a little tipsy.

“Andrew will be opening tomorrow. I’m gonna take the day off.”

I know that voice. I don’t want him to see me like this.

“All right, have a good night.”

Departing footsteps, I relax.

“Are you all right, Miss?”


I have no choice but to acknowledge him. Facing him, I’m captivated by his tall figure standing too close. Recognition registers on his handsome face, and a searing heat below takes my breath. Momentarily off-balance, he steady’s me with a hand on my waist.

“Yeah, I’m just waiting on a ride.” I manage.

“I can’t leave you like this. I can wait with you.”

“They should be here soon.”

“Look I know that you don’t know me, but I’m Roman, the owner of the tavern.”

It’s wicked dark outside, and in the late hours of the night, a heartbeat’s started in between my legs. Mr. Roman’s looking oh so good. “Yeah, I know who you are. Maybe your place is closer?” I’m not the shy type. His light smile sends an electric shock through my lower regions.

“I guess it is, but I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you.”

“Oh, believe me, you’re not.”


“I know what I want,” I state, laying it on thick.

The urge to touch myself is too strong. Discreetly one arm in front of the other, my index finger lightly beats in sync with the pulsating tune. His piercing gaze causes the tempo to go offbeat temporarily, and the erratic cadence induces a soft moan from me. “I guess it’s my place then.” He says.

I’m no stranger to splendor, but “his place” quickly sobers me up. I thought that he was just a humble small business owner. I didn’t know that he was loaded. It’s a rural waterfront style two-story mansion that has me gaping at the grandeur of it all. “Wow...” That is all that I can manage as he leads me through his home. “I’m glad that you approve.” He says, taking my hand. A model-thin blonde descends the stairs, wearing a red negligee and heels. “I waited up for you.” His harsh demeanor and rigid posture leave me empty-handed. “What are you doing here?”

“I never moved out, and I thought that we agreed on the no company rule.” She states, eyeing me.

“We’ll leave.” He says, retaking my hand in his.

“I’m sorry for Roman’s poor manners. I’m Elise Francois, and you are?” She says, addressing me.


“Well... Korin, you must be important as you’re the only woman that he’s brought here apart from me.”

“We just met, officially.”

“Oh, well... your first impression must have been... remarkable.”

“More like risque,” I state, with a small smile.

“Or racy...” He adds, with an alluring smirk.

His gaze rekindles the blaze below, and I become anxious. I want him in the worst way, and Miss. Muffet’s the third wheel that needs to exit stage left.

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